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Virtual University

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1 Virtual University

2 Enter username and password

3 After successful login you’ll be presented with your daily schedule

4 In the change password section you can change your password

5 In the Daily Schedule Section, you can view your previous, current and future schedules.

6 You can add forthcoming schedule in the ‘Add Schedule’ Section

7 The Class Routine Section provides you with the routine of your classes

8 You can upload your personal web page in the Upload Webpage section

9 There is a directory for each teacher where his/her web pages are uploaded View the list of your uploaded web page in the View Uploaded section

10 Enter/Edit your information. This information will be shown in the Faculty List section of the Home Page

11 In the Course List Section you can see the courses you are teaching this term Old course list points to the Web Pages of the sites that you taught prior to this term Click on the Course Page link to go to the home page of that particular course

12 This is the course home page Some general information about the course Crucial Deadline posted by Teacher

13 Teachers and Students can post messages

14 Messages Post can be viewed in the View Message Section Click View to view the Message

15 The detailed Message

16 Post Reminder for crucial deadlines

17 This will be shown in the Course Home page

18 Upload your class lectures

19 Download Class Lectures by clicking on the file link

20 Post Assignments for the students. Mention the duration up to which students can submit the assignment online.

21 Increase the duration of the assignment using the Update Link View the assignment list Disable Assignment Submission. Useful for Online Assignments

22 View the Submitted Assignment List

23 Download assignment File Size in Byte Submission date and time

24 Post the marks of all students by using the New Class Test link

25 Use the Upload Marks link to insert/edit individual marks

26 View the list of Class Tests taken View marks of Class Test 1

27 List of Marks of Class Test 1

28 Register Students Section: the first thing to do for each course Quick Registration: Mention the Starting Roll and number of students to be registered

29 Manual Registration: One student per line

30 The Exam Section: Beta Phase

31 Step 1: Create a new Exam Step 2: Add Question for that Exam

32 Only MCQ-s are supported

33 You can view the Questions added

34 Question List

35 Last Step: Schedule Exam

36 One can start the Exam between Start Time and End Time. The total time denotes the duration of the Exam. Here if anyone starts the exam at 14:15 he/she can continue up to 14:45. If anyone starts at 14:59 he/she can continue up to 15:29.

37 Log Out


39 Thank You for using Virtual University

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