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{ THE NERVI Marie Warchol.  Caesar agrees to protect the Aeduans  However, as a compromise, he demanded 600 hostages  Caesar and his forces got the.

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Presentation on theme: "{ THE NERVI Marie Warchol.  Caesar agrees to protect the Aeduans  However, as a compromise, he demanded 600 hostages  Caesar and his forces got the."— Presentation transcript:

1 { THE NERVI Marie Warchol

2  Caesar agrees to protect the Aeduans  However, as a compromise, he demanded 600 hostages  Caesar and his forces got the Ambiani to surrender and took all their possessions  The Nervii bordered the Ambiani territory  Caesar was informed that the Nervii: weren’t accessible by merchants, they had no wine or imported luxuries (thought these things would impair courage)  Nervii were savage+brave, and condemned the Belgae who had surrendered to Rome  Nervii declared that they would not accept terms of peace Chapter 15

3  Caesar marched 3 days in the Nervii territory, and discovered the river Sambre was about 10 miles away from camp  All the Nervii were stationed on the other side  The Nervii, with their neighbors (Atrebates + Veromandui) awaited the Romans  The Aduatuci also were awaiting the Romans, having put their women and those useless for war in a safe location Chapter 16


5  Caesar sent scouts to choose a camp ground  Some of these scouts, however, went to the Nervii by night and informed them about the Romans, and gave them a plan to seize the Romans baggage trains  The Nervii constructed a wall around themselves as a final warning Chapter 17

6  The camp was on a hill, extending from the Sambre river  The enemy hid in the woods around the hill  The river was about 3 feet deep Chapter 18

7  Caesar followed the enemy, but the plan of the march was different than reported  While the Romans were fortifying camp, the enemies, hidden in the woods, lined up for battle, and attacked the Roman forces  The Romans were surrounded by Nervii forces, which continued to proceed towards the Roman camp Chapter 19

8  Caesar had to take control (give signs, order trumpets, summon soldiers…)  Because of such short notice, many of these actions weren’t taken  However, Caesar had two advantages: First, his soldiers were well trained and knew what to do, secondly, Caesar had kept his lieutenants on site at all times  AKA his soldiers didn’t necessarily need instructions Chapter 20

9  Caesar continued to encourage his men as they fought the enemy  He finally gave the signal to commence battle  Lack of time caused the battle to be chaotic Chapter 21

10  The 9 th and 10 th legions drove away the Atrebates to the river  The 8 th and 11 th legions gained higher ground while fighting the Veromandui  However, much of the Roman camp was exposed  The Boduagnatus and Nervii headed for the unprotected parts of camp and surrounded some of Caesar’s legions Chapter 22-23


12  Fighting continues  Those who came with the Roman baggage train arrived to find the camp filled with battle  The Treviri, who helped assist the baggage claim rushed back home and told their state that the Romans were conquered and the enemy possessed their camp + baggage train Chapter 24

13  The 4 th cohort was defeated  The crowded Roman troops were a hindrance to themselves  Many of the other centurions of other cohorts were killed  P. Sextius Baculus, a brave man, advanced to the front line of battle and ordered the soldiers to keep moving foreword, thus boosting their courage Chapter 25

14  Caesar tried to separate the legions so that they were not so pressed together in battle  Made a charge on the enemy with a double front  Began to fight off the enemy more successfully  Titus Labienus gained possession of the enemy’s camp and observed from higher ground the attack on the Romans. He sent the 10 th legion to help the Romans fight. Chapter 26

15  The arrival of the 10 th legion restored much courage in the men  Once the Romans had defeated the enemy up close, the enemy began to cast their weapons at the Romans from a hill  They returned the Romans darts so that it appeared as if the enemy had not stupidly passed a river, ascended a hill, and fought in a disadvantaged location Chapter 27

16  Battle was over  Nervii were annihilated  The women + those unable to fight from the Nervii sent ambassadors to Caesar and surrendered themselves to him  Nervii senators reduced 600-3  60,000 men to 500 who could bear arms  Begged Caesar for compassion Chapter 28

17  The Aduatuci, who had been making their way towards to battle to help the Nervii, turned around after hearing the news  They picked a geographically protected camp site near the Rhine river, and set up 6,000 guards Chapter 29

18  The Roman army arrived at their set up camp and argued with them  The Aduatuci, because of Roman conflict, remained in their camp, surrounded by a rampart  From their camp, they observed the Romans building a tower, which they mocked, thinking there was no use in this construction, and that the Romans didn’t have enough hands or strength to build it Chapter 30

19  When the Aduatuci saw the tower being moved, and approaching their walls, they sent ambassadors to appease Caesar  Treated Caesar with much respect, and gave themselves and all their possessions into Caesar’s possession  Begged to be spared and not deprived of their arms Chapter 31

20  Caesar agreed to spare the Aduatuci if they surrendered themselves before the battering- ram should touch the wall (meaning they would have to give up their arms until they touched the top of the wall)  Caesar agreed to command the Aduatuci’s enemies not to look down or attack the Aduatuci  However, the Aduatuci hid a third part of their town and didn’t give up everything Chapter 32

21  The Aduatuci attacked the Romans and broke treaty of peace while they thought the Romans weren’t paying attention to them  About 4000 of the Aduatuci were killed by the Romans, and the rest returned back to town  Caesar “sold the whole spoil of that town”, which was 53,000 people Chapter 33


23  P. Crassus informs Caesar that the Veneti, Unelli, Osismii, Curiosolitae, Sesuvii, Aulerci, and the Rhedones were now under Roman control  Word spread of Roman victory, and nations beyond the Rhine contacted Caesar saying that they would follow his command if need be  Caesar set out for Italy  A 15 day celebration was held for the Roman victories Chapter 34-35

24  Third person  Glorifies the Roman army and himself  Refers to the enemies as “savages” and mocks their lack of culture  Presents himself in a very high manner, as the powerful leader of the Roman army How Caesar presents the information:

25  Caesar’s problems all seem to arise through scouts (i.e. when his scouts told the Nervii that the Romans were near by in chapter 17  In battle, Caesar blames much of the time where the Romans are losing on the fact that they didn’t have proper time to prepare for battle  Avoids taking credit for any wrongdoing Problems?

26  Caesar presents himself as a hero during the surprise attack on the Romans by the Nervii, where Caesar explains how he himself had to give signs, encourage the men, and so on.  P. Sextius Baculus is presented as a hero in chapter 25, yet a lesser hero than Caesar himself. Heroics?

27  Reports in 3 rd person  Glorifies himself and the Roman army  Causes reader to be impressed by his quick thinking during battle and careful planning  Avoids putting any blame on himself, so that he may continue to look like a hero  Many geographical references to help reader understand the action more How does Caesar report the action?

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