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2007 PBA Outreach to the Children’s Summit & 7 th Annual Pro Bono Conference.

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1 2007 PBA Outreach to the Children’s Summit & 7 th Annual Pro Bono Conference

2 PBA 2007 Pro Bono Event O utreach to C hildren S ummi O utreach to C hildren S ummit Children & Families in the System Protect, Educate and Motivate Harrisburg, PA May 24,2007

3 Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Max Baer (right) is greeted by PA Secretary of Education Gerald Zahorchak (center) and PBA President Ken Horoho Outreach to Children Summit

4 Overview Address Author Jonathan Kozol Outreach to Children Summit

5 Author Kozol (left) makes point to Secretary Zahorchak.

6 Table groups discuss issues impacting children that touch the courts and list the top issues from each group’s discussion.


8 Conference participants rank issues raised by all of the table groups.

9 PBA President-Elect Andrew Susko (left) shakes hands with Justice Baer before Baer’s luncheon remarks.

10 Tina Nixon from Harrisburg YMCA leads off the afternoon panel of programs that are working for kids in Pennsylvania, highlighting the multi-discipline intervention approach used at her center for women and children.

11 Abrahamsen Moran & Conaboy Donna L. Adelsberger, Esquire Robert D. Bacher, Esquire Denise Bierly, Esquire Brian J. Bluth, Esquire Rebecca Bowman, Esquire Yvonne R. Bradley, Esquire Brier & Brier Romanna C. Butcher, Esquire Joseph Colavecchi, Esquire Edson S. Crafts, III, Esquire Charles S. Cusick, Jr., Esquire Cozen O’Connor Kelly Dilts, Esquire Exelon Corporation Legal Department Saul Ewing, LLP John W. Frommer, III, Esquire Betsy A. Gerber, Esquire William Gierasch, Jr., Esquire Stuart L. Hall, Esquire Hannah Herman-Snyder, Esquire Brad Koplinski, Esquire Alison B. Long, Esquire Laura A. Maines, Esquire Joseph C. Mesics, Esquire J. Gregory Moore, Esquire Terence O'Halloran, Esquire Elena Park, Esquire Pittsburgh Pro Bono Partnership Powell Law Frank J. Ruggiero, Esquire Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP Meredith Brennan, Natasha Gonzalez Rojas and Lauren Sorrentino Sarah L. Shannon, Esquire Tina Simpson-Price, Esquire Debra A. Smith, Esquire Joseph Spratt Pro Bono Attorney Awards

12 2007 Pro Bono Attorney Award Winners Honored at End of Children’s Summit


14 Reception following Children’s Summit features top Project Citizen posters from Pennsylvania Project Citizen Competition.

15 PBA President-Elect Andy Susko (left), PBA President Ken Horoho (center) and Children’s Summit Co-Chair Steve Turner (right) view one of the posters in the 2007 Pennsylvania Project Citizen Competition.

16 Electronic tools help expand civil legal aid and pro bono efforts.


18 David Keller Trevaskis, Esquire Pro Bono Coordinator 100 South Street P.O. Box 186 Harrisburg, PA 17108 800-932-0311 ext. 2236 PBA Pro Bono Contact Information

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