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2012 Cookie Program.

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1 2012 Cookie Program

2 Welcome to Troop Cookie Manager (TCM)Training!
Introductions, Welcome and Housekeeping Fill in the front cover of your TCM Handbook: SU PSM introduction, phone, . SU # - does everyone know? Cookie Pick Up TBA SU Cookie Cupboard introductions, location , hours Housekeeping Did you sign in? Are you a registered Girl Scout? TCM must be one. Do you have a background check? TCM must have one. Sign TCM Agreement and leave with SU PSM. In the interest of time hold your questions and comments until end of meeting please! Correction on page three, first paragraph (134.5 should be 135)

3 Responsibilities of the TCM
Present Cookie Program to girls and parents - REQUIRED Assist, not direct, girls’ planning, including badges and Cookie Pin Collect signed (by guardian) permission slips for turn in to SU PSM Coordinate distribution of cookies to girls and track in SNAP Sign up for the Booth Lottery, if appropriate Collect and deposit funds throughout program – promptly and frequently! Prepare and place troop order in SNAP by Oct. 9th Arrange for pick up and delivery of cookies from SU and then to girls Complete all administrative work in SNAP – transfers Order, by December 14, Girl Rewards Coordinate distribution of recognitions to girls in January

4 Cookie Program Overview
The Cookie Program is the largest girl-led business in the world, supported by a network of adult volunteers. Our goals for 2012 are to provide a strong, educational experience for girls while maintaining the level of sales achieved in (233,277 cases) and to implement the “5 Skills into every aspect of the program. In other words, EARN WHILE YOU LEARN!

5 Cookie Program Overview
What are the “5 Skills?”: Goal Setting Decision Making Money Management People Skills Business Ethics

6 Cookie Program Overview
All proceeds from the Cookie Program stay in the NE Kansas & NW Missouri Council. Council Planned Activities, $1.87: + Skill Building Activities like STEM, Art, Health & Leadership + Adventure Activities like Zip Line, Rappelling and Climbing + Training Resources and Support for nearly 10,000 Volunteers .60¢ per box when bonus is earned. Troop Planned Activities, .55¢: + Trips + Camping + Special Activities Cost of Program, $1.08: + Cost of Cookies + Delivery Charges + Program Recognition

7 Cookie Program Overview
Issues Addressed from Program Council staffing was an issue; calls and s couldn’t be returned promptly and our plan of action wasn’t able to be executed as needed. The Council has added two full-time staff members and created a Product Sales Team: Julie Jasumback Ann Marie Oesterle-Siegwarth Veronica Cleaves

8 Cookie Program Overview
Issues Addressed from Program SNAP’s lottery system did not work as expected which caused problems with booth assignments. In addition, our lack of staffing did not allow for the time/manpower needed to arrange booth locations as thoroughly and quickly as needed. Our scheduling of Council-sponsored booths, along with corrections made to SNAP and council procedures, will eliminate issues. In addition, a Booth Sale Committee has been working for the last several weeks to secure booth locations.

9 Cookie Program Overview
Issues Addressed from Program Our Kansas City regional cookie cupboard was not a suitable location to meet the demand needed. In addition our agent was unable to deliver to our regional cupboards when product was needed and one person was manually coordinating the requests. Regional cupboards will be located in more suitable locations with larger amounts of stock on hand, we’re using an online tool in SNAP for troops and SUs to reorder (no longer have to call) and council has a team of people to work on cookies.

10 TCM Calendar September/October: Troop & Parent/Adult Training October 9: Cookie orders placed by TCM in SNAP October 20: OFFICIAL KICK OFF – Girls may take orders. Please don’t start early! October 25 – November 2: SU Cookie Deliveries, Troop Pick Ups November 3: Booth Sales Begin November 19: 50% of cookie money (Council-owed) in bank and entered in SNAP Week of November 26: SU Cupboards Close December 9: Cookie Program Ends December : Troop Cookie Managers meet with SU PSMs for Final Turn In – DO NOT BRING MONEY OR CHECKS TO THIS MEETING! December 14: Troop Cookie Manager have Girl Reward orders placed in SNAP January 2013: Girl Rewards Arrive to SU PSMs

11 Cookie 101 We have eight varieties, a new flavor, new boxes and new packaging for Lemonades!

12 Cookie 101 New packaging for Lemonades:
Film type covering, just like Thanks A Lots Both Lemonades and Thanks A Lots have new, higher trays reducing breakage and making it easier to stack. Same great taste, same number of cookies!

13 Cookie 101 Mango Crèmes Yummy coconut vanilla sandwich cookie with a mango crème filling. Mango Cremes have Nutrifusion™, a nutrient offering the benefits of eating cranberries, pomegranates, oranges, grapes, and strawberries! • 15% RDI (reference daily intake) of Vitamin B1 • 5% RDI of Vitamins A, C, D, E, and B6 per serving • Zero grams trans fats per serving • No hydrogenated oils • No preservatives

14 Cookie 101 Cookies are $3.50 per package. Troops may not sell for more or less than the Council-set price.

15 Cookie 101 Keep in mind… All girls must be registered and have a signed parent permission slip (from both parents if parents do not live together) turned into the troop before they may sell cookies. Troops may not assign a number of boxes to each girl nor may they force girls to participate. Keep in mind that each girl has a differences in the support she receives. Cookies may not be sold to a business to resell.

16 Cookie 101 The Parent Permission Slips for our Cookie Program were included in Troop Packets. Look for a four-page newsletter with the “LOVE” header.

17 Cookie 101- “Non-Troop” Girl Members
Sometimes referred to as “Juliettes” or “Pathways.” Cookie money earned by girls does not belong to the girl, even when the girl is not part of a troop. Girls can still earn incentives and Camp Coupons. Girls should partner with an existing troop. Troops should be welcoming and extend the same rewards such as trips and activities earned via the Cookie Program.

18 Cookie Badges + Cookie Activity Pins
The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting offers two or more leaves or badges for Daisies through Ambassadors. Girls Participating in the Cookie Program are eligible to earn the Cookie Activity Pin. Pins are available for purchase in the Council store.

19 Girl Rewards and Camp Coupons
Survey results were clear that drawings and troop prizes were not as popular as individual awards. Research from other Councils shows that girls, and their parents, prefer a larger array of individual awards. Research also shows that girls like electronics as incentives. Girls voted on some items on an online survey to choose preferences.

20 Girl Rewards and Camp Coupons
10+ for Cookie Share for Theme Patch with “bars” starting at 75+ (one bar per girl at highest level)

21 Girl Rewards and Camp Coupons
Goal Getter Patch Girls earn this patch when they sell 125+ packages.

22 Girl Rewards and Camp Coupons
Plush Dolphin packages Fiber Optic Light 200+ packages

23 Girl Rewards and Camp Coupons
Bracelet Braiding Kit Beaded Ring 350+ packages 500+ packages

24 Girl Rewards and Camp Coupons
Beach Towel Hoodie Sweatshirt packages packages

25 Girl Rewards and Camp Coupons
Girls selling 2000+ boxes earn an 8g iPod Touch! Girls earning this reward will be contacted by Council to arrange delivery. All awards are cumulative.

26 Camp Coupons Be clear on how Camp Coupons work:
It is a coupon that can be used, until it’s gone, for camp only. For girls in K-2nd (as of March 1, 2013), it can be used for the girl portion of mother/daughter overnight and/or family camp. For girls in 3rd – 12th (as of March 1, 2013), it can be used for resident and/or family camp. Council keeps a list of who earned what on file – parents check a box when they sign up for camp. An optional certificate will be available online for leaders to use to give to girls to communicate how much the coupon is for. It is not necessary to turn in the coupon. Coupons sent to council will be disposed of. Transferable to an immediate family member only. Expires August 30, 2013.

27 SNAP ALL TCMs are required to use SNAP for tracking product and money.
Troops and girls will up uploaded automatically. Troops cannot add, delete or edit. corrections to SU PSM. TCM are expected to deposit checks into Council accounts promptly and then enter the deposit into SNAP. Use the date of the bank transaction, not the date you enter. TCMs are required to complete, correclty, all transfers between the troop and the girl so that the girl reward order may be placed. (The girl rewards are not automatically ordered and require the TCM to place the order.) TCMs must provide a valid to receive information. Please update SNAP if your changes.

28 COOKIE ORDERING What did we comfortably sell by mid-December?
Troops should run their history report from last year to see what they sold BUT they should also consider: What did we comfortably sell by mid-December? Do I have the same number of girls as last year? Did I have any unusual orders we won’t have this year? Order enough cookies to get through the first two weeks of the program. Don’t assume you’ll win booth sales in the lottery. New troops have options: place safe, small order or use order cards and pick up from cupboard.

29 COOKIE ORDERING Troops may NOT return cookies. Parents may NOT return cookies. Only take what you are willing to be financially responsible for! You can always get more cookies.

30 Ordering Cookies Troop Cookie Manager runs an (archived, choose ) Troop Balance Summary Report Number of Girls Selling Last Year Total Number Packages Sold

31 Ordering Cookies Thin Mints – 27% Peanut Butter Patties – 15%
To determine varieties take the suggested case order and multiply by suggested percentages based on our sales history for the program*: Thin Mints – 27% Peanut Butter Patties – 15% Caramel DeLites – 15% Peanut Butter Sandwich – 13% Lemonades – 11% Thanks A Lots – 8% Shortbread – 6% Mango Crèmes– 5% *Based on NE Kansas & NW Missouri Sales History 134 x 28% is 37.52

32 Cookie Pick Up SU PSM will communicate the date and time. Make sure you have what you are signing for. Keep your copy of the Initial Order Receipt. Cookies should be kept in a clean and dry, temperature controlled area free of odors such as fuel, pets, exhaust and tobacco smoke. Cases brought to cupboards for exchange with noticeable orders or stains will not be accepted.

33 Cookie Pick Up REMINDERS…. Don’t open boxes with a box knife haphazardly! Troop Cookie Manager sets damages aside, exchange at Cookie Cupboard. Don’t hold! They will not be accepted at the final turn in.

34 Managing Troop Financials
At the end of the program the Council had $575,000 dollars in delinquencies due to: Troops with product. Troops who didn’t come to SU turn in. Troops who had made deposits but didn’t turn in receipts. Troops who had money and checks but didn’t deposit by the end of the program.

35 Managing Troop Financials
The TCM is required to make regular deposits to the Council and Troop accounts. Checks are deposited into the Council account using the provided deposit slips. Cash is deposited into the Troop account. The Troop Leader should be aware of what is going on with cookies and proceeds throughout the program.

36 Managing Troop Financials
The TCM is required to make regular deposits to the Council and Troop accounts. Request two receipts: one for Council and one for troop records. Keep for one year! Make sure your troop and SU# is on the receipt. Council will not accept non-validated receipts (see pg. 13 of your TCM Handbook for example).

37 Managing Troop Financials
The TCM is required to make regular deposits to the Council and Troop accounts. Enter the deposit into SNAP. Use the date of the transaction in SNAP. By November 19, troops must have 50% of their Council due cookie money deposited into the Council checking account and it must be entered into SNAP.

38 Managing Troop Financials
The TCM is required to make regular deposits to the Council and Troop accounts. Do not hold checks. Deposit as quickly as possible. Parents should NOT keep cash and turn in a check. Use the deposit slips provided by Council. Banks have been instructed to not accept generic slips from troops.

39 Additional Cookies Before requesting additional cookies from a SU Cupboard troops should source cookies from other parents first. Get rid of your cookies first! If parents exchange cookies a receipt is needed and the TCM must be informed. The TCM should complete a girl-to-girl transfer in SNAP.

40 Additional Cookies In an effort to fill cookie orders as quickly as possible we are usingthe “Planned Order Tool” function on SNAP. This replaces calling and/or ing.

41 Obtaining Additional Cookies
Click the Cookie Icon and then Planned Order. Select the cupboard and date of pick up. Orders are in CASES.

42 Obtaining Additional Cookies
Select your quantities and click SUBMIT AND SAVE

43 Obtaining Additional Cookies
Go to Cookies icon and select Manage Orders, then click on planned order.

44 Obtaining Additional Cookies
Once your planned order has opened, click PREVIEW

45 Obtaining Additional Cookies
. Click PRINT and bring this copy to leave with your cupboard manager.

46 Financials + Obtaining Additional Cookies
No matter how busy you are, receipts are NOT optional. TCMs must use a receipt for all transactions: Money turn in. Cookies given out. Cookie exchanges. date Troop/Name and SU # TWO signatures

47 Final Turn In The SU PSM will arrange times with each TCM.
Scheduled for December TCM must turn in and/or fill out: All parent permission slips. Bank receipts. See TCM Handbook for detailed instruction. Overdue balance forms for parents with unpaid balances. Do not wait—they will not be accepted after you meet with the SU PSM and the troop will be responsible for the debt.

48 Order Girl Rewards Placing this order is the responsibility of the TCM. Deadline is December 14. Rewards are shipped to the SU PSM and usually handed out at a SU Meeting. TCMs are responsible for picking these up from the SU PSM in a timely manner. Camp Coupons are kept on file at Council. An optional certificate to give girls will be available online.

49 SNAP recap SNAP is not an option!
See pages 27 – 28 for quick instruction, Council will detailed instructions and will post on our website Use for: Ordering Cookies Transfers Financials Ordering Additional Cookies Ordering Girl Rewards

50 BOOTH SALES: New for 2012! SU who are not in, or near, the six county KC metro area should delete, skip or replace the slides regarding booth sales. You should, however, review what your SU direction is. Troops residing in Johnson or Wyandotte, KS counties or Cass, Clay or Platte Counties in MO should review.

51 BOOTH SALES: New for 2012! Added Days/Times for Booth Sales
Expanded Booth Sales from three weeks to six weeks. Added Booth Sale Time Slots: Thursday & Friday evenings (4pm-8pm) Saturdays (8am-8pm) Sundays (10am-8pm) Booth Sale Committee Targets Greater Kansas City Metro Area Increase quantity of Booth Sale Sites Strengthen relationships with your community partners

52 BOOTH SALES: New for 2012! Updated & Revamped Lottery System
ABC fixed the “glitch” in SNAP. To guarantee fair allotment of winnings, the Booth Sale Lottery will allow three entries for each troop and one, maximum, win to each troop on October 15. Council will contact troops who entered, but did not win a spot, and do our best to find a booth sale for your troop. Additional booth locations may be available after this process. Troops will be notified, by , when they can add locations.

53 BOOTH SALES FYI: Due to changes in policy and the timing of our sale we are hearing Wal-Marts will not be likely booth sale locations. Council and the Booth Sale Committee are working to secure additional locations around Wal-Marts to capture this traffic. The no call list in the book is not a list of stores what will be included in the lottery. Some will, some are stores that have told us their store policy does not allow booth sales.

Booth Sales If you live in Wyandotte or Johnson County, KS or Cass, Platte, Clay or Jackson County, MO DO NOT CALL THE STORES LISTED ON THE “DO NOT CALL” LIST AT ANY TIME. Even after the Program

55 Booth Sales Ideas for November Sales Neighborhood Game Nights
Golf Courses Bowling Alleys Pizza Places Black Friday Lines Nail Salons – Saturdays Christmas Tree Farms

56 Booth Sales: Etiquette Contract
Girl Scouts, TCMs, leaders and parent(s) should discuss, and sign, the Troop Cookie Booth Sale Etiquette Contract found on the Council website.

57 Booth Sales: Tally Sheet
Troops should start and end each shift with a Tally Sheet, also available on the website. This process will keep track of inventory, monies, and girls/volunteers present.

58 Booth Sales Best Practices:
Have your girls sign a contract regarding behavior. We have one on our website you can use! Show physical pile of cookies for Cookie Share. Big signs, balloons and banners are eye catchers! Be prepared before you arrive! Don’t expect tables and chairs. Have change. Don’t tape signs to store property or buildings. Take your trash!

59 Booth Sales Troops must request all “independent booth sales” in SNAP.
Wait until October 16th to enter – just in case! Locations must be approved by Council. Think about it—how does it look?

60 Booth Sales You may not, under any circumstances, contact any retailers from the “DO NOT CALL” List to request additional booth sales, even after our the end of the Cookie Program on December 9, You may not, under any circumstances, hold booth sales or sell Girl Scout Cookies door-to door after February 28, You may not, for any reason and at the risk of removal, alter the price of Girl Scout Cookies at any time. It is and will remain $3.50 per box throughout the sale.

61 Use of Online Resources
For Selling Cookies: Girls 13+ may post about cookies or use . Parents may post that their daughter(s) are selling cookies. Booth Sales may be publicized on social media. Payments MAY NOT be completed online, i.e. PayPal. For Troop and SU Communications: We strongly suggest you have a Facebook, Yahoo Group, Big Tent or other social media site that allows you to communicate with each other. This is a great way to communicate with troop parents or members of the SU.

62 Watch the Council Website for more info!
Cookie Accessories Available in the Council Shop Watch the Council Website for more info!

63 Safety and Accidents Safety of the girls is our top concern and priority. Review safety DOs and DON’Ts with troops and adults. Girls always accompanied by adult Daylight hours Don’t carry a lot of cash Don’t enter homes or cars Watch traffic Role play scenarios – you might be surprised. Ask parents to review with daughters throughout the sale. Council has emergency hotline – if you call 911 you also call us. for EMERGENCIES ONLY!

64 Cookie Supplies Each troop should receive:
Receipt Books – four per troop Mango Crèmes – one box per troop Cookie Cards – one for each girl in the troop Money Envelopes – one per girl Brown Paper Bag – one per troop Troop Specific Deposit Slips – keep all (yes, there may be way more than you need) with your troop supplies. The troop leader should keep these at the end of the program.


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