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I Have Lived A Thousand Years

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1 I Have Lived A Thousand Years
By Livia Bitton-Jackson

2 Home Separation Setting Identity Evacuation Rising Action Liquidation
Climax Riot Starvation Falling Action Decimation Immigration Resolution

3 Separation No matter how hostile a German soldier was, or what impact the Holocaust had, a family is still a family. In the Holocaust, families were separated and sometimes never found each other. In our book, Elli, her brother, and her mom are separated from their father. Then later separated from her brother. Photo Courtesy Of Home

4 Identity In Auschwitz, and almost every other concentration camp, heads were shaved, and clothes were taken away. This was done so that the Jews couldn’t have an identity, and for pure humiliation. In almost every concentration camp, the inmates were required to get numbers tattooed on their arms. It was their new identity. Photo Courtesy Of content/uploads/2010/01/nazi-tattoo-jewish- Home

5 Evacuation When the Nazi’s invaded Budapest, close to our character’s home town, things soon started changing for them. At first, most Jews are sent to ghettos. Evacuation was quick, and Elli and her mom lost a lot of their personal possessions while moving from home to the ghetto. Photo Courtesy Of: 5/jewishCHILDREN-Poland.GIF Home

6 Ghettos After Jews were forced to evacuate their homes, they were crammed into ghettos. Sometimes, twelve or more people were put into one room, or two small rooms. In our book, the Nagymagyar Ghetto had one public bathroom, kitchen, and shower. Photo Courtesy Of: Home

7 Riot In our book, riots were caused whenever somebody didn’t listen to an SS officer. A young girl got worked about about not finding her mother, and not having a bed, so the SS officer shot her. It may seem like not a big deal for one girl to get shot, but it effected most of the people, and sometimes they would kill a whole Block. Home Photo courtesy of

8 Starvation One of the main causes of death in the Holocaust was starvation. Elli and the rest of her block were given one small bowl of soup. Her and her mother were lucky to get even a spoonful of soup, because others would be so hungry. Photo courtesy of Home

9 Decimation Decimation is when SS officers take 10 people, line them up, and shoot them. Decimation took place because one person, or a whole block committed sabotage. For example, in our book it started to rain. All the Auschwitz inmates stood in the rain because they had been working so hard. The rain was their relief. Home Photo courtesy of

10 Immigration Like most Jews who survived, they found out the devastating aftermath of the Holocaust. After Elli and her mom endure all the unnecessary pain, they move back home. They find their home town in ruins. Once they knew that they were some of the only Jews in their family who survived, they immigrated to America. Home Photo courtesy of

11 Setting Home Our book first takes place in Somorja, Hungary, in 1941.
Nothing has gone wrong, and Elli is still in school. Her brother goes off to school, and everything is well. Photo Courtesy Of Home

12 Protagonist and Antagonist
Our protagonist is Elli, her family, and every other Jew. Our antagonists are the Nazis, and Hitler. Photo Courtesy Of Photo Courtesy Of Home

13 Rising Action The first conflict they face is having to move from their homes to the Nagymagyar Ghetto. They face the challenges of everyday life in the ghetto with people they don’t know. The greatest challenge they faced was moving from the ghetto to Auschwitz and enduring unnecessary pain. Home

14 Climax When the SS officers invade, everything turns for the worst. They are put on trains, and shot at. When Elli survives the shooting, we knew she was going to live through it all. Home

15 Falling Action Our falling action occurs when Elli, her mom, and her brother get back to their hometown. When they get home, they see the devastating results of the Nazi's, and receive a letter from their uncle. They also find about their father's death. Home

16 Resolution The resolution in our book is that Elli, her mother, and her brother make it out safely, are reunited, and the immigrate to America. Home

17 A Life Lesson As you read this, remember that six million innocent people died, as everyone else stood by and watched. Even though you aren't a victim, don't be a bystander. Stand up for what is right, even if it means standing alone.

18 Home Page and Last Page Home Page:
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