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Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India P. O. Bhat-382428. Dist:- Gandhinagar, Gujarat

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2 Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India P. O. Bhat Dist:- Gandhinagar, Gujarat

3 EDI Library & Information Centre A Profile

4 EDILIC Mission Provide Right Information to the Right User at the Right Time and in the Right Format

5 Introduction About the Library Location Space

6 Back

7 Library Advisory Committee Prof. Sunil ShuklaProf. Manoj MishraProf. K K Shaw Mr. B GanapathiDr. Rajiv Joshi

8 Library Staff B Ganapathi Umesh Mehta Hema Rawal Ashok Madnani Ashok Chaudhary Dinesh Kumar

9 Library Timings All Week Days - 8 AM to 12 AM (Midnight) Closed during the holidays observed by EDI

10 Infrastructure Hardware Software Audio-Video Facilities

11 Software

12 Online Public Access Catalogue Back

13 Financial Resources Total Budget - 60 Lakhs -Books- 20 Lakhs -Journals - 15 Lakhs -Online Journals- 15 Lakhs -Others- 10 Lakhs

14 Library Collection Books Complimentary Books EDI Reports CDs Video Cassettes- 200 Bound Volumes of Journals- 2232

15 Reference Materials Text Books Directories Serial Publications Encyclopedias Dictionaries Working Papers Economic and Industrial Surveys Press Clippings Biographies of Entrepreneurs Project Profiles on Products

16 Directories Back

17 Press Clippings Back

18 Biographies of Entrepreneurs Back

19 Periodicals / Journals National - 100National International - 25International General Magazines - 25

20 National Journals Back

21 International Journals Back

22 Newspapers Total Newspapers - 25

23 Online Resources Emerald - Covers 120 peer reviewed journals Gale Cengage - Contains case studies, academic journal articles, industry overviews, company histories and market share data. J-Gate - Provides access to 6700 indexed and free full text 2000 articles

24 Emerald Back

25 Gale Cengage Back

26 J-Gate Back

27 Online Resources -Provides an oceanic depth of India-specific socio-economic statistical facts and figures -One of the world’s leading Business-to- Business information in 76 countries Prowess Database -Database of over 1700 companies

28 Back

29 Back

30 Prowess Database Back

31 Library Services Lending Service Article Database Reference Service Industrial Information Service Information and Documentation Services CAS/SDI Services Newspaper Clipping Service Referral Services Photocopy Service Inter Library Loan Service

32 Institutional Membership British Library IIM Library

33 Membership for External Candidates PG / OLPE Alumni Academic Institution NGOs ED Cells Entrepreneurs Faculty/Students of Other Institutions

34 Library Webpage

35 Thank You

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