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[] Myanmar Liberia.

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1 [] Myanmar Liberia

2 [] Fundamental SI Measurements Table of units on pg. 18

3 Measurements Length Size of an object. English: Foot (ft) SI: Meter (m)


5 Measurements Temperature Measures the kinetic energy of molecules. English: Fahrenheit (°F) SI: Celsius (°C) []

6 Measurements To change from Fahrenheit to Celsius you can use the following equation:

7 Measurements Mass Amount of matter an object contains. English: Pounds (lb) SI: Grams (g) []

8 [] 373.35 g

9 Measurements Volume The amount of space an object occupies. English: Gallon (gal) SI: Liter (L) []

10 Measurements Meniscus - This is the bend that a fluid makes when measuring volume. 11.5 mL

11 Measurements What is the reading here? 6.6 mL

12 []

13 Measurements 1.0 mL = 1.0 cm 3 []

14 Unit Conversions The main units can be scaled up or down using prefixes on page 20. Click here for "Powers of Ten" Video

15 Unit Conversions Example: How many milliliters (mL) of soda are in a 2.0 liter (L) bottle? 2.0 L1000 mL 1 L = 2000 mL Dimensional Analysis…or “Bridge Problems” Conversion Factor is equal to one!

16 Unit Conversions Example: How many kilograms (kg) are there in 100 milligrams (mg)? 100 mg 1 g 1000 mg = 0.0001 kg 1 kg 1000 g

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