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Who Am I? Famous Black Americans

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1 Who Am I? Famous Black Americans
Second Grade Social Studies

2 Who am I? I was a pivotal figure in the fight for civil rights. I refused to give up my seat to a white man. I had been working so hard and was so tired.

3 I am… Rosa Parks

4 Who am I? I was an inventor who was fascinated by steam engines. I invented a device to oil the machinery while it was working. My invention became so popular that no engine or machine was considered complete until it had a McCoy Lubricator.

5 I am… Elijah McCoy

6 Who am I? I escaped slavery in Maryland in 1849 and traveled north. Then I helped hundreds of other slaves flee to the north to freedom via the Underground Railroad. I devoted her life to fighting slavery and championing the rights of women.

7 I am… Harriet Tubman

8 Who am I? I was an orator, civil rights activist, professor, writer, and poet. I was born a slave in Virginia, but was freed by Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. I founded the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute in Tuskegee, Alabama, and the National Negro Business League.

9 I am… Booker T. Washington

10 Who am I? I was the first African-American woman elected to the US Congress. After being a teacher and serving as a New York state assemblywoman, I was elected as a Democrat to the House of Representatives. I served in Congress for seven terms. In 1972, I was the first African-American woman to run for a major-party presidential nomination.

11 I am… Shirley Chisholm

12 Who am I? I was an American scientist, educator, humanitarian, and former slave. I made scientific discoveries that helped farmers in the South. I taught farmers to grow peanuts, soybeans, and sweet potatoes. I also taught them to rotate crops in order to renew the soil. I developed hundreds of products from peanuts.

13 I am… George Washington Carver

14 Who am I? I was the dominant basketball player in the world during the 1990s. I won the NBA's Most Valuable Player award five times, and six times led the Chicago Bulls to the league championship. I played the 1994 baseball season for the minor league Birmingham Barons. In the year 2000 I became a part owner and executive for the NBA's Washington Wizards.

15 I am… Michael Jordan

16 Who am I? I was a great jazz trumpet player, composer, and singer. I was nicknamed Satchmo because some people said that my mouth was like a satchel. I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and soon became a well-known cornet player in clubs and on riverboats along the Mississippi River. I became world famous for my incredible musical talent, especially my improvised solos. I also sang "scat," a style in which nonsense words are used in a song.

17 I am… Louis Armstrong

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