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1 Revised 7/2014 DCN Welcome to New Employee Orientation Making Waves.

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1 1 Revised 7/2014 DCN Welcome to New Employee Orientation Making Waves

2 Florida Atlantic University Established in 1961 – opened in 1964 Established in 1961 – opened in 1964 30,000+ students; 4,000 Live on Campus 30,000+ students; 4,000 Live on Campus 3,000 Employees – Faculty & Staff 3,000 Employees – Faculty & Staff 180+ Degree Programs 180+ Degree Programs 19 NCAA Sports 19 NCAA Sports 2

3 3  The Graduate College The Graduate College  Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College  Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing  Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine  Charles E. Schmidt College of Science Charles E. Schmidt College of Science 6 Boca Raton Dania Beach (SeaTech) Davie Ft. Lauderdale Jupiter Harbor Branch (HBOI) Broward Campuses Northern Campuses Largest Campus 10 Colleges  Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters  College of Business College of Business  College for Design and Social Inquiry College for Design and Social Inquiry  College of Education College of Education  College of Engineering and Computer Science College of Engineering and Computer Science

4 4 Board of Trustees: Florida Atlantic University is governed by a thirteen member board of trustees. The trustees are responsible for cost-effective policy decisions appropriate to the university's mission, the implementation and maintenance of high-quality education programs, the measurement of performance, the reporting of information and the provision of input regarding state policy, budgeting, and education standards Executive Leadership Team Meet FAU’s 7 th President

5 Things You Should Know  Tobacco Free Campus – starting Jan 1, 2015  Hours of Work  Personnel Records  FAU Today FAU Today FAU Today  HR Weekly  Workers’ Compensation Procedures RTW Program 5

6 Protected species FAU’s Boca Raton campus was designated a burrowing sanctuary in 1971 by the Audubon Society. Very unusual because it makes its home in holes in the ground. It is a very feisty bird, traditionally associated with wisdom and determination 6 FAU Fighting Owls FAU Fighting Owls FAU earned the Fighting Owl role because…

7 Employee Compensation Plans 1. Executive Service 2. Faculty 3. AMP Administrative, Managerial & Professional - Exempt 4. SP Support Personnel – Non-exempt 6 month probationary period Timesheets required 5. Temporary – can be Exempt or Nonexempt Timesheets required 7

8 Diversity Initiative at FAU Minority and international students make up 49% of our student body All people are respected Zero-tolerance policy for any kind of harassment or discrimination Ranked 27 th nationally for campus ethnic diversity (US News & World Report) Diversity Committee Campus of Difference Training Celebrations of Diversity 8

9 9 Payroll


11 Tracey Hardy – Office Manager Garcia Snow – Program Assistant

12 12


14 Ed Rowe Associate Director, Equal Opportunity Programs

15 15 Employee Relations Required Documents  FAU Personnel Regulations  FAU Personnel Policies  Statement of Stewardship **Each employee has the responsibility to read and understand the contents

16 16 Customer Service   “It starts with respect. If you respect the customer as a human being, and truly honor their right to be treated fairly and honestly, everything else is much easier.” - Unknown   “Customer service is not a department, it's an attitude!” - Unknown

17 17

18 18 Thank You for joining our Morning Session!

19 19 New Employee Orientation Employee Relations & Development Information

20 OWL Cards  All Faculty, AMP, and SP Employees are required to have and carry the FAU OWL CARD while on campus. (Adjunct Faculty, Temporary and Sub- contracted employees $10.00 fee)  Used for ID, Library, University sporting and theatrical events, OWL CARD debit program, Dining Services, BB&T ATM, etc  Located in the Student Union SU 80 - Bring ID AND Proof of employment Florida Atlantic University 777 Glades Road. Bld# and Rm# Boca Raton, FL 33442 561-297-3000 Replacement Fee = $15.00

21 I.Mission Purchase of Commodities Purchase of Services II.Signature Authority DO NOT SIGN FOR ANYTHING !!!!!!!!!!! Only a handful of people are authorized by the President to sign. III.Methods Used To Purchase Pcard Requisition Form  Req Form & Quote  Dollar Threshold IV.Additional Information V.Contact Information Purchasing Department,, phone: (561) 297-3087, fax: (561) Purchasing 101

22 22

23 23 Sick Leave Sick Leave SP, AMP, Faculty - Accrue 4 hours bi-weekly (13 days a year) Authorized for: The employee’s personal illness, injury or Dr.’s appointment The illness, injury, or Dr.’s appointment of a member of immediate family Immediate Family = spouse, qualified domestic partner, child, stepchild, foster child, parent, stepparent, grandparent, grandchild, or sibling of the employee or employee’s spouse or qualified domestic partner Death of an employee’s immediate family member following the use of 3 day Bereavement Leave Annual leave can be used if sick leave has been depleted Employees are required to notify their supervisor of any absence for illness, or injury, the start of the normal workday. All other absences must be approved in advance Leave Request/Approval Form

24 24 SP, AMP and 12 mo. Faculty Only Must be approved in advance by the supervisor. (Can be used for medical absences or emergencies with documentation.) Personal Holiday – 1 day earned each fiscal year Personal Holiday – SP, AMP 1 day earned each fiscal year o Effective 30 days after hire o Use in full day increment between July 1 st through June 30 th o Use it or lose it Pay PlanAccrual per Pay Period Maximum Payout Faculty6.77 hours352 AMP6.77 hours352 Executive Service9.20 hours480 SP (based on years of FAU Service) 0 - 5 years4.00 hours240 5 - 10 years5.00 hours240 10 +6.00 hours240 Annual Leave

25 25 Medical Leave Employees with < one year of service may take up to the amount of accrued leave, with the proper documentation  Birth / Adoption or Foster care placement of a child  to care for an immediate family member (spouse, child, or parent) with a serious health condition  Medical leave when the employee is unable to work because of own serious health condition Must fill out a Certification of Health Care Provider FormCertification of Health Care Provider Form Extended Medical Leave - Medical leave of 3+ days Employees with 1 or more years of continuous service may take up to six (6) months with medical documentation Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) – entitles eligible employees (at least 12 months of service & 1250 hours in past 12 months) to take up to 12 weeks or 480 hours of unpaid, job-protected leave in a 12 month period. FAU allows employees to use paid leave that they have accrued as part of their FMLA leave

26 26 Domestic Violence Leave Florida State Law - Eligible employees (employed by FAU for more than three months) are entitled to take up to three working days of leave within a 12 month period to deal with issues relating to domestic violence suffered by the employee or a family or household member Unpaid, but employees may use accrued leave Leave may be taken to: Obtain an injunction for protection against domestic violence Obtain medical or mental health care related to the domestic violence Seek services from a victims services organization Seek legal assistance or prepare for court proceedings Secure existing housing or obtain new housing for safety reasons

27 27 Report of Outside Employment or Professional Activity for FAU Employees Agreement   All employees are required to report outside business activities, professional activities, conflicts of interest, or conflicts of commitment   required to update reporting each new Fiscal Year

28 Child Neglect & Reporting Requirements 28 All people in Florida have an obligation to report known or suspected child abuse, neglect & abandonment to the Department of Children & Family Services (DCF) Florida Board of Governors passed a regulation that each university administrator who receives information from university faculty, staff or other employees of known or suspected child abuse, abandonment, or neglect committed on the property of the university or during an event or function sponsored by the university is required to report such information to DCF Training: Protection of Vulnerable Persons

29 29 Performance Management Partnership between supervisor and employees working together to accomplish goals of the Department and University Establish Goals & Expectations CommunicationFeedback Coaching & Support Performance Evaluation Performance Appraisal

30 30 SP Performance Appraisals Probationary Appraisal Due at the end of the employee’s 6 month probationary period. Can be extended (may not exceed 1 year) Law Enforcement Positions have a 1 year probationary period Annual Appraisal Due once per year and based on the day the employee started in their current classification

31 31 SP Performance Appraisals “Standards” of the position set by each individual Supervisor and clearly communicated Employee may be asked to submit a summary of accomplishments Critical Elements – 5 tasks that the supervisor deems most important to the overall job performance during the appraisal period Supervisor establishes a rating for each of the 4 job performance/professional competencies Career Development – Designated area for the supervisor to establish goals for the employee Overall Rating is then determined by the supervisor

32 32 AMP Performance Appraisals Due each year on employee’s anniversary date The employee submits a summary of accomplishments to the Supervisor Supervisor establishes a rating for each of the 6 job performance/professional competencies An overall rating is then determined by the supervisor

33 33 Employee Relations Team Robin Kabat, Associate Director 561-297-3072 Donna Newman, Employee Relations Manager 561-297-2554 Nancy Vincenty, Broward HR Manager 954-236-1245 Janet Eagen, Human Resources Representative 561-297-0319 The Employee Relations Team is Here for You!

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