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Aedui, Gergovia, & Labienus VII.32-62 By Joe Bennett.

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1 Aedui, Gergovia, & Labienus VII.32-62 By Joe Bennett

2 VII.32-34 A dispute broke out between within the Aeduii between a man named Cotus and another named Convictolitavis about who should be the magistrate of the tribe. Caesar had to march to the Aeduin territory to settle the dispute, giving power to Convictolitavis. After settling this dispute Caesar marched towards Gergovia.

3 35-36 As Caesar moved towards Gergovia, Vercingetorix moved on the opposite side of the river with his army to try and prevent Caesar from crossing the river. Caesar fooled him and repaired and crossed a broken bridge, realizing he had been fooled Vercingetorix continued on to Gergovia and set up defenses there. And while Caesar was reluctant to begin a siege he assaulted some of Vecingetorix’s defenses and took a hill.

4 37-39 Convictolitavis soon after Caesar had left, decided that he didn’t have to bow to roman rule and that the Gallic people deserved their freedom. After convincing a majority of young men in his tribe, he sent Litaviccus ahead with the 10,000 men to “help” the Romans. Instead Liviccus convinced the Gauls to follow him to Gergovia. Eporedorix, a young commander in the Gallic forces tried to convince Caesar not to punish the Aeduii for the actions of Litaviccus.

5 40-42 Caesar was really nervous about this and sent a few loyal men to try and convince the Gauls to come back without Liviccus. He also sent envoys to the Aeduins to tell them he had not killed the men who “deserved to die.” But the siege at Gergovia was not going well so Caesar had to go and relieve the legions he had left there. Unfortunately at the same time, Convictolitavis stirs up the Aeduii to just slaughter the Romans in full revolt.

6 43-44 Liviccus sent envoys to Caesar to try and get their men back and Caesar tried to act calmly in light of what happened. But he still withdrew his troops fro Gergovia and brought all his forces together to prevent himself from being surrounded by the enemy. Vercingetorix fortifies a ridge and Caesar sets a plan to try ambush him.

7 45-50 Vercingetorix moved back towards Gergovia to set up better defenses without Caesars knowing. Caesar set up on a hill away from their camp, once he realized that they weren’t there he moved to assault Gergovia. The Romans were overwhelmed and outnumbered, and a young Centurion named Marcus Petronius acted bravely and died saving his men.

8 51-56 Caesar, overwhelmed at Gergovia had to withdraw and regroup only to have to march quickly to the Aeduii before Liviccus reached them to try and reaffirm their loyalty to the Romans. He reached Aeduin territory but he was split up from Labienus and his legions.

9 57-62 Labienus went to secure the baggage and set out for Lutetia, a Parisii town. He took the town and had to defend the town of Lutetia from the Gauls. After some serious heroics, labienus returned to agedincum where he had left the baggage.

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