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EGov-Bus 1st year review Advanced eGovernment Information Service Bus eGov-Bus, FP6-IST-4-026727-STP 1st Formal Review Meeting 28.02.2007, Brussels eGov-Bus.

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Presentation on theme: "EGov-Bus 1st year review Advanced eGovernment Information Service Bus eGov-Bus, FP6-IST-4-026727-STP 1st Formal Review Meeting 28.02.2007, Brussels eGov-Bus."— Presentation transcript:

1 eGov-Bus 1st year review Advanced eGovernment Information Service Bus eGov-Bus, FP6-IST STP 1st Formal Review Meeting , Brussels eGov-Bus Witold Staniszkis Rodan Systems S.A

2 eGov-Bus, Project 1st year review Plan of the presentation: The eGov-Bus system definition & objectives The eGov-Bus Consortium The eGov-Bus system architecture State of the eGov-Bus project Technical Deliverables

3 eGov-Bus definition The eGov-Bus is a dynamically adaptable information system supporting life events experienced by the citizen or business serviced by European government organizations.

4 The eGov-Bus goal The goal of eGov-Bus is to integrate and extend research and standards in the area of process and content management for government and cross-government systems, with the capability of creating advanced applications of electronic signature enhancing acceptance of the technology and establishing trusted system validity and non-repudiation, relying on web services, process and repository management platforms based on a highly secure, highly available, scalable and distributed architecture providing data access abstraction.

5 The eGov-Bus project consortium Rodan Systems S.A. – Project Co-ordinator - Poland Axway - France Dauphine University - France European Microsoft Innovation Centre – Germany Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology – Poland Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration – Poland Secure Information Technology Centre – Austria University of Uppsala - Sweden

6 eGov-Bus Objectives (1) To define an architecture that will provide the right level of abstraction for data access, process execution and data presentation with the appropriate security To research and develop a framework that provides appropriate open interfaces for the governments at the European, national, federal or local level so they can easily link-up to. To research, develop and enhance qualified signature existing mechanisms to provide better user trust and acceptance of the system, through specific cross-government boundaries.

7 eGov-Bus Objectives (2) To abstract data access via the use of virtual repositories and present it as web services with the appropriate secure, scalable and available distributed architecture. To design and develop a workflow process generator to trigger appropriate life-events exposed as combined web services. To prototype all abstract concepts on selected link-layer technologies and platforms. To validate the architecture and the prototype implementations. To provide results where cost-effective metrics and efficient methods are described for re-use purposes.

8 Description of eGov-Bus work MONTH 24 WP2 - SCENARIOS AND REQUIREMENTS RESEARCH AXES WP4: Enhanced Web Services WP5: Virtual Repository Management WP6: Security Framework and Qualified Signature WP7: Abstract Process Generator WP3 - ARCHITECTURE WP1: M A N A G E M E N T MONTH 0 WP9: D I S S E M I N A T I O N WP8 – PROTOTYPE IMPLEMENTATION

9 Responsibility of the eGov-Bus partners WP nameLeader name Project Management RODAN Scenarios and requirements analysis PJIIT Architecture AXWAY Enhanced Web Services AXWAY Virtual Respository Management PJIIT Security framework and qualified signature EMIC Administrative process generator RODAN Prototype implementation AXWAY Dissemination and Exploitation A-SIT

10 Existing eGovernment Information Sources Virtual Repository Administrative Workflow Processes Adminstrative WorkflowProcess Generator Life Event Specification Interaction Existing eGovernment Information System Functions Web Services Data Integration Abstraction Function Integration Abstraction Qualified Signature & Security Framework eGov-Bus architecture features to be developed by the project Pre-existing information system features extended and integrated into the eGov-Bus architecture Pre-existing information system features The eGov-Bus Architecture

11 State of the eGov-Bus project - Technical Deliverables Scenarios and requirement specification (D2.1) Detailed architecture and design (draft) (D3.1) Enhanced web services interoperability mechanisms for eGov-Bus (draft) (D4.1) The Administrative Process Generator design report (D7.1)

12 Thank you for your attention! Welcome on eGov-Bus Website:

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