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BMT Transport Solutions GmbH 1 Introducing FREIGHTWISE a management framework for intelligent intermodal transport ITS World Congress SS 55 Motorways of.

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1 BMT Transport Solutions GmbH 1 Introducing FREIGHTWISE a management framework for intelligent intermodal transport ITS World Congress SS 55 Motorways of the Sea, Logistics & Intermodality Wednesday 11 October 11:00 – 12:30 Inger Gustafsson Lars Källström Roman Poersch Detlev Fischer

2 BMT Transport Solutions GmbH 2 My message Timely and correct information is a vital part of any logistic solution Internal IT management systems are developing rapidly Advanced Information exchange between organisations is still complicated “Standardised” solutions are missing –Technology is not the major issue –Organisational and commercial issues is more of a problem Advancing inter-organisational communication requires some basic “rules of the game” - interaction infrastructure – to support the physical infrastructure. Providers of such interaction infrastructure are/could be: –Standardisation bodies –European and national initiatives FREIGHTWISE supports Commission initiatives in cooperation with the industry

3 BMT Transport Solutions GmbH 3 Total international freight flows (worldwide + European, excl. oil, bulk ) Infrastructure improvements have only a limited impact on reducing congestions – mostly outside the major agglomerations The number of bottlenecks in the road network will increase Road user charges for heavy vehicles at present levels have only a limited impact on road transport demand Freight transport in tonkm’s will increase by 45% till 2015 (rail by 30% and road by 60%) Freight transport will grow faster than passenger transport in most of the major European corridors.

4 BMT Transport Solutions GmbH 4 A changing market – the example of the port terminals By 2008 the top four terminal operators will control over a third of the total world container port capacity (Drewry Shipping Consultants 2003) The six leading operators in Europe handled nearly 70% of the European container throughput in 2002 compared to 53 % in 1998 Consolidation contributes to –Counterbalancing the power of the carriers –Realising economies of scale –Optimising the integration into terminal networks Concerns about oligopolistic tendencies

5 BMT Transport Solutions GmbH 5 FREIGHTWISE supports supply chain management SCM is the integration of key business processes from end user through original suppliers, that provides products, services and information that add value for the customer and other stakeholders (Global Supply Chain Forum) SCM consists of the following elements: The structure - The member firms and their links The business processes - the value adding activities The management components –physical and technical –managerial and behavioural

6 BMT Transport Solutions GmbH 6 A need for transport chain management

7 BMT Transport Solutions GmbH 7 7 Transport Chain Manager (TCM) Interaction across several borders

8 BMT Transport Solutions GmbH 8 FREIGHTWISE Framework seeks to integrate three domains

9 BMT Transport Solutions GmbH 9 Interaction Infrastructure Supports communication and cooperation Defines some basic principles, rules of the game and/or a “language” For information which is agreed on to be important enough to be subject to common definitions, formats and quality. Does not consider the information content “Someone” has to take responsibility for the establishing and maintaining the interaction infrastructure and facilitate the agreements

10 BMT Transport Solutions GmbH 10 The public sector shall - individually, jointly and in cooperation with other stakeholders - provide information which creates good conditions for sustainable transport solutions for citizens, commerce and trade (KombiTIF/Banverket 2004). A Swedish Vision:

11 BMT Transport Solutions GmbH 11 EU supports the creation of “standardised frameworks” for defining stakeholders, processes and related information with the intention to promote interoperability of information systems thereby advancing the competitiveness of European industry but also improving control in order to promote a level playing field, safety and security European initiatives

12 BMT Transport Solutions GmbH 12 Examples Safe Sea Net and mandatory ship reporting system (FRS) according to Directive 2002/59/EG Telematic Applications for Railfreight as part of Directive 2001/16/EC on the interoperability of the trans-European rail system. A proposal for Harmonised River Traffic Information Services in Directive COM 2005/44/EC An ongoing initiative to develop a harmonised system for electronic fee collection for road use till 2009 MARNIS for one stop shop vessel reporting FREIGHTWISE to provide input for a Directive (?) on intermodal transport information exchange

13 BMT Transport Solutions GmbH 13 RIS as an example of a European initiative Proposal for a Directive (COM 2005/44/EC) on harmonised River Traffic Information Services (RIS) on inland waterways in the Community RIS defines: –Guidelines for architecture and organisation –Electronic ship reporting –Notices to skippers –Tracking & Tracing systems –Inland ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems)

14 BMT Transport Solutions GmbH 14 Telematic Applications for Railfreight defines: business models, process descriptions and data exchanged during these processes Relating to: Real-time monitoring of freight and trains, Marshalling and train composition. Path reservation. Management of connections with other modes of transport Production of accompanying electronic documents.

15 BMT Transport Solutions GmbH 15 FREIGHTWISE expected results Building on cooperation with public and private stakeholders Supporting real life transport chains Input to Commission initiatives –System architecture –Enabling a Virtual Transport Network –Stakeholder Framework 55 partners in 14 European countries with involvement of 9 business cases. Budget is 14 mEUR with a total EU-contribution of 7,9 mEUR.

16 BMT Transport Solutions GmbH 16 FREIGHTWISE WP – structure

17 BMT Transport Solutions GmbH 17 Thank you for your attention Inger Gustafsson

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