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Brought to you by the Challenger Learning Center at Wheeling Jesuit University.

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1 Brought to you by the Challenger Learning Center at Wheeling Jesuit University

2 Fires!

3 Volcanoes!

4 Hurricanes!

5 Join Us Mission Control needs Emergency Response Teams ERT members work together. ERTs investigate what might happen to the Earth's many systems during a crisis. We use satellites and work with NASA and NOAA

6 The Next Mission We need your help with Montserrat The volcano threatens to erupt We must use graphs and make predictions and help the island residents

7 The Next Mission A tropical storm headed toward the island could become a hurricane We must use maps and math skills to track the storm

8 Emergency Response Teams Members of each ERT will learn special science and math skills. Can you work under pressure and help advise the people of Montserrat? What actions will you suggest the people of the island take to prepare for this possible emergency?

9 Please Apply Study, think, talk together, and prepare your teams' applications. If we accept your work, your ERTs will assist us during e-Mission: Operation Montserrat.

10 Application Checklist Learn about Earth system science (ESS) Form teams Choose a sphere to represent: biosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere or hydrosphere Complete a team commitment letter Complete a resume Study forest fires Conduct an ESS analysis of forest fires

11 Mission Training You must study Earth system science and the four spheres. Then apply ESS to the case of forest fires Study Volcanoes Study Hurricanes Study Montserrat Work together quickly and accurately Apply new ideas, and explore where few have ventured before

12 Study Volcanoes Study the science of volcanoes Analyze case studies of volcanoes What impact do eruptions have upon the Earth’s system? Learn to chart volcanic tremor data Apply charting skills to make a prediction about Montserrat

13 Study Hurricanes Study the science of hurricanes Analyze case study data Track hurricanes

14 Study Montserrat Study geography of Montserrat Use hazard maps to develop contingency plans Prepare tools to assist in mission

15 Mission Day Space shuttle will lift off Upgrade the LEO satellite Begin real-time data download Teams calculate seismic data, and the storm’s time of arrival

16 Good Luck!

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