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Water Purification with Complete Remote Monitoring System.

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1 Water Purification with Complete Remote Monitoring System

2 Goal Provide safe, purified drinking water to every single person in every village. When they need it and at an affordable price How to achieve this goal ? Water Purification(R.O) at the water source in every village. Key Challenges: Ensure R.O plants produce right quality and quantity of water consistently and economically Ensure consistent performance of all plants including the remote sites far away from cities. Ensure timely service for critical problems at the site. Solution: Remote Monitoring is a simple and cost effective method to achieve this goal Model Plant

3 Conductivity, Flow, Volume etc Fault Central Monitoring System Plant #2 Plant #3 Plant #4 Plant #n Fault @ Plant#4 Plant #1 Remote Monitoring Overview

4 Key Features: Monitor Quality & Quantity of Water 24x7 Health of the Plant – Flows – Tripping/Choking due to any condition – Low/High Pressure indications (LPS/HPS) Optional: Monitor Health of the Cartridge Membrane Choking Conditions Dosing Pump working status Water Pump working status Local Control Unit(LCU) - Controls RO Plant, Indicates instrument readings, Communicates using SMS Local Control Unit(LCU)

5 Real Time 24x7 automatic monitoring Fix the problems before they occur Reliable Automatic log book generation Reduces operation/site visiting costs to greater extent Key Benefits CROWN Centralize Remote Operation of Water Treatment Network

6 Summary Our aim is to deliver quality water all the time. Our Automated Plants will simplify complex operations and automatically control regular operation cycles for quality, without any dependency. We Empower providers with necessary tools and information for continuous operation of the plant. Our Remote monitoring system will provide all the required information at the finger tips, using GSM Technology Our Infrastructure helps to expand the operations to more villages (any remote location). Central monitoring helps to provide quality service to all locations. (Efficient use of resources. ) Reduce maintenance and service costs of the plants without compromising the quality of water and RO plant operations.

7 Pure water for everyone

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