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Tim Ezzell, Ph.D. April 21, 2006 Tennessee Preservation Trust.

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1 Tim Ezzell, Ph.D. April 21, 2006 Tennessee Preservation Trust

2 Background Began as Preserving Our Structures Task Force for 9C1V Organized as a 501-c3 nonprofit in 2003

3 Mission Statement The Nine County Preservation Alliance’s mission is to act as a facilitator in order to provide technical assistance and networking opportunities for citizens advocating for historic preservation in the following counties of East Tennessee: Anderson, Blount, Grainger, Jefferson, Knox, Loudon, Roane, Sevier and Union.

4 Alliance Goals The Alliance’s goal is to provide the following benefits: · A unified voice on preservation issues · Access to technical assistance · Assistance with project planning · Assistance with grant writing and other fundraising activities · Public education on the benefits of preservation · Networking opportunities

5 Accomplishments Hosted Regional Preservation Congress in 2004 and 2005 Events held at Maryville College and in Dandridge More than 100 attendees discussed local and regional preservation issues

6 Advocacy Have played advocacy role for the preservation of Elkmont and Five Chimneys. Meets monthly to discuss regional concerns.

7 Status of the Region

8 Regional Resources


10 Regional Preservation Trends Lack of resources in rural areas Increased pressures on historical assets Lack of awareness Apathy Concentration of activities in urban areas

11 Current Economic Trends Tourism now largest industry in the state Heritage tourism, one of the fastest growing segments of the industry Development pressures increasing Globalization increasing need for skilled, “high- end” jobs

12 Heritage Tourism Heritage tourists spend 30% more than conventional tourists Heritage tourists tend to be better educated and more affluent Heritage tourism is steadily growing, and will probably increase in the next few years

13 Economic Development Globalization will transform local economies in the coming years We will see a continued decline in the number of low- wage/low-skill manufacturing jobs Competition for resources will increase the value of existing structures and viable downtowns We will undergo a transition from a manufacturing economy to a knowledge based/service economy Attracting good jobs will depend on a number of factors, including livability

14 Is Your Community Distinct?

15 Why Preservation Preservation can help our communities maintain their distinct identities Preservation can help bring in tourism revenues Preservation can help retain vibrant downtowns Preservation can help attract good industries and investment Preservation helps us make full use of our existing assets

16 How Can We help? The Alliance can be a regional advocate for preservation issues The Alliance can provide technical assistance for communities and local groups The alliance can connect preservationists across the region The Alliance can help communities find and acquire much-needed resources

17 The Alliance Could… Become a shared resource for counties and communities in the region Provide expertise and assistance to help communities develop tourism opportunities Assist local communities and groups with funding proposals Help educate the region about preserving our heritage

18 Next Steps Discuss the state of preservation in the region Discuss challenges facing preservation efforts Discuss possible roles for the Preservation Alliance Discuss ways we can build a regional advocacy and assistance organization

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