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RESA High School Summit January 13, 2010 Carrollton High School Best Practices.

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1 RESA High School Summit January 13, 2010 Carrollton High School Best Practices

2 CHS Best Practices Exam Exemption Policy Graduation Ceremony Policy Coaches Academic Monitoring Starfish Program

3 Exam Exemption Policy Grade Requirements Attendance Requirements Impact on Student Achievement

4 Graduation Ceremony Requirements Attain the Required Units Pass All Parts of the Georgia High School Graduation Test Be in Good Standing as a Student at CHS –Discipline –Fines –Alternative School

5 Coaches Academic Monitoring Coaches Monitor Student-Athletes Grades and Discipline Athlete/Extracurricular Participant must be Passing 3 out of 4 to Compete Partnership between the Coach, Guardian, and Teacher

6 The Need for Project Starfish? Project Starfish was created as a result of the changing of Carrollton City Schools Culture to focus on success for all students and eradicate the reasons some students fail. Project Starfish also facilitates the systems beliefs essential to student learning and achievement by providing all/each student adequate time and support to learn.

7 What is Project Starfish?

8 Project Starfish is a remediation program designed to reduce/eliminate student failure and to increase graduation rate. The program’s name is based on the Starfish Story – may not be able to save all but can make a difference for those we touch through the program. Working hand-in-hand with the schools ZAP Program (Zeros Are Not Permitted). Essentially students are pulled from electives to maintain academic coursework.

9 Starfish Guidelines Use the triplicate version of the Starfish referral form When Starfishing students, please attach all supporting documents the students will need to complete assignments. (Worksheets, maps, tests, etc) If a test is missing please attach tests – even verbal tests can become written test.

10 Remember that as the teacher it is your primary responsibility to try and get the assignment completed in a timely manner, by contacting parents and making arrangement with students and or parents for the work to be completed. Please refer students early. Starfish is more effective when students are completing two or three assignments opposed to large number of assignments.

11 Students are allowed to refer themselves on a case-by-case-basis. To expedite the process of retrieving missing assignments, it has been suggested to all teachers to either make additional copies to accommodate missing assignments and/or to compile and keep an updated missing assignment/make-up work folder.

12 To facilitate fast or immediate feedback to students or parents regarding missing or late assignments, an assignment check-off sheet is recommended. Enter grades and zeros weekly to maintain current and accurate averages.

13 Contact information Mark Albertus Principal, Carrollton High School 770 834-7726 Aprill Jones-Byrd Administrator/Graduation Coach, CHS

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