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Teach Shoshin Ryu Shoshin Ryu Instructor’s Meeting NC, 2012 Shoshin Ryu Instructor’s Meeting NC, 2012.

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1 Teach Shoshin Ryu Shoshin Ryu Instructor’s Meeting NC, 2012 Shoshin Ryu Instructor’s Meeting NC, 2012

2 SR Teacher’s Training Basics Rank is not good enough to be a teacher - one must learn how to teach. New Instructor’s Guidebook New Ranking for Instructor’s with readings, testing, productivity SR National Website

3 How do YOU teach?

4 The difference between an instructor and a teacher: Teaching Tech vs Principles Telling vs. Motivating

5 Table of Contents Introduction Why Teach? Permission to Teach Mentoring Getting Started Who Should You Teach, How Often, Where and When Establishing a Dojo and Administrative Requirements Financial Considerations Marketing strategies The Care and Feeding of Your Dojo Welcome Packet Teaching Traits Leading to Excellence in Teaching The Art of Retaining Students The Art of Retaining Students Mat Management Kokoro Series Role of Sensei Getting a Student Tested for Shodan A Guide and Handout for New Yudansha Three Teaching Tools for Transferring Information Motivating Individual Students Sample Basic Class Plans by Emphasis Sample Basic Class Plans by Emphasis Teaching Strategies Your First Yudansha, Now What Clarity in Daily Life Why Learn Anatomy & Physiology? Conditioning Physical Conditioning The Warm-Up Curriculum Rank Requirements Instructors Curriculum White to Black Belt Curriculum Use of Force Legal Curriculum Special Events Shoshin Ryu: the Ryu vs. the Association vs. the Local Dojo Writing Journal Articles and Doing Projects SHOSHIN RYU BYLAWS Inspirational Stories and Suggested Reading Lists You Can Never Step Into the Same River Twice THE TEACHINGS OF TAKUAN THE WAY FROM TECHNIQUE BY: GICHIN FUNAKOSHI KARATE-DO KYOHAN Gaining an Appreciation For Our Art On Heiho Shoshin Ryu Instructor’s Guidebook

6 Teachers change the student’s point of view so they can see farther, deeper.

7 SR Teacher’s Certification Assistant Instructor Instructor Teacher Shihan = Teacher of Teachers Hanshi = model person or master teacher

8 SR Instructor’s Certification Program The purpose of this certification program is several fold: 1.Improve the quality of teaching and thus the quality of the students 2.Grow SR both in terms of numbers and skills. Increase retention and enrollment. 3.Give SR Instructors a focus to improve and gain ‘certification’. Aid in retaining instructors. 4.Teacher Training Weekend with SMS funded by Shoshin Ryu - room, board, training, $250 toward airfare Assistant Instructor: Purpose: to give students a place to start teaching and helping with dojo, serve as a substitute if primary sensei is absent pre-requisites: 1. rank: brown belt and up 2. written test: pass 3. production: yudansha produced - none required 4. reading requirement: SR Practitioner's Guidebook, SR Instructor's Guidebook, Zen and the Martial Arts by Joe Hyams, 5. privileges: attend instructor's seminars (must have an official “title” of Assistant Instructor. Not everyone with a brown belt can attend just because they’re a brown belt) 6. function: ability to run class when sensei is not around, aid the quality of class by drilling class, learn to drill students physically Shoshin Ryu Instructor’s Certification

9 Instructor: Purpose: entry level teaching position (need not be assistant instructor first - this is our certified instructor - we want to be able to open dojo fairly quickly) - knows how to physically drill students and get them to shodan. pre-requisites: 1. rank: Shodan ( if no shodan in area brown belts can teach, but need mentor to take ownership of dojo from afar, also needs board/SMS approval.) 2. written test: pass 3. production: yudansha produced - none required 4. reading requirement: Don't Shoot the Dog, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, Mastery by George Leonard, Know SR Practitioner Guidebook & Instructor’s Guidebook cold.5. privileges: attend instructor's seminars, may be addressed as sensei 6. function: start and run a dojo, produce quality SR practitioners and Yudansha, know how to drill class, efficient use of time 7. Training: Required to attend Instructor training with SMS within first 2 years of starting dojo. SR Journal: write one article per year. 8. Nationals: attended at least 1 nationals every 3 years to stay current.

10 Teacher (Sensei) Purpose: to run and maintain a dojo of high standards, regularly produce shodan and new instructors, teach life skills as well as physical art, know how to make positive changes faster pre-requisites: 1. rank: nidan and up 2. written test: pass 3. production: produce 5 shodan, regularly teach a class 4. reading requirement: SR Practitioner's Guidebook, SR Instructor's Guidebook, Zen and Japanese Culture by Suzuki (chapter 4,5,6), Budo Secrets by John Stevens, The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard, 5. privileges: attend instructor's seminars, be addressed as sensei, teach at Nationals, 6. Training: SMS visiting their dojo or vice versa and watching them teach and/or critiquing their teaching at a Nationals or Yudansha Gasshuku. At least every 3 years do one of the following: have SMS evaluate at nationals, Visit SMS or have SMS visit home dojo and observe teaching or attend Instructor's Workshop 7. Nationals: Regular attendance to Nationals and/or Yudansha weekends. Strive to have a dojo capable of hosting nationals (i.e. local support). 8. SR Journal: one article per year

11 Teacher of Teachers = Shihan [written only, not addressed as shihan] Purpose: to produce quality teachers of Shoshin Ryu, continue to improve their understanding of the Art and Applied Sciences of Shoshin Ryu, understand how to make significant progress with challenging students and how to challenge exceptional students pre-requisites: 1. rank: sandan and up 2. written test: pass 3. production: produce 10 shodan and 3 nidan 4. reading requirement: SR Practitioner's Guidebook, SR Instructor's Guidebook, help write or create DVD/new chapters in guidebooks. The Unfettered Mind by Takuan, The Japanese Art of War by Thomas Cleary 5. privileges: attend instructor's seminars, may be addressed as sensei, teach at nationals, teach at instructors workshops 6. function: produce quality SR practitioners and Yudansha, help SR create better teachers by writings, Create more dojo 7. training: regular visits with SMS or Hanshi 8. Nationals: have attended at least 1 nationals in past 3 years. Attend nationals and Yudansha gasshuku regularly. 9. SR Journal; one article per year

12 Hanshi (exemplary person/teacher)(person/teacher who exhibits Ri in their Art. And their Art in their everyday life.) Written only, not called by name. Usually only 1-2 at any given time. Purpose: to set model for future generation to aspire to and help them exceed, help train shihan, understand how to develop quality students to the highest level, impact nearly all practitioners of Shoshin Ryu in some manner - perhaps creating DVD’s, book chapters, etc. pre-requisites: 1. rank: yondan and up 2. written test: pass 3. production: produce at least 14 shodan, 7 nidans and 3 sandan 4. reading requirement: The Life Giving Sword by Yagyu Munenori, No Boundaries by Ken Wilbur 5. privileges: attend instructor's seminars, may be addressed as sensei, teach at nationals, 6. Nationals/ Yudansha Gasshuku: attend regularly

13 How do you connect?

14 We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit - Aristotle

15 Waza or Heiho, what wins? What is your approach to Goshinjutsu?

16 Log in Public Practitioner Instructors: Instructor’s Guidebook, On-line Testing, Kokoro Series, Requirements, List of certified instructors with ranks/ #of students, etc. Yudansha

17 Raise the bar, do not set limits

18 Solid Command of Material Can’t excel if you don’t know material Strive to see deeper into material Find ways to pass it or have student ‘get it’ faster Teach one step at a time Instill appreciation of where you are in each student

19 Repetition with a goal in mind - see it in your minds eye

20 Inspire Inspire students to train with joy Inspire students to excel, believe they too can be exceptional Inspire students to come to class (step one) Have a vision of each student’s potential Let students work hard and accomplish so they feel ‘I am good and can be awesome’

21 SR Kokoro Series Use them daily Refer to them often Post them

22 Care Deeply for all students Martial Arts begins and ends with courtesy Skilled or challenged, old or young - care, teach Students are not just there for you to smash or train with or let the cream rise to the top or pay your bills - care for them! Teach them! Make the dojo more than family - positive, caring, safe, supportive

23 Prepare the students to be able to taken care of themselves. Push them, challenge them, get them able to take care of themselves. Let them know Fighting is ugly and most folks aren’t very good at it.

24 Understand Social violence vs. Antisocial violence

25 Challenge Students to excel Students enjoy progress, seeing results - lead them there Challenge them so they can accomplish Demo for them regularly so the see where they are going Let them know “when you make shodan...”

26 Demand precision

27 Organize for short & long term Make lesson plans - daily, monthly, by rank... Know what beginners need to hear to be successful and what senior students need to keep growing Maximize every minute of class, plan for each thing and then put some ‘fun’ or off the wall challenges (run up wall and push off into roll) Have Yudansha class weekly at minimum

28 Goals Positive Measurable Specific +/- Time limited Long term vs. short term

29 Goals for each student Each of 5 finger of SR Goshinjutsu Cross training Mental training - excel under stress, calmness Kokoro


31 Teach Focus, Challenge & lead

32 Foster Safe, learning atmosphere Injuries detract from training time Remind students keys to safety in each waza Maai: white 2 inches away, green half an inch, brown barely touch the gi Give 5 positive praising for each correction - let folks know when they are doing things right so they don’t forget

33 Understand Behavior Modification Don’t Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor Positive Reinforcement start when close - how train a chicken to type? Negative Reinforcement People and animals adapt

34 Care for your students and teach

35 Evaluate your teaching methods Note how dojo is progressing - is an area weak or points being missed? How can i improve kata or atemi or friendliness of dojo? Testing is a feedback tool as each class Teach your ideal - grow to be an exceptional teacher

36 Teach technique in conjunction with strategy inside the bigger picture of philosophy

37 Attract quality persons Know when & how to let some go Know how to give reprimand Know when you are in over your head and need to ask for help Hard work and achievement will change people - make it a daily occurrence

38 Shoshin Ryu Practitioners Quality in motion, heiho, waza & kokoro

39 take Home SR Instructor’s Guidebook is there for you - use it SR Instructor’s Certification has readings, rank requirements, student requirements, training requirements and a test - website use it. Visit SMS and Permanent Dojo regularly ONLY YOU can improve YOUR teaching

40 Could this be YOUR class skill? Why not?

41 Only YOU can make it happen Thank you learning and refining your teaching Thank you for making SR Teaching Certification a success by participating to start with Thank you for your time, efforts and attention!

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