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What are 4Sight Benchmark Assessments?

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1 4Sight Assessments

2 What are 4Sight Benchmark Assessments?
Predictor of PSSA achievement PA Reading and Math Benchmark Assessments for grades 3 to 11 paper or on-line versions Mirror the look and feel of the PSSA Multiple choice items Open response items Aligned & correlated to PA Academic Standards, Assessment Anchors, PSSA Go over each bullet then add the following - The 4Sight Benchmarks were created specifically for different states to mirror the content and look of each state’s assessment used to measure adequate yearly progress in reading and math under NCLB. State assessment specifications and blueprints were used to ensure each benchmark provides a quick estimate of how students would perform on the state assessment if administered on the same day. The Pennsylvania assessment assesses all PA anchors for the particular grade level and each test has been shown to be a reliable and valid predictor of performance on the PSSA. The data reports from the benchmarks provide an estimate of the students’ performance on the state assessment and diagnostic information on standards and skills assessed by the PSSA. This data allows us as educators to plan student instruction that is specific to student needs, plan professional development to support specific school needs, and continuously monitor school improvement efforts. May be used a progress monitoring tool if student is performing on grade-level… otherwise the utility is for letting you know where the student stands with respect to the grade level standards and objectives… how well are we closing the gap?

3 Administering 4Sight Benchmarks
Who takes 4Sight Benchmarks? Students in districts that purchased the assessments Students in grades 3–11 who take the PSSA Use the same modifications/exemptions that are used for the PSSA for students with disabilities When is it given? Typically 4 times a year.

4 Purpose of Benchmark Assessments
Benchmarks allow you to take a pulse and not an autopsy. Dr. Robert Slavin Success For All Foundation

5 Reports Available from 4Sight
Estimate of student performance on the PSSA by district, school, grade, individual level Subgroup data Subscale reports for Math and Reading Item Analysis on test questions Individual student bar graphs

6 Math Proficiencies Gr GP Below Basic Basic Proficient Advanced T BP P %Proficient 6 B <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> Gr =  Grade GP =  Grading Period T =  Total Number Of Students P =  Proficient Students BP =  Below Proficient Students

7 Sub-Scale Reports by Grade
Students Total Numbers and Operations (A) 13 Measurement (B) 6 Geometry (C) 4 Algebraic Concepts (D) 6 Data Analysis & Probability (E) 5 Joe Smith 17.0(40.48%) 6.0 (46.15%) 3.0 (50.0%) 3.0 (75.0%) 2.0 (33.33%) 2.0 (40.0%) Averages 50.48 50.77 60.00 85.00 43.33

8 Individual Reports by Subscale


10 Item Analysis Report Kit lives in a town where 6,307 children live. How is that number correctly written in words? Respondents # Picked % A six thousand, three hundred seven % B six thousand, three hundred and seven % C six thousand, three seven % D sixty-three, and seven %

11 “You can’t look ahead until you look behind”
Role of Data Team Meetings after each test Guiding Questions to Ask How many students were proficient? (Math/Reading and by Sub Groups) What are areas of strengths and weaknesses? Why are we getting these results? What did I do as a teacher to contribute to these results? What is our challenge? Impact on Instruction

12 Questions/Comments?

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