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North American Basque Organizations, Inc. Ipar Amerikako Euskal Elkartea Entidades Vascas de Norte America.

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1 North American Basque Organizations, Inc. Ipar Amerikako Euskal Elkartea Entidades Vascas de Norte America

2 NABO aims to help its member organizations to help each other in the pursuit of the same objective: the perpetuation of Basque culture and identity

3 NON ETA NORA Where we are; where we are going NON eta NORA

4 REALISTIC Future uncertain NON eta NORA

5 REALITY World is changing NON eta NORA

6 RETHINK Recreate + Education = Perpetuation NON eta NORA

7 RESEARCH Ongoing process Member data NON eta NORA


9 RECRUIT Identify potential NON eta NORA

10 REDIRECT Training NON eta NORA

11 RESULTS New generation NON eta NORA

12 REFUSE Europe’s oldest NON eta NORA

13 Three-part plan  Beharrak  Egileak  Jardunbideak NON eta NORA

14 Gazteak NABO Youth Programs

15 Gazteak Current Youth Programs Programs established and implemented by NABO:  Udaleku (10-15 años)  Gaztealde (16 años +)  Junior Mus  Pilota Programs carried out independently by member clubs:  Euskal Dantzak  Txistu  Euskara

16 Gazteak Programs in Improvement Phase: NABO is currently implementing or has plans to implement the following changes: Udaleku: Rotation of dance material by historical territory Txistu: Internet band for txistularis and visits by instructors to regions Pilota: Increase participation by 10% each year and expand Ikaspilota Gaztealde: Develop topics and materials that promote active participation of youth while simultaneously helping them develop organizational and professional skills

17 Gazteak Programs in Developmental Stages Children 9 and under –  foster a positive association with Basque culture in a recreational environment  familiarize children with Basque culture and language

18 Gazteak The objective is not necessarily to cover Basque topics, but rather to provide recreational activities so that they form a positive association with the Basque club and other members. For example, activities may revolve around holidays or seasons and include some Basque vocabulary, a game, or song, etc. Each child will have a finished project to take home and share with his or her family. Esku Lanak - Craft and Activity Packets for use with Children 9 and Under Scripted craft and play sessions will be developed for use by Basque clubs. Each packet will have a specific topic and will take one or two hours to complete. Each session will include social and creative components and will expose the children to Euskara.

19 Gazteak Each packet will include–  Lesson Plan for leader  A craft project  Instructions and patterns  Vocabulary list  Supplies list  Ancillary materials in the form of a CD with mpgs, mp3s and text files

20 Gazteak Youth 16 and Up –  Combine recreational and educational components  Develop leadership skills  Develp and maintain social networks  Foster a “can-do” attitude among participants  Develop organizational and teamwork skills  Appeal to a wider range of participants than current programs  Endow participants with practical skills that will enrich them on both personal and professional levels

21 Gazteak Euskathlon – Fun and Games The program will alternate between regional and national venues, as suggested by the pilot Gaztealde group. Bi-annual regional sessions will include:  ice-breakers  team-building activities  multimedia presentation on Basque culture with emphasis on diversity of cultural aspects  Mentored library/computer lab research to compile facts about Basque culture (European and diaspora) to be used in handbook that will be provided to contestants).  Discussion of budget, marketing strategy, recruitment strategy, division of responsibilities.  Brainstorming of challenges, rules, equipment needs  Creation of equipment  Game-testing by participants  Local euskathlon with participants from local club Follow up by Gaztealde Participants:  Participants work with NABO facilitator to budget for national event  contact clubs  do recruitment  distribute publicity and culture handbook  decide on and design team identifiers and order them, etc.

22 Gazteak Gaztealde Euskathlon at the National Level  organized by the regional participants and held in conjunction with the NABO convention.  Participants recruited from all clubs. Provides an extra event at the convention and creates a venue for increased interaction between young people from different clubs.  Will benefit regional and national participants as well as spectators  Activities:  meet and greet activity for the “euskathletes”  practice runs  Euskathlon games

23 Gazteak Gaztealde Film School and Festival Participants would learn basic film-making skills from a qualified expert, create their own short movies and debut them at the NABO convention. They would later be accessible online.  Teaches a unique skill which enriches participants personally and possibly professionally  Gives us a window into their perspective on Basque identity which will help guide the development of further programs  Provides entertainment for convention attendees  Creates individuals who will have a skill to offer their local clubs for creation of materials for historical preservation and promotional purposes.

24 Examples of some NABO “bridge building” initiatives 3. ZUBIGINTZAN

25 ZUBIGINTZAN California Idaho New York Nevada Oregon Bridging communities IRAUNDU

26 ZUBIGINTZAN Bridge to Europe’s oldest language Short-term plan: sustain current programs, assist current instructors* Long-term plan: recruit & train future teachers* Irakasleak *With assistance from H.A.B.E. EUSKARA

27 ZUBIGINTZAN Communication bridge Weekly email updates on one or two items of Basque interest 700 subscribers to date; aim to double this by 2011 AsteroAstero HizketaHizketa ASTERO

28 ZUBIGINTZAN Building bridges through song KANTU- KETAN


30 ZUBIGINTZAN Bridge outside our concentrated west-coast community Going for the experience, exposure and to give thanks to a land and people that gave our ancestors opportunities HIRI- BURUA

31 ZUBIGINTZAN Bridge to our Basque neighbors NORTH American IPAR AMERIKA

32 Elkarlan /colaboracion /collaboration:

33 1. CEVA CBEA Reactivación de la CEVA (Confederación de Entidades Vasco Americanas) Re-creation of the Confederation of Basque Entities of the Americas

34 2. MUNDUAN EUSKARAZ Potenciar las actividades de ensenanza y promocion del Euskara que se desarrollan en la Diaspora Facilitate teaching activities and promote Euskara throughout the Diaspora

35 3. DANTZA Iniciativas compartidas relacionadas con la danza tradicional vasca Shared Basque dance initiatives

36 4. URAZANDI Recuperación de la memoria histórica Efforts to preserve historical memory

37 5. IRAKATSI H Pontenciar estudios vascos > Interactuar con el Instituto Etxepare Promote Basque studies > Collaborate with the Etxepare Institute

38 Eskerrik Asko Gracias Thank you

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