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Global Media Solutions from BT Media & Broadcast John Shonubi +44 20 131 448 6648 / +44 7711 154337 1 st.

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1 Global Media Solutions from BT Media & Broadcast John Shonubi +44 20 131 448 6648 / +44 7711 154337 1 st African Broadcast & Film Conference September 2008

2 BT Media & Broadcast  We carry 95% of UK broadcast traffic and 75% of UK to Europe traffic  We deliver over 2900 headline events each year including 500 in HD including the FA cup, Wimbledon, Rugby Union  We invested £4 million in a production facility at BT Tower providing access to resource, technology and production techniques  We design and manage networks to operate 24-hours a day to a specific customer reliability of up to 99.99998% which equates to four seconds total loss of service availability within a year.  We have over 50 years experience in the media and broadcast market  BT’s Centre of Excellence delivering solutions to the media and broadcast industry  Part of a family of media ventures which include BT Vision – Direct to consumer TV BT Agile Media – premium rate interactivity  Global Media Network providing connectivity between major media owners and locations  Fixed and mobile satellite services for business and media applications  BT Mosaic – enabling content owners to maximise the value of their media assets

3 Issues facing African Broadcasters in the next 5 years How things will change in equipment terms for African broadcasters Analogue Switch Off (ASO) What African broadcasters need to understand about digitally based broadcasting Digital Terrestrial TV(DTTV) vs. Satellite Direct to Home (DTH) Infrastructure The HD debate Post Production (Workflows) New Entrants How BT can help with the process of transition

4 How Can BT Help – DTTV Network Diagram Two References : UK DTTV Platform Irish DTTV Platform

5 How can BT Help -BT Mosaic Archive digitisation Multi-format ingest (tape, file, live feed) Languaging & localisation AcquisitionPost-productionDistributionManagementMonetisation Editorial & Technical Compliance Multi- purposing B2B Store Front Catch-up TV Transmission preparation Storage, backup & DR Digital asset management SLAs and performance Tapeless broadcast workflow Online & offline editing End to end Metadata enhancement Access Services (HOH, signing) Access Services (HOH, signing)

6 How Can BT Help Process of Transition - The Broadcast, Channels and Content Owners Supply Chain Idea Raise Production Funds Produce Draft/ Raw Content Sell Production Store Content Repurpose Content Finalise Master Content Syndication LocalisationBilling Local advert insertion Conformity editing Language Sub-titling Regulatory Compliance editing Sound/music Primary Broadcast Content Aggregator Consumer

7 How Can BT Help - Global Media Network Clients include: ITV Technicolor Star 2 African Media Organisations in the last month

8 London Soho Production BT Tower Denver Echostar on-net New York Advertising Comcast Washington DC News bureaus Los Angeles Film/TV production DirecTV Chalfont Europe Distribution Germany Large pro & post pro communities India Film/Post Pro Johannesburg Film Hong Kong Production StarTV Singapore STT Teleport Sydney Production Tokyo Animation/Film production Amsterdam UPC Chello Dubai Gateway to MEA Miami MPLS Gateway to Latam How BT Can Help -Global Media Network coverage Toronto Production Rogers Kuala Lumpur Astro distribution Lagos Production

9 Summary African Broadcasters in the next 5 years can expect to: - –Go digital or HD in as much of their enterprise as required –Have the ability to take their content to multiple geographies and platforms –Have the opportunity to radically drive efficiencies into their workflows –Provide insight into production and business performance BT will enable African Broadcasters to: - – Meet the needs of consumers cost effectively – Reduce overheads and shorten production time – Securely & cost effectively manage their content – Repurpose assets across multiple delivery channels – Automate workflows and processes to improve efficiency – Provide insight into production and business performance – Respond to opportunities quickly and efficiently

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