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Unit 4 Reading(A) --- Yin Chunmei, Xiaxi Secondary School.

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2 Unit 4 Reading(A) --- Yin Chunmei, Xiaxi Secondary School

3 What exercise do you like doing?

4 What do they eat to keep fit ? What do people usually do in the spare time( 空闲时间 ) ? Different lifestyles

5 fruit fast food snacks meat What do you love having? vegetables potato chips Coke hamburger main food

6 How can we be healthy? --Are all kinds of food good for us? No, only healthy food is good for us. --What kind of food should we seldom eat? We should seldom eat fast food or snacks. Please think about it:

7 What they eat and how they live Kitty Daniel Their diets and their lifestyles

8 Please read Kitty’s and Daniel’s articles: Answer the following questions: 1. What does Kitty want to be? She wants to be a dancer. 2. Does Daniel have a healthy diet or lifestyle? No, he doesn’t.

9 1.Kitty wants to be a teacher. 2. Kitty is careful with her diet because she wants to be healthy. 3. Sweet snacks are healthy because they give people energy. 4. Daniel is a top student at school. 5. Daniel has Coke and hamburgers for lunch. 6. Kitty and Daniel have healthy diets and lifestyles. Listen to the tape and do the 'T' or 'F' exercises:

10 Read Line 1– Line 3 and Fill in the blanks. Name: Age: Hobby: Read Line 4– Line 9 and tell them from right or wrong. Need a healthy diet Need lots of energy Need sugar Read Line 10– Line 13 and match the two parts. Breakfast Dinner After dinner Have an orange or a banana. Have an apple, some bread and drink some milk Have meat and vegetables Kitty 12 dancing Part A

11 Kitty Kitty wants to be a d_____, but she always gets t____, so she knows that it is important for a dancer to be h______. She s______ eats sweet s______ like cakes, sweets and C____between m____, because she thinks that they can give her too much e______. She likes to eat fruit and v__________. She a_____ eats an apple, some milk and b____ for breakfast, she usually eats m____ and vegetables for dinner. oke eldom egetables nacks nergy ancer ired ealthy read eat eals lways Try to complete the passage:

12 Daniel What about Daniel’s lifestyle ?

13 Name: Age: Hobby: Love eating and drinking: Plan to do: Daniel 12 Studying, playing computer games and chatting with friends Coke and hamburger Have healthy meals, go swimming twice a week Read Part B

14 1.What does Daniel like doing ? 2. What does Daniel want to do? 3. Can he play basketball very well? Why? Part B : He likes studying, playing computer games and chatting with his friends on the Internet. He wants to play basketball. No, he can’t. Because he can not run fast.

15 Daniel likes s_______and he is a t___ student at school. He likes playing c________ games and c_______with his friends o__ the Internet. But he doesn’t have a healthy d____. He always eats h__________. He wants to run f____ but he can’t. It’s time for him to c______now. He p_____ to e_______ every day by swimming t_____ a week. He has some j____, bread, f___ and vegetables for meals. He thinks it is i_________ to change his diet and l________. tudyingop omputer hattingn iet ast xercisewice uice ish hange ifestyle amburgers mportant lans

16 想要成为一名舞者 跳两小时舞 需要许多能量 对于某人做某事容易 变得疲倦 want to be a dancer dance for 2 hours need lots of energy It is easy for sb. to do sth. get tired Can you remember the phrases?

17 保持健康 早餐吃个苹果 跑的快 想要健康 在网上和我的 朋友聊天 尖子生 有健康的饮食 或生活方式 keep fit eat an apple for breakfast run fast want to be healthy chat with my friends on the Internet top student have a healthy the diet or lifestyle

18 打算做某事 去游泳 每周两次 plan to do sth. go swimming twice a week

19 1. 健康的饮食对于一个跳舞的人来说是很重要的。 A healthy diet is very ________ for a dancer. 2. 我是学校的尖子生. I’m a ___ _____at school. 3. 我需要许多能量来跳舞. I ___ ___of______ to dance. 4. 他们给我能量,但他们不健康. They ___ me ______but they are not healthy. 5. 现在该是我改变的时候了. It’s ___ ___me __ _____now. 6. 我计划一周游泳两次. I ____ __go ____ ____a week. important top student need lots energy giveenergy time forto change plan toswim twice

20 Make an interview ( 采访 ) in pairs Get Fit Club Hello! I’m from the ‘Get Fit Club’. May I ask you some questions about your diet and lifestyle? a reporter 记者

21 What do you eat and how do you live? (You can use the phrases in the text) May I ask you some question? 1.What is your favourite food? 2. What do you usually have for breakfast/lunch/supper? 3. How often do you eat snacks? 4. How long do you sleep every day? 5. Do you exercise every day ? 6. Do you want to change your diet ? Why? 7. How do you keep fit? 8. Do you want to be member of the Get Fit Club? …… Make an interview( 采访 ) in pairs

22 1.We should not always have fast food for meals. 2.We should seldom eat snacks. 3.We should often do some exercise. 4.We should not watch TV or play computer games for hours. 5. We should sleep for more than 8 hours every day. Some suggestions for us 建议 建议 How can we be healthy? a healthy diet + a healthy lifestyle

23 1.Retell the text 2.Do the exercises in the exercise book. Homework

24 Goodbye! Thank you !

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