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Professor Khalid Mahmood 1. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Founded: 1932 by Abdulaziz bin Abd al-Rahman Al Saud Area: 2 million km 2 Population: 21 million Saudi.

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1 Professor Khalid Mahmood 1

2 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Founded: 1932 by Abdulaziz bin Abd al-Rahman Al Saud Area: 2 million km 2 Population: 21 million Saudi citizens and 5 million foreigners Economy: World’s largest oil exporter; 19th highest GDP in the world System of government: Absolute monarchy; no political parties or elections Constitution: Quran and Sunnah 2

3 Higher education and libraries 25 public universities, 7 private universities Education is free at all levels Large number of scholarships for students Segregated for men and women American system of education (BS 4-year, MS, PhD) Semester system (Fall and Spring with summer vacations) Large number of foreign faculty Centralized library system (central and branch libraries) Deanship of library affairs Saudi dean, vice dean and director 3

4 This presentation is based on my experience in and visit to libraries in nine Saudi universities 4

5 5

6 6

7 7

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11 11

12 12

13 13

14 Revolutionary changes in university libraries Enormous use of emerging technologies Shift from individual learning to collaborative learning Shift from traditional to online service model Going beyond library walls Librarian’s role as teacher 14

15 Enormous use of emerging technologies 15

16 Integrated library system – Symphony/Millennium/Horizon Used in the most of university libraries Prepared by American companies Maintained in Saudi Arabia by Naseej Arabian Advanced Systems Modules: Cataloging, OPAC, circulation, acquisition, ILL and serials management Multilingual International standards (Z39.50, MARC) RFID integration SMS and e-mail notifications Special feature of My Account 16

17 Radio-frequency identification – RFID 3M company Tags in books Used for circulation Security gates User counts Shelf management 17

18 Digital library assistant – DLA 3M company Shelf management Stock verification 18

19 Self check-out machine 19

20 Intelligent return and sorter system 20

21 Internet labs 21

22 Imaging service 22

23 Smart board Interactive whiteboard DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology 23

24 Kiosk for interactive map 24

25 Video wall for information 25

26 Large screen for announcement 26

27 Small elevator for books 27

28 Technology for book preservation 28

29 Shift from individual learning to collaborative learning 29

30 Cabins for individual study Group study rooms Seminar rooms Video conference rooms Exhibition area Cafeteria 30

31 Shift from traditional to online service model 31

32 Library website 32

33 E-resources portal One-stop-shop for subscribed e-resources Subject-wise and alphabetic list of databases and journals Hierarchical list of e-books and e-journals Links to Summon and Library OPAC Link to ‘Ask a Librarian’ Off-campus access 33

34 Saudi Digital Library 34

35 Web scale discovery tool – Summon Developed by ProQuest, an American company Unified search of library catalog, e-databases, e- journals and e-books Simple and advanced search Multi-lingual search and interface Citations can be exported Name of suggested librarian 35

36 Encore Discovery Solution Used by KAUST Developed by Innovative Interfaces, an American company 36

37 Virtual catalog of Saudi libraries 37

38 Access to e-resources through mobile Links to mobile websites of databases and e-journals Links to mobile applications for Android and iTunes Installation and user guides for mobile applications Use of BookMyne software Use of QR codes 38

39 Institutional repository Archiving of research output of university, i.e., books, research papers, theses, etc. DSpace and ePrints open source software Subject wise collections Simple and advanced search and browse Faculty members can upload their research papers 39

40 ‘Ask a librarian’ service Online chat service for users English and Arabic medium Backed by qualified librarians 40

41 Library presence on social media 41

42 Online subject guides 42

43 Selective dissemination of information – SDI Surveys on information needs and interest areas of teachers and students SDI service through email User profiles in databases 43

44 Going beyond library walls 44

45 Liaison librarians program Functions Communicate with college community Establish contacts with college faculty and administration Attend college functions (meetings, workshops, conferences, social gatherings, etc.) Provide help to college in new program design, curriculum revision, accreditation, etc. Convey community’s opinions/suggestions to library administration Promote library resources and services Send alerts to the college community regarding library services Create flyers with library information Provide current awareness service (New arrivals, etc.) Arrange library tours for college community Provide help in library feedback surveys Develop and manage library collection Assess library collection on specific subject Involve college faculty in selection of material Provide help in purchase of materials Provide help in technical processing of specialized material Manage library collection (use, weeding, etc.) Play role in developing institutional repository 45

46 Liaison librarians program… Functions Provide reference assistance Keep abreast of resources in specialized subject Provide subject focused service at reference desk Provide research consultations by appointment Answer online reference queries Assess information needs of community Provide information literacy instruction Design information literacy instruction program Conduct IL sessions in library and college Compile user guides in subject area 46

47 Library liaison with industry 47

48 Librarian’s role as teacher 48

49 Information literacy instruction Credit courses Workshops for students Seminars and workshops for faculty Presentations by database vendors Campaigns to promote library resources Exhibitions of library materials at conferences 49

50 Thanks for your patience QUESTIONS 50

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