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Using Speech Recognition Vicki Wassenhove Quad-Cities Computer Society June 10 th, 2009.

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1 Using Speech Recognition Vicki Wassenhove Quad-Cities Computer Society June 10 th, 2009

2 Why use Speech Recognition? Today’s improved technology Three times faster than typing Hands-free computer use No more spelling mistakes! And… It’s just fun!

3 Some software: Dragon NaturallySpeaking (version 10.0) from Speech Recognition in Windows Vista IBM ViaVoice, MacSpeech Dictate, e-Speaking and others

4 Things to consider: Speed and accuracy of available products Ease of use Help and tutorials provided Computer compatibility Specific professional application needed Price

5 Microsoft’s Vista Speech Recognition Speed and accuracy improves with use Commands and number navigation system Good support and tutorials available (FAQs, user guides, forums and tutorials) Free with Windows Vista Note: Some versions of XP have an earlier version of SR to try.

6 Microphone and its set-up Follow the tutorial to acclimate the program to your voice Eliminate background noise Practice! Using a Speech Recognition Program

7 Search Google: “Windows Speech Recognition demo” See also Microsoft’s first Vista SR demo: Windows Vista Speech Recognition Demo Gone Awry Windows Vista Speech Recognition Demo Gone Awry (I’m not the only one with presentation glitches!) Windows Speech Recognition Demo

8 Opening Vista’s Speech Recognition

9 Opening SR places a small icon on your monitor screen. To begin, say “Start Listening”. Demo: How to use Vista’s SR Dictation and commands Navigation by numbers Mouse grid

10 Dictation and commands Dictate in phrases or sentences in a clear, natural manner. Correct by using the proper commands and numbers found in the Speech Reference Card. (“What can I say?” brings it up.)

11 Navigation by numbers To simplify navigation around the screen, say “Show numbers” and make the appropriate choice.

12 Mouse grid navigation Narrow the choice by numbers until you are over the center of the item you want to choose. Say the number of the area that includes your desired target.

13 What success can I expect with Speech Recognition Programs? A normally clear speaker, using a recent computer with a decent microphone and with a little experience should get very good recognition results and gain real productivity benefits. Future generations of these programs should only get better!

14 Is Speech Recognition for everyone? Are you motivated? You have a disability (Dyslexia makes spelling difficult; Dyspraxia makes handwriting and using the keyboard difficult) You need to write while using your hands for something else (e.g. radiologists or pathologists) Frequency of use You need to spend some time learning to use it effectively. If not used often you will need to relearn it each time. Lawyers, academics, authors, journalists, students are great candidates. You can speak clearly (People with severe speech impediments, such as disarthria have also persevered to get results which are satisfactory to them in overcoming severe physical problems using the keyboard) And…You have patience to put up with some inevitable initial frustration.

15 Summary Speech Recognition has improved greatly in the last few years. Current technologies have user-friendly interfaces and are worth a trial now. Future generations of these programs promise to go mainstream and become an integral part of every computer.

16 For more information… General SR information and tips Frequently used commands in SR (from Vistas Help Section) Finding and using SR in Microsoft's XP "Are you ready to control your PC by Voice?" SR Software Review by Vicki in April 2009 Q-Bits Newsletter ( PDF format, see page 3)

17 “I am amused that now I can dictate a variety of swear words and random insults... the process of learning how to use this speech recognition program pushed me to that ledge.” This text was created as a trial of the voice recognition software… And to create a real challenge, we’ll include a few humdinger colloquialisms, by golly. We’ll see if these groovy programs can jive with less stuffy lingo. Savvy? "Dictating to your computer is so easy. No typing, no more spelling mistakes, it's the dyslexic person's dream." Some notable quotes from reviews:

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