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泰州市智堡实验学校 陈华 Unit 4 Food Reading( Ⅰ ) Eddie’s diet and lifestyle Hello, boys and girls. I’m Eddie. I ask Miss Chen to say hello to you. These days.

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Presentation on theme: "泰州市智堡实验学校 陈华 Unit 4 Food Reading( Ⅰ ) Eddie’s diet and lifestyle Hello, boys and girls. I’m Eddie. I ask Miss Chen to say hello to you. These days."— Presentation transcript:


2 泰州市智堡实验学校 陈华 Unit 4 Food Reading( Ⅰ )


4 Eddie’s diet and lifestyle Hello, boys and girls. I’m Eddie. I ask Miss Chen to say hello to you. These days I live in Zhibao Middle school. I’m always hungry. Every day I eat delicious food. I have hamburgers, coke, chocolates and so on. I don’t like to exercise. I like sleeping. Though I’m fatter and fatter, I think I’m very healthy. You should learn from me. Hahaha!

5 1. Does Eddie have a healthy diet( 日常饮食) ? Why ? 2. Does Eddie have a healthy lifestyle (生活方 式) ? Why? 3. Should we learn from Eddie? Why? No, he doesn’t.He has hamburgers and coke No, he doesn’t.He likes sleeping and never exercises. No. Because he has an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

6 healthy seldom /e/ / I / /e/ /ə/ diet /a I ə/ Which diet is healthy?

7 for an hour every day sweet snacks between meals TV for a long time basketball every afternoon 5.not have breakfast 6.have hamburgers very often 7.go to bed early and get up early 8.have a walk after dinner

8 Who has a healthy diet and lifestyle? Kitty. Task 1 Fast Reading

9 Task 2 Match the words on the left with the meanings on the right. 1healthynot very often 2Dancerbest 3Energythe way you live 4Diethaving good health 5Lifestylea person who dances 6topidea 7seldompower to do things 8planthe food you usually eat

10 healthy adj. 健康的 dancer n. 跳舞者 energy n. 能量 diet n. 日常饮食 lifestyle n. 生活方式 change V. 改变 seldom adv. 很少 plan v. 计划 important adj 重要的 New words :

11 dancer hungrylifestyle seldom plan important changeexerciseenergyhealthydiet hamburger bowltop Game 0.5 秒的挑战 : 组词猜意思 健康的 跳舞者 饥饿的 日常饮食 能量 生活方式 改变 很少 计划 重要的汉堡 碗 拔尖的 锻炼 11

12 Kitty’s and Daniel’s diets Challenge your memory( 挑战你的 记忆) KittyDaniel IhaveIhave cakes sweets Coke apple milk bread meat vegetables orange banana Coke hamburgers juice bread fish vegetables

13 2. Kitty is careful with her diet because she wants to be healthy. 1.Kitty wants to be a teacher. 3. Sweet snacks are healthy because they give people energy. 4. Daniel is good at studying. 5. Daniel has coke and hamburgers for lunch. 6.Kitty and Daniel have healthy diets and lifestyles. F dancer. T F T T F Sweet snacks can give people energy, but they are not healthy. Kitty has a healthy diet and lifestyle.

14 Part A Name: Age: usually eat and drink: Hobby: breakfast Kitty 12 dancing fruit vegetable milk An apple, milk bread dinner: After dinner: meat vegetable orange banana Task 4 Get more information

15 Name: Age: Hobby: Love eating and drinking: Plan to do: Daniel12 Studying, playing computer games and chatting with friends Coke and hamburger Have healthy meals, go swimming twice a week Read Part B

16 1. How often does Kitty dance? 2. How long does Kitty dance for every day? 3. What does Daniel want to do? 4. What does Daniel plan to have for breakfast? She dances every day. She dances for two hours. He wants to play basketball. He plans to have juice and bread Task5:

17 Task 6 Read and complete the passages: Kitty w to be a dancer. She spends two hours practising dancing every day. She thinks it’s important for her to have a healthy d. That’s because she is easy to feel t when she dances. Though sweet snacks can give her e, they are not healthy. So she seldom eats them. She always eats an apple, some bread and drinks some milk for b. She has l every day. For dinner, she usually eats meat and v. After dinner, she s has an orange or a banana. ants nergy iet ired reakfast unch egetables ometimes

18 Daniel likes studying and he is a t student at school. He likes p computer games and c with his friends as well.But he doesn’t have a h diet or l because he loves Coke and hamburgers and he never does exercise. Well, he thinks it’s time for him to c ____ now. He p to have juice and bread for breakfast, f____ and vegetables for lunch and dinner. He also plans to go swimming t a week. op hatting ealthy ifestyle ish laying hangelans wice

19 Task 7 To be a doctor If you are a doctor, please give Eddie and Daniel some suggestions.Tell them how to have healthy diets and lifestyles.( 假如你是个医生,请给 Eddie 和 Daniel 一些建议,告诉他们如何有健康的 饮食和生活方式)

20 Discuss in pairs Reading: Talk about your diet and lifestyle A : What do you often eat every day? B:…………… A: What do you often do? Do you exercise? B:…………….. A :Do you want to change your diet and lifestyle? Why?…… B : ……

21 Have three meals every day. Do more exercise. Be happy all the time. Have a good sleep. Life Tips

22 Homework: Find language points after class. Try to remember the new words.


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