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New Employee Benefit Orientation

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1 New Employee Benefit Orientation
Our Plan year is a bit different as it is not calendar year. Plan Year April 1, March 31, 2014

2 Meeting Overview Introduction to ICUBA Dental and Vision Plans
Eligibility Life Insurance Online Enrollment Optional Life Insurance Wellness/Preventative Benefits Short Term Disability Employee Assistance Program Long Term Disability Medical Insurance Emergency Travel Benefit Pharmacy Benefits Identity Theft Protection Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Reimbursement Accounts Retirement Plans Voluntary benefits and Legal Plan ICUBA Benefits Card TM We have lots of information to cover however feel free to ask questions as we go along

3 ICUBA Schools

4 Eligibility Employees working at least 19.2 hours per week are eligible for retirement supplemental plan, and to elect dental and vision coverage Employees working 28 hours or more per week are eligible for *retirement match, and to elect medical, dental, Vision coverage, and can establish a flexible spending account Premiums are charged from your date of hire or date of eligibility If you do not enroll during this period you may enroll during the next annual enrollment or if you experience a qualifying status change You have thirty days (30) from your date of hire or date of eligibility to make your benefit elections Is there anyone here who is past the 30 day enrollment window who has not enrolled in benefits? If so you need to see me at the end of this session because that is a problem. The benefits in which you enroll will remain in effect until 3/31/2013 unless you experience a Qualifying Life Status Change Event such as: Marriage/divorce Spouse gains or loses other coverage Birth of a child *Employee must be classified as full-time to be eligible for the retirement matching plan

5 How to Enroll To enroll, login to the benefits enrollment portal at The enrollment portal is available 24 hours a day First time user instructions can be found in the “Benefits Information” box on the Benefits web page If you need assistance, please contact the Office of Human Resources by at or by calling HR4U HR Representatives are available Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm The Company key is ICUBA in uppercase letters Instructions are found inside the New Employee Orientation packet and on the Human Resources Website Benefits in which you enroll will remain in effect until March 31st , of next year unless you experience a Qualifying Life Status Change.


7 NSU / ICUBA Health and Wellness Benefits Member Cards
Florida Blue Medical Insurance Catamaran Prescription Drug Plan Advantica Eyecare Plan Humana Dental Plan ICUBA Cares MasterCard™ *Our mental health and substance abuse benefit, and Employee Assistance Program is provided by MHNet The toll free phone number and website can be found on back of Florida Blue ID card.

8 NSU WELLNESS SERVICES Samples of Services Provided Alcohol Awareness
The NSU Pharmacy provides free health screenings monthly call or log in to NSU Employee Sick Call Clinic open every morning from 8:15 am until 11:00 am, walk in or call , health plan billed for services NSU Center for Psychological Studies Guided Self Change Programs can help you Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Stop Gambling, and Stop Procrastinating! Call , fees based on a sliding scale AHEC offers a free 6 week Quit Smoking Program call Samples of Services Provided Alcohol Awareness Blood Glucose Screening Cholesterol Awareness GERD Awareness Education & Counseling HIV?AIDS Awareness Immunization Awareness Men’s and Women's’ Health Awareness National Pharmacy Month Osteoporosis Screening & Awareness Skin damage Screening Also the NSU Caregivers Alliance Program visit

9 NSU’S WELLNESS MADE SIMPLE Makes Keeping Healthy Simple!!
Provides comprehensive primary health care to employees and family members insured by ICUBA, who are 18 years of age and older Promotes preventive medicine, identifies patient health risks, provides treatment and strives to prevent a more serious condition in patients with health risks Receive FULL WELLNESS BENEFITS at NSU by completing a physical examination, including blood work (covered by your ICUBA insurance) No copayments or coinsurance Register & make an appointment - Call the NSU Health Care Centers at VIPS (8477)

10 ICUBA Cares™ The ICUBA Cares™ programs are offered by ICUBA plans with our provider partners The programs promote early treatment with the goal to prevent disease and incidences of critical care These plans can also save you and the plan money - that helps keep premium costs lower for everyone

11 Saving Tips – Use Your Plan Wisely Free In-Network Wellness Benefits
Aspirin for adults with a physician prescription Better You From BlueTM Health Fairs with $50 incentive for participation, and Healthy Additions $25 incentive for each pregnant member Use 90 day mail order for maintenance prescription refills Prescribed diabetic supplies including meters, lancing devices, lancets, control solution, syringes, test strips and needles - ALL BRANDS Employee Assistance Program (EAP) available to all employees and members of their household

12 Saving Tips – Use Your Plan Wisely Free In-Network Wellness Benefits
Annual Physical & Gynecological Exam Lab Tests (Quest Diagnostic) Pap Tests Immunizations Mammograms Bone Mineral Density Tests Allergy Injections Urinalysis Colonoscopies & Sigmoidoscopies Colorectal Screenings Prostate Cancer Screenings Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening – age 60+ Electrocardiograms & Echocardiograms All covered at 100% NO Deductible FOR THE FOLLOWING in-network SERVICES Therapy OFFICE Visits  EMERGENCY ROOM VISITS  PHYSICIAN OFFICE VISITS  URGENT CARE VISITS 

13 Monday - Thursday 8AM – 6PM
BlueCross BlueShield Health Dialog® BlueCross BlueShield Care Coordination HEALTH DIALOG® supports members and their covered dependents by providing information to help members better understand their medical condition and their treatment options Health coaches are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you and your family with medical information. You can speak with the same coach each time you call Use BCBS Nurse Case Managers to coordinate services when you need: To receive intravenous medications or wound care at home To find nursing services To coordinate complicated medical treatment plans To plan your surgical discharge and follow up treatment This is a terrific service and free to you. Examples when you might want to contact these folks You have just been diagnosed with a serious condition such as diabetes, cancer, you or your spouse is pregnant You or a covered family member are facing major surgery You are struggling with a diet or smoking sensation You can also access the site if you just want more information about any medical condition you have Monday - Thursday 8AM – 6PM Fridays 9AM – 6PM TTY

14 BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD - BLUE365 ® Discount Program
BCBS national member discount program delivering health and wellness tools, services, information and discounts to help members make healthy changes. fitness clubs exercise equipment nutrition and weight management programs massages vitamins Access Blue365® 1) Visit Log onto MyBlueService Discounts & Rewards Discounts Visit Offers change frequently You can also access this information through the BCBSFL website Keep in mind these services are generally not covered under your health plan however you can get a discount on the service of up to 20% from a participating provider

15 COMMONLY USED TERMS (1) Certificate of Creditable (Prior) Coverage: document detailing the period of prior coverage for a new employee. It is used for the purpose of determining creditable coverage under HIPAA regulations. If there is a break of 63 days or more since prior coverage, Pre-existing limitation will apply to participants over19 years of age Preauthorization: An authorization that must be obtained from carrier prior to inpatient medical procedures only. (This is not the same as referral – PPO’s do not require referral) Contracted Rate or Allowed Amount: The discounted rate that an in-network provider has agreed to accept for services rendered. The contracted rate is subject to deductibles and coinsurance whenever applicable Member Health Statement (MHS): Comprehensive monthly statement of claim activity in last 28 days, explanation of benefits (EOB) paid sent by insurance companies to enrollees. MHS provides necessary information about claim payment information and patient responsibility amounts, deductible and out-of-pocket accumulation, and tips to live healthier CCC what is it, why do I need it? Our plans have a pre existing condition limitation. Proof of prior coverage for one year will waive the PE. Period of lesser time will waive the PE for that time period. If you were insured under several different plans in the last year you will need a CC for each plan. These are normally issued to you within 30 days of your plan termination. If you didn’t get one or threw it out you will need to contact the prior carrier and request another one. Make a copy and send it here and we will transmit to BCBS. Ex of PE diabetes, HBP, high cholesterol, epilepsy. Non PE broken arm appendicitis, flu Pre-authorization for planned surgery your surgical coordinator from the MDs office usually handles but it is suggested you confirm that it has been done For emergency admissions you or a family member should call BCBSFL to tell them of your admission If you are a single EE without family your department can let us know of your admission to the hospital and we will make the call. Unauthorized hospital confinement can result in you being held responsible for the entire cost of the confinement Contracted amount examples Ov 85 allowed % 16.72 OV 60 allowed % 6.55; OV 90 A= =11.90 6, A =2, % =1,556.80

16 Member Health Statement
Every month you will receive one of these statements consisting of approximately six (6) pages containing health tips, definition of terms, right to appeal information, deductible accumulation status, and coupons for healthy products and claim activity. A representation of 3 of these pages is condensed on this slide. The claim activity portion indicates date(s) of service a description of the service [lab, x-ray, surgery, hospital stay, etc., the amount billed and the Amount Allowed. I referred to the Allowed or contracted rate for in-network providers on the prior slide. The reason this is so important to you is because it is tied directly to the Member Responsibility or the ‘You Owe’ amount. This is where your wallet is impacted. Never pay an in-network provider more than the ‘You Owe’ amount. Should you encounter an in-network provider who balance bills please contact the Florida Blue customer service and allow their Provider Relations folks to intercede on your behalf. The other information on the MHS slide will include Smart Tips such as new tools on WebMD including personal health assessment, health trackers, symptom checker, treatment cost advisor, hospital advisor, creating your own medical expense record and much more. Please review your MHS each month when you receive it.

17 Saving Tips – Use Your Plan Wisely Pay Only the Contracted Amount of Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses!
Recently, hospital systems have been purchasing office practices and billing insurance for outpatient hospital visits instead of an office visit If billed for a “facility fee” for an office visit OR billed for an annual physical/annual gynecological exam, please advocate on your behalf and contact Florida Blue™ Customer Service at and have the claims properly adjusted For wellness visits, make sure you have a discussion with your doctor/office staff to have the visit filed as a wellness claim Review Member Health Statements available to you at and pay your provider based on the information indicated on the statement

18 COMMONLY USED TERMS (2) Co-pay: A flat fee charged to an insured employee as specified by the plan. A Co-pay accumulates towards the out-of-pocket maximum, but not the deductible Co-insurance: The employee portion of the health expense for services such as, but not limited to, facility/hospital charges, laboratory charges, physician services (surgery, anesthesia, radiology, pathology, etc.). Co-insurance DOES accumulate toward out-of-pocket maximum Deductible: A dollar amount that must be paid by the insured for health or dental services before a claim becomes payable by the carrier. The deductible DOES accumulate toward out-of-pocket maximum Plan Year Out-of-Pocket Maximum: The maximum amount of deductible and coinsurance during any Plan Year that you pay before the Plan begins to pay 100% of Covered Expenses for the balance of the Plan Year Centers of Excellence: Preferred places of care with the best outcomes, finest operational standings and best patient care Co-pay for office visit $20 or $30 depending on whether or not you see a family practitioner or specialist. Or a co-pay on prescriptions. You are expected to pay the co-pay at the time of service. Co-insurance -either 20% or 30% in-network depending on the plan. It is 30% for the PPO 70 plan and20% for the PPO Risk Reward Plan. Deductible- just like the deductible on your auto insurance. Depending on your plan enrollment [PPO 70 or PPO Risk Reward], in-network is $1, or $2, for individual or $1, or $4, family. Out-of network deductibles are significantly higher therefore you are encouraged to utilize in-network providers. Plan Year Out-of-Pocket Maximum- I will read the bullet point and say if you are in the PPO 70 plan it is 3k individual or 6k family and for the PPO R&R 3,500 individual or 7k family. We will touch on this in more detail on a subsequent slide. Examples of Centers of Excellence are in categories such as Bariatric Surgery, Cardiac Care, complex and Rare Cancers or organ transplants. You can see extensive lists of these centers either in the summary plan document [SPD] available on-line either via the link on the Benefits web page or through the reference center on the ICUBA Benefits portal or speak with a Florida Blue Health Coach or Medical Case Manager.

19 Florida Blue Network Name
MEDICAL PLANS SIMILARITIES DIFFERENCES Plan Rules Premiums Prescription Drug Benefits HRA Contributions Behavioral Health Benefits Deductibles Free ICUBA CARES™ Programs Co-Insurance 24/7 Health Information Co-payments ER & Urgent Care Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximums Florida Blue Network Name PLAN NAME NETWORK NAME PPO 70 Blue Options Blue Options (Network Blue) PPO Risk/Reward Blue Options

20 MAKING A CHOICE Plan Comparison
Plan Feature PPO 70 Blue Options PPO Risk/Reward Blue Options Network Non-Network Deductible Individual/Family $1,000/$2,500 $1,500/$4,000 $2,000/$4,000 $3,500/$9,750 Coinsurance 30% after deductible 50% after deductible 20% after deductible 40% after deductible Out-of-Pocket Maximum (Includes all medical copays, deductibles, and coinsurance) $3,000/$6,000 $6,000/$12,000 $3,500/$7,000 $7,000/$14,000 Physicians Office Visit (Includes General Practice, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pediatrician, OB/GYN and Behavioral Health) $20 Copay; no deductible 20% 40% after deductible Specialist Office Visit (Includes Chiropractors and Therapists) $30 Copay; Wellness Exam $0 Not Covered Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging $100 Copay and 30% after deductible 50% Urgent Care Emergency Room Services $100 Copay (waived if admitted) no deductible (waived if admitted) Hospital Inpatient $250 Copay and 30% after deductible $500 Copay and 50% after deductible

21 MAKING A CHOICE Employee Premiums
Coverage Tier Total Monthly Premium NSU Contribution Employee Contribution Monthly Premium Monthly HRA Bi-weekly Premium PPO 70 Blue Options Employee $ $ $ $ $ Employee & Spouse $ 1,252.00 $ $ $ $ Employee & Child(ren) $ 1,128.00 $ $ $ Employee & Family $ 1,754.00 $ $ ,124.00 $ Dual Enroll (Husband & Wife Employed by NSU) Family $ $ $ $ PPO Risk & Rewards Blue Options $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 1,365.00 $ $ $ $ $ $ $

22 MAKING A CHOICE Calculate Your Maximum Financial Risk
Annual Premium + Out of Pocket Maximum + Co-pays (you estimate these) - HRA Contributions = Total Financial Risk When you are making your decision you need to consider if you can afford the plan. The annual premium for the PPO 70 family plan is $12, If you make 20k or 35k etc you may not be able to pay the premium and your taxes, etc. You need to consider one of the other plans offered. If you select a benefit that will result in a negative pay you will be contacted to select another plan as we can’t allow a negative pay. Not being able to afford health plan is not an allowable reason to change health plans outside of open enrollment. If you call the benefits office in 2 or 3 months and tell us you now realize the plan costs too much we are not permitted by the IRS to allow de-enrollment Select carefully, if your election is too costly it is not be possible to change election during the new Plan Year.

23 Making a Choice Estimating Your Financial Risk
Coverage/Tier Annual Premium Out of pocket maximum (OOP) MedICAL maximum pharmacy Premium + OOP NSU HRA contribution Estimated in-network financial risk EMPLOYEE ONLY PPO 70 Blue Options $2,712.00 $3,000.00 $2,000.00 $7,712.00 $300.00 $7,412.00 PPO Risk Reward Blue Options $ $3,500.00 $6,436.00 $600.00 $5,836.00 EMPLOYEE & SPOUSE $9,924.00 $6,000.00 $4,000.00 $19,924.00 $ $19,324.00 $7,000.00 $17,000.00 $1,200.00 $15,800.00 EMPLOYEE & CHILD(REN) $7,776.00 $17,776.00 $17,176.00 $4,176.00 $15,176.00 $13,976.00 EMPLOYEE & FAMILY $13,488.00 $23,488.00 $22,888.00 $8,220.00 $19,220.00 $18,020.00

24 MAKING A CHOICE (1) Personalized Cost Estimator

25 Personalized Cost Estimator (2) Fill in Estimated Usage Numbers
On this slide you will see different types of services. If you see your physician 3 or 4 times a year to monitor a medical condition put that number in the box If you have young children who ride skate boards or bicycles you can expect a trip or 2 to either urgent care or the Emergency Room. Put a number in there Do the same for each category as you proceed down the screen for any service you thnk you or a famiy member will utilize during the plan year Proceed to the bottom of the page and then you will see the estimated cost savings

26 Personalized Cost Estimator (3) See Total Estimated Annual Costs All Plans
On this slide you will see the estimated cost for participating in a designated plan. Based on this cost plan comparison you are better prepared to make a selection on the plan in which you wish to enroll. This value estimates what your annual cost would be based on the values you entered on the table. This total is ONLY an estimate used to help you in the decision-making process. These costs are not guaranteed and are only based on the assumptions you provided.

27 Did you know? $20.2 Million Annual NSU Contribution
Tier Annual Amount Paid by NSU Premium HRA Total Annual Contribution PPO 70 Employee $4,800.00 $300.00 $5,100.00 PPO 70 Employee / Spouse $600.00 $5,700.00 Child(ren) $5,760.00 $6,360.00 PPO 70 Family $7,560.00 $8,160.00 PPO R&R Employee $4,920.00 $5,520.00 PPO R&R Employee / $1,200.00 $6,900.00 PPO R&R Family $9,360.00 NSU will contribute approximately 20.2 million dollars to employee healthcare coverage costs in the plan year! Annual premium for plan year: $17,882,280.00 Annual HRA for plan year: $2,346,568.00 Total NSU Contributions plan year: $20,228,848.00


29 MHNet Mental Health Benefit & EAP Provider
EAP AVAILABLE TO ALL EMPLOYEES AND MEMBERS OF THEIR HOUSEHOLD AT NO COST MEDICAL PLAN ENROLLMENT IS NOT REQUIRED Up to six counseling sessions per issue - per plan year Inpatient services must be pre-authorized by MHNet Client Connect® provider matching service for assistance in locating an appropriate provider Visit the MHNet website and access helpful resources: Informative articles Financial Interactive health and wellness Family instruments Personal Health assessments and videos Mental health information On-line seminars Discounts Visit or call Online Services Login - Username: ICUBA, Password: MHNet contact information also found on the back of the BCBSFL card

30 MHNet Provider Search


32 24/7 customer service for members
CATAMARAN Pharmacy Benefit Plan Pick up prescriptions at any one of the 62,000 retail pharmacies in the Walgreens network Advantage90™ Network of 39,000 retail pharmacies nationwide can dispense a 90 day prescription in store, you can reduce your co-payments by using this program Order a 90 day supply through the Catamaran Rx Mail Order Program by phone or on-line. This is the least expensive way to obtain your prescriptions! You are not required to use a Walgreens pharmacy and the NSU Pharmacy is in the network Same pharmacy benefits for both plans No deductible required only co-payments Out of pocket maximum is $2,000 per individual and $4,000 per family There is a separate ID card for pharmacy benefits The NSU Pharmacy is in the network, and they will help you transfer your prescriptions from other pharmacies NSU Pharmacy provides ALL generic drugs at a zero ($0) co-pay You will receive a PML- Pharmacy Medication Categories Guide [formulary list] from Catamaran when you enroll in benefits along with your ID card When you are visiting your MD and anticipate either a new RX or a change in medication take this along and ask the MD to see if the RX is in the formulary. If not ask him or her to suggest an alternative medication that is in the PML It’s much easier to do this than it is to go to a pharmacy only to be told the RX is not covered by your plan 24/7 customer service for members

33 Catamaran™ Pharmacy Benefits Benefit Tiered Copays
Pharmacy benefit plan offers three tiers of drugs – these determine your copay Have your doctor consult the Preferred Medication List for the lowest cost generic or brand medications available for your therapy Out of pocket maximum is $2,000 per individual and $4,000 per family Tier Co-pay 30 day Retail/Mail Order/ 90 day Retail Definition 1st Tier: Generics $5/10/10 Generics contain the same active ingredient as their brand-name equivalents and offer the same effectiveness and safety. Some generics use a brand name instead of a chemical name. Both have the lowest co-pay. 2nd Tier: Preferred $27/50/60 Medications in this tier have been selected by your pharmacy benefit plan as preferred brand drugs. These drugs have higher co- pays than generics but are less costly than non-preferred medications on the third tier. 3rd Tier: Nonpreferred $60/120/145 Because a generic version or a second-tier alternative is available, non-preferred medications have the highest co-pays and are not listed on the Preferred Medication List. Visit or call Member Services at Use 90 day mail order and save money! Call

34 CATAMARAN MyCatamaran members can:
Create an online account to access Rx information Check drug coverage and cost Check eligibility Search and download, plan drug list Locate a nearby pharmacy Review prescription history and refill information Print a temporary ID card After you set up your account you can view your RX history, confirm if your RX is covered, check co payments and questions, find store locations and lots more Some RX will require authorization After you have enrolled in your benefits through the ICUBA portal [Benefits Solver] it may take up to 7 business days before your eligibility information appears in the Walgreen’s eligibility file. If you have an emergency need for an RX refill or a new RX you can do one of 2 things 1. Pay for the Rx out of pocket and file a paper claim for reimbursement later or 2. Contact HR4U ad and tell the Shared Services representative you need an Rx urgently. We do reserve this for emergency situations.


36 Catamaran™ Pharmacy Benefits Mobile App
Catamaran Member Portal: Refill Rxs from Catamaran Home Delivery Obtain a list of preferred medications to maximize savings Perform test co-pays for Rxs View prior authorization history Catamaran Mobile App: Free of charge (Check data usage with service provider) Find the lowest cost drug and pharmacy options View prescription history Key Features: Fill-My-Scripts is a reminder to fill prescriptions Take-My-Meds is a reminder to take medications Mobile Advocate is designed to mimic behavior of provider to elicit action and participation Note: Must register for an account on Catamaran Member Portal prior to accessing member information on the mobile app

37 NSU CLINIC PHARMACY Full service pharmacy
Accepts NSU/ICUBA prescription plan FREE generic drugs for NSU/ICUBA Healthcare subscribers Open: Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Saturday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM For questions and appointments please call: Web address:


39 Health Reimbursement Account & Flexible Spending Account
Voluntary, funded by employee pre-tax dollars – Maximum $2,500 Available for medical and dependent care expenses No carry-over of funds from year to year (by law) Use-it-or-lose-it Incur expenses through June 15th, and file by June 30th FSA funds used before HRA funds Health Reimbursement Account Funded by the University Comes with all medical plans Funds rollover at the end of each plan year indefinitely Can have HRA alone with no FSA Portable after 36 months of continuous HRA participation No cash distribution The Health Reimbursement Account is funded the University. It is provided to employees enrolled in the PPO Risk and Reward Plan. Funds in the account at the end of each plan rollover. The HRA is portable after 36 months of continuous participation in the PPO Risk and Reward Plan. You can have a Health Reimbursement Account without having a Flexible Spending Account or have them both. The Flexible Spending Account is funded by the employee with pre-taxed dollars. It is used for medical and dependent care expenses. These funds are not carried over from year to year and are subject to the use-it-or-lose-it rule. Flexible Spending Account funds are used before tapping into the Health Reimbursement Account funds. Eligible over-the-counter drugs are reimbursable with the FSA. You can have a Flexible Spending Account without having a Health Reimbursement Account. Over the counter (OTC) medication cannot be purchased without a prescription from a physician.

40 Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
Funded by employee with pre-tax contributions Pay for qualified dependent care expenses, such as day-care or after-school care – NOT MEDICAL EXPENSES Maximum annual limit of $5,000 – per family Eligible dependents under age 13, physically or mentally challenged adult children who are unable to care for themselves Funded each pay date, and available using the ICUBA Benefits MasterCard® Subject to use-it-or-lose-it rule Incur expenses through June 15th, file claims by June 30th File your claims online at The Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account or DCFSA is funded by employee pre-tax dollars and used to pay for qualified dependent care expenses. The maximum annual contribution is $5, Dependents are defined as being under the age of 13 but also could be a physically or mentally challenged adult who is your dependent and does not earn more than $3,200 a year. These DCSFA can be accessed by using the ICUBA MasterCard debit card which is issued by Alegeus bank and administered by Businessolver or by filing a paper claim. The Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account is subject to the use- it-or-lose-it rule and must be used before June 30th.


Members should choose a Primary Care Dentist at the time of new hire/rehire enrollment. Make your provider selection through or contact Humana Customer Service for assistance locating a provider. Visit to elect or change your primary care dentist. Click on the “Start Here: Change My Benefits” button. Select “Basic Info”, then click “Change my Primary Care Dentist” Enter the effective date of change, then the dentist ID Changes to your dentist election must be submitted by the 1st of the month to ensure you and your dependent’s name appear on the dentist’s roster on the first of the following month. Dentist elections can only be changed by the member through the ICUBA website.

PPO Low Option Preventive Plus High Option PPO 100 / 80 In-Network; Same benefit Out of Network but you may be balanced billed on amounts over Usual and Customary 100 / 80 / 50 / 50 In-Network; Same benefit Out of Network but you may be balanced billed on amounts over Usual and Customary; Endodontic and Periodontal Services covered under Basic Services $1000 Plan Year Maximum $2000 Plan Year Maximum [30% coinsurance on preventive, basic and major services after reach annual max] Excludes Orthodontics and Major Services [i.e. crowns, dentures, endodontics and periodontics] $2000 Lifetime Maximum for Adult and Child Orthodontics [additional 30% coinsurance not available] Plan Year Deductible $50 per Individual up to $150 per Family for Type II. III and IV services No waiting periods Claim forms may be required You can use any dentist you choose You can use any dentist you choose. However, out-of-network services will be subject to higher coinsurance. Major Services – Discount available In-Network and No coverage for Out-of-Network services Out of Network Dentist reimbursed at 90% of Usual and Customary The NSU Faculty Dental Practice participates in the PPO Plans - not the DHMO The NSU Dental (Student) Clinic DOES NOT participate

44 Humana Dental Plans Monthly Dental Premium High Option PPO Plan
Low Option Preventive Plus Plan DMO CS250 Plan Employee $36.68 $19.48 $10.98 Employee + 1 $73.04 $45.28 $22.02 Family $122.84 $74.96 $34.20 Benefits can be obtained at the NSU Dental Faculty Practice Clinic PPO Plans Accepted Only (PPO) (DMO)

Benefit Network Non-Network Vision Exam $5 Co-Pay Up to $40 Reimbursement (less applicable Co-Pay) Standard Frames $15 Co-Pay; Up to $100 allowance less applicable Co-Pay if outside Standard Reimbursed up to $40 Single Vision, Bifocal and Trifocal Lens Covered After $15 Co-Pay Up to $20 for Single Vision, $40 for Bifocal or$60 for Trifocal Reimbursement after Co-Pay Trifocal Lens Standard Progressive $50 Co-Pay No Benefit Polycarbonate Included with Lens Co-Pay up to age 19; over 19, $30 Co-Pay UV Coating $12 Co-Pay Medically Necessary Contact Lens $250 allowance; $30 fitting fee allowance Contact Lens (Cosmetic) $100 allowance; $30 fitting fee allowance Up to $60 Reimbursement Frequency Limitations Exams 12 Months Frequency Limitations Frames 24 Months Lenses or Contact Lens

Rates PREMIUM MONTHLY BI-WEEKLY Employee $3.98 $1.99 Family $10.18 $5.09 Services can be obtained at the NSU Eye Care Institute or national network optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians and retail providers (866)

Basic Employer Provided Life Insurance Optional Life Insurance Short Term Disability Long Term Disability Identity Theft Protection Emergency Travel Assistance

Basic – Employer Optional - Employee Benefits-eligible employees must work at least 19.2 hours weekly and are U.S. citizens or U.S. residents and foreign nationals Eligible after 3-months of employment Eligible after a 3-month waiting period Benefit is one times annual salary up to a maximum of $300,000 Elect amounts between $10,000 and $200,000 in $10,000 increments Term life insurance Convertible at age 65 /portable up to age 65 and younger Benefit reduces to 65% at age 65 and to 50% at age 70 No medical exam for this period only (Optional Life Insurance) Complete a beneficiary form at and update as needed

Amount of coverage Age 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 70,000 80,000 90,000 100,000 00-24 0.47 0.94 1.41 1.88 2.35 2.82 3.29 3.76 4.23 4.70 25-29 0.57 1.14 1.71 2.28 2.85 3.42 3.99 4.56 5.13 5.70 30-34 0.76 1.52 3.04 3.80 5.32 6.08 6.84 7.60 35-39 0.85 1.70 2.55 3.40 4.25 5.10 5.95 6.80 7.65 8.50 40-44 0.95 1.90 4.75 6.65 8.55 9.50 45-49 1.42 2.84 4.26 5.68 7.10 8.52 9.94 11.36 12.78 14.20 50-54 2.18 4.36 6.54 8.72 10.90 13.08 15.26 17.44 19.62 21.80 55-59 4.08 8.16 12.24 16.32 20.40 24.48 28.56 32.64 36.72 40.80 60-64 6.26 12.52 18.78 25.04 31.30 37.56 43.82 50.08 56.34 62.60 65-69 12.50 25.00 37.50 50.00 62.50 75.00 87.50 100.00 112.50 125.00 70-74 150.00 175.00 200.00 225.00 250.00 75+

Amount of coverage Age 00-24 25-29 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60-64 65-69 70-74 75+ 110,000 120,000 130,000 140,000 150,000 160,000 170,000 180,000 190,000 200,000 5.17 5.64 6.11 6.58 7.05 7.52 7.99 8.46 8.93 9.40 6.27 6.84 7.41 7.98 8.55 9.12 9.69 10.26 10.83 11.14 8.36 9.88 10.64 11.40 12.16 12.92 13.68 14.44 15.20 9.35 10.20 11.05 11.90 12.75 13.60 14.45 15.30 16.15 17.00 10.45 12.35 13.30 14.25 17.10 18.05 19.00 15.62 17.04 18.46 19.88 21.30 22.72 24.14 25.56 26.98 28.40 23.98 26.16 28.34 30.52 32.70 34.88 37.06 39.24 41.42 43.60 44.88 48.96 53.04 57.12 61.20 65.28 69.36 73.44 77.52 81.60 68.86 75.12 81.38 87.64 93.90 100.16 106.42 112.68 118.94 125.20 137.50 150.00 162.50 175.00 187.50 200.00 212.50 225.00 237.50 250.00 275.00 300.00 325.00 350.00 375.00 400.00 425.00 450.00 475.00 500.00

Benefits-eligible employees must work at least 19.2 hours weekly and are U.S. citizens or U.S. residents and foreign nationals Eligible after 3-month waiting period and benefits paid at 60% of employee’s salary Eligible after 6-month waiting period and benefits paid up to 60% of employee’s salary 7 calendar-day elimination period (amount of time the employee must be disabled before benefits become payable) 180-day elimination period (amount of time the employee must be disabled before benefits become payable) 180 day benefit period – followed by Long Term Disability Pre-existing limitations may apply and conversion available on termination This is an overview of benefits available under the University STD Program & LTD Plan. It is not intended to modify, in any way, the plan documents or Summary Plan Description that, in the case of any difference, will govern.

Your Life Insurance carrier provides this service if you become a victim of identity theft 24/7 telephone support and step-by-step guidance by anti- fraud experts Expert case worker assigned to you to assist with notification to credit bureaus and paperwork to correct credit reports Preventative measures- register up to 10 credit or debit cards for 24/7 surveillance Call SecurAssist® at

Your Life Insurance carrier provides this service when you travel more than 100 miles away from home and need medical assistance All services must be provided and arranged by Assist America No claims for reimbursement will be accepted Call Assist America at within USA or outside the USA See brochure in your packets Examples of use: You are on a trip more than 100 miles away from home and you forgot all of your medications. Call the 800# and ask for assistance to get your RX You are in another country or state and are in a MVA or have an injury which requires air ambulance You or a family member call the 800# and tell assist America arrange the services You absolutely cannot arrange services and receive reimbursement at a later date


A secure way to enroll and make changes to the NSU Retirement accounts at Comprehensive source for financial planning and determine if your financial plan is on track

Must be 21 years of age,  full time employee and not be in an excluded class (e.g.  Temporary, Part-Timer, Cluster, Union, Non Resident Aliens, etc.) to be eligible for NSU Retirement Savings Plan Full-time employees eligible to receive matching contributions in the NSU 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan after one year of service Eligible to make voluntary contribution into the NSU 401(k) Plan on the first of the month following your hire date NSU Safe Harbor matching contribution immediately vested NSU Basic 2% and matching contribution (above basic 2%) is vested after 3 years of service Employees who attain the age of 50 can defer additional amounts (“catch-up” contributions) up to the annual limit of $23,000 ($17,500 under age 50) Although you are not eligible to join the matching plan until your 1 year anniversary you can start your own supplemental account immediately and put money aside on a pre-tax basis by visiting If you were not a participant in the §403(b) Plan as of December 31, 2011, or if you were eligible but had not elected to defer compensation you will affirmatively need to make an election as described in the above paragraph.

57 401(K) CONTRIBUTIONS University matching contributions begin after one year of service EMPLOYEE EMPLOYER BASIC EMPLOYER SAFE HARBOR MATCHING MATCHING TOTAL & 0% 2% 1% 4% 5% 6% 8% 3% 11% 10% 14% 100% Vested Immediately 3 yr. Vesting from Date of Hire Enroll and make changes to the NSU Retirement accounts by visiting

58 Employee Discount Provided by Abenity
“Safeguard for Minors” identity theft protection for dependents for an extra $1.00 a month Real Estate, Family Law, Estate Planning, Traffic Issues Legal Shield premium deductions once a month. Deductions will be taken in the second pay period of each month Voluntary employee benefit - no employer contribution Contact Kelley Kaupas-Rheault at (954) or John Broadbent at (954) or visit View additional information on benefits webpage s/index.html Offers various insurance plans, accident insurance, hospital indemnity, short-term disability and cancer indemnity Voluntary employee benefit - no employer contribution View PowerPoint presentation on benefits webpage Contact AFLAC representative Joe Evans at (954) for more information. Nova Southeastern University also offers a legal plan through Legal Shield services. Again, this is a voluntary employee benefit with no employer contributions. For additional information view the Pre-Paid Legal presentation on the benefits webpage or contact Pre-Paid Legal Representatives, Kelly Kaupas-Rheault at (954) or Andre Rheault at (954) Cost is about / month for basic legal services and per month with identity theft protection Some help with legal issues such as speeding tickets, identity theft, divorce, landlord disputes and simple wills. Employee Discount Provided by Abenity View additional information on benefits webpage /index.html

59 NSU / ICUBA Health and Wellness Benefits Member Cards
Florida Blue Medical Insurance Catamaran Prescription Drug Plan Advantica Eyecare Plan Humana Dental Plan ICUBA Cares MasterCard™ *Our mental health and substance abuse benefit, and Employee Assistance Program is provided by MHNet The toll free phone number and website can be found on back of Florida Blue ID card.

60 ICUBA Partners Company Benefit Contact ID Card? 877-398-5816
Health Insurance OR Yes Prescription Drug Plan (formerly Walgreens & Catalyst) Member Services: Mail Order: Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Employee Assistance Program Back of BCBS Card 60

61 ICUBA Partners : Company Benefit Contact ID Card?
Flexible Spending Plans: Health Care Spending Account Dependent Care Spending Account Health Reimbursement Account Phone: Fax: P.O. Box Orlando, FL ICUBA Benefits MasterCard® Benefit elections, information and access to ICUBA Benefits Card account information No Dental Insurance (DHMO) (PPO) Yes Eye Care Plan Term Life, AD&D and Short and Long Term Disability Insurance Contact Benefits Department : 61

62 ENROLLMENT REMINDER Employees have thirty days (30) from their date of hire or eligibility to enroll in ICUBA benefits Enrollment is made online at Premiums are charged from the date of hire Enrollment instructions are posted on the benefits web page If you do not enroll during this period you may enroll during the next annual enrollment or qualifying status change Employees working at least 19.2 hours per week are eligible for retirement supplemental, dental and vision plans Employees working 28 hours or more per week are eligible for *retirement matching, medical, dental, and vision plans If you are past your 30 calendar days enrollment window, then you may not be eligible to enroll for benefits until the next open enrollment period. Contact the Benefits department at to discuss your options, if available. *Employee must be classified as full-time to be eligible for the retirement matching plan

63 THANK YOU! FOR VIEWING THE NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY NEW HIRE ENROLLMENT PRESENTATION If you have any questions, please the Office of Human Resources Shared Services at or call (954)262-HR4U (4748) Thank you for viewing the NSU Benefits Presentation. If you have any questions, please the Benefits Department at or call (954) Again, welcome to Nova Southeastern University. Recycle booklets you don’t want. Leave behind or send back to the Benefits Office inter office mail

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