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Collaboration OI - CHIL - CALLAS Glasgow, 2007 May 24th.

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1 Collaboration OI - CHIL - CALLAS Glasgow, 2007 May 24th

2 Related EC projects

3 3 Collaborating projects / attendees OI (OpenInterface - All OI consortium representatives were present CHIL (Computers In The Interaction Loop - Gerhard Sutschet (Fraunhofer - IITB) Nikolaos Dimakis (Athens IT) CALLAS (Conveying Affectiveness in Leading- Edge Living Adaptive Systems - Fiore Basile (MetaWare) Diego Arnone (Engineering Ingegneria Informatica)

4 Directions for collaboration

5 5 Component sharing : several components developed in the 3 consortiums may be reused for specific purposes A component meta language definition : at a higher conceptual level, further work should be conducted to capitalize knowledge and concepts for component description (component meta language) Architecture : identify common layers as well as links between the architectures Common case study : common prototypes / demonstrations

6 Meeting results and next steps

7 7 Components sharing (priority: ASAP) Existing and upcoming sets of components provided by the projects can be shared / reused for each project specific purposes Main interests Situation awareness components Video processing components Pure or combined modalities Actions Identify all reusable components Reusability Property rights, source code availability issues Shopping list available on CHIL web site while CALLAS and OI will provide a list of current and future components Evaluate / report on component sharing CHIL, CALLAS OI

8 8 Component common meta language definition (priority: mid term) Within each project, components are seen, besides their core technical functionalities, as a tooling for a specific application domain OI: multimodality CHIL: video & audio processing CALLAS: arts and emotions There is a clear need for meta language(s) definition(s) For interoperation and ease of extension To impact on standards To allow the possible use of the OI Graphical Editor in other component based European projects (by using abstract properties disconnected from specific runtime properties) A FP7 proposal is to be studied

9 9 Architectures (priority: mid term) OI and CALLAS conceptual architectures are very close CHIL architectures and interfaces are very interesting Check its extensibility to OI - CALLAS for reusing the CHIL architecture (1) as a whole, (2) some layers only or (3) as a construction pattern Study the relationship between OI component/service architecture and the CHIL agent paradigm Studies on architecture should be done in the context of common case studies

10 10 Common case study (priority: ASAP) Two distinct common case studies will be discussed (details will be discussed between involved partners) OI - CHIL: a Large Information Space application Situation awareness and multimodal interaction components Scenario: Multimodal interaction with a map OI - CALLAS: an emotion based game Using components from OI and CALLAS projects Using the OI Runtime Kernel and Graphical Editor for iterative design including evaluation in terms of interaction and component efficiency

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