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Amy DiMola Assistive Technology Specialist Accessibility and Disability Services.

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1 Amy DiMola Assistive Technology Specialist Accessibility and Disability Services

2 Text-to-Speech Programs – Kurzweil 3000 – Adobe Reader Smart Pens Thought Mapping Program – Inspiration Speech-to-Text Program – Dragon NaturallySpeaking Screen Readers – JAWS – OS Screen Readers

3 Used for reading PDF files and other file formats of books and exams Used by students with a variety of disabilities; commonly dyslexia and reading-based learning disabilities Also used as alternative for reading by people without disabilities; instructors have used it to grade papers Two most commonly used on campus: – Kurzweil 3000 – Adobe Reader Other programs students may be using: – Read&Write – ClaroRead – And many more

4 Kurzweil 3000 – On computers in Learning Support Services and library – Reads PDFs, Word documents, and Kurzweil (.kesi) files – When you see “Audio exam” on letter from student about alternative exams, this is what they are using – Highlights as it reads; students can add notes and comments to the reading

5  Free download from Adobe; is what you use to look at PDF files  Voices are slightly more computerized than Kurzweil  Does not highlight; students cannot add notes or comments; more difficult to navigate on the page

6  Electronic pen which can record while you write, then play back the recording from your written notes  Can load your notes and the recording onto your computer to review any time; make PDFs and “pencasts” to take with you  Alternative solution to note takers for some students with disabilities  Used by students without disabilities to take notes and by professionals in meetings

7  Inspiration ◦ Presents information in visual format; can make structuring papers and projects easier for those who need to visualize ◦ Can turn visual map or diagram into a traditional outline ◦ Useful for students with disabilities who have difficulty planning papers ◦ Also useful for students who work better with graphic representations

8  Used by students with a variety of disabilities; physical disabilities, dyslexia, learning disabilities  Also used by students and professionals without disabilities as an alternative to typing  Dragon NaturallySpeaking ◦ Use voice commands to open and close programs, create and edit documents and emails, browse the web ◦ Works with most Microsoft Office programs ◦ Dragon Dictate = Mac version

9 Instead of reading from specific programs, reads anything shown on the screen Used by students with visual disabilities JAWS Included with computer operating systems (OS) on Macs and PCs

10  Compatible with Microsoft Office programs, instant messengers, WordPerfect, Adobe, Internet Explorer, Firefox and more  Very electronic voice  PC only

11  Windows Narrator ◦ Free; in Ease of Access Center in Control Panel ◦ Limited usability  VoiceOver ◦ Really the only choice for Macs ◦ Slightly more robust than Windows Narrator, but less robust than JAWS

12  Kurzweil Educational Systems:  Adobe Reader :  LiveScribe (Smart Pens): us/index.html us/index.html  Inspiration Software, Inc.:  Nuance (Dragon NaturallySpeaking):  Freedom Scientific (JAWS): page.asp page.asp  Windows Narrator: US/windows7/Hear-text-read-aloud-with-Narrator US/windows7/Hear-text-read-aloud-with-Narrator  VoiceOver:  TextHelp (Read&Write): America/our-products/readwrite America/our-products/readwrite  Claro Software (ClaroRead):

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