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高一人教新课标版必修二 Unit 3 Computers Reading. 高一人教新课标版必修二 Unit 3 Computers Reading.

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2 高一人教新课标版必修二 Unit 3 Computers Reading

3 Pre-reading What do you know about computer?
Can you name some parts of computer? mouse keyboard monitor

4 The history of the computer
A huge computer The history of the computer A PC Palmtop

5 In the past, if we wanted to do reading, we had to carry a lot of heavy book. But now we needn’t do it, we only need to surf the Internet. Our life has changed easy! Our life has changed!

6 ? ( ) Analytical machine(分析机) ( ) Laptop ( ) Calculating machine(计算机器)
Can you put these inventions in an order according to the time when they appeared? ( ) Analytical machine(分析机) ( ) Laptop ( ) Calculating machine(计算机器) ( ) Robot/android ( ) PC ( ) Universal machine(通用机器) ?

7 Reading Who am I ?

8 Skimming: Go over the story to find out who the speaker is
Skimming: Go over the story to find out who the speaker is. Write down 3 sentences to support your idea. It is a computer. ●I was built as an Analytical Machine by Charles Babbage.” ●“My real father was Alan Turing ...” ● I was able to share my knowledge with others through the World Wide Web.

9 2. Who built the first analytical machine?
Fast reading 1. Who am I ? 2. Who built the first analytical machine? 3. Who was the next important person to design computers? I am a computer. Charles Babbage built the first analytical machine. Alan Turing was the next important person to design computers.

10 Fast-reading What’s the main idea of this passage? A. The development of computers B. The development and use of computers C. A machine which is simple-minded D. Computers may replace human being B

11 How did computers develop?
Analytical machine Calculating machine Universal machine (in 1936) (In 1642) (In 1822) Artificial intelligence Internet network (In the 1970s) (In the 1960s)

12 Careful- reading Read and finish the timeline below. 1642 1822
The analytical machine was made by Charles Babbage. 1936 The computer began as a calculating machine. The computer grew rapidly both in size and in brainpower.

13 1940s The first family of computers was connected to each other. 1970s now The computers had grown as large as a room. 1960s Computers were used in offices and homes. Computers connect people all over the world together.

14 Read and Complete the chart.
Paragraph 1 Topic sentence Supporting details Over time I have been changed quite a lot. calculating machine analytical machine universal machine PC laptop

15 Paragraph 2 Topic sentence Supporting details These changes only became possible as my memory improved tubes transistors chips network World Wide Web

16 Paragraph 3 Topic sentence Supporting details Since the 1970s many new applications have been found for me. communications; finance; trade; robots; mobile phones medical operations space rockets providing a life of high quality

17 Development Early days Name Function Poor Strong A _________ machine Simplify difficult sums An ________ machine Think logically and produce an answer quickly Solve difficult ____________ __________ calculating analytical universal mathematical problems

18 Development Network times _________ stored in Tubes Large Small
____________ Small chips _________ _____________ Narrow Wide Finance ________ Robots Mobile phones Space rockets Memory Transistors Communication Applications Trade Medical operations

19 Answer the questions 1. How did the computer work as
an Analytical Machine? The computer followed instructions from cards with holes.

20 2. Why did people think the computer was simple-minded?
Because the computer was made as a calculating machine and was used to solve mathematical problems.

21 3. In how many ways do we say the computer
changed? What are they? Size: Intelligence: Speed: Function: People’s opinion: smaller cleverer quicker calculating---dealing with…, communicating with… clever & useful

22 Summary I, the c_________, was a calculating machine
in 1642 in F_______. In 1936, I became a “u________ machine” to s_____ any mathematical problem. Since the 1970s I have been used first as a P___ and then as a l______ in office and h______. omputer rance niversal olve C aptop omes

23 Many changes have happened to my s____,
so my s______ totally changed. I have been widely used in many fields, I have also been put into robots to e_______ the Moon and Mars. ize hape xplore

24 Discussion Should high school students surf the internet(上网)? I think high school students should surf the internet because…(first, secondly, thirdly) not surf the internet because…(first, secondly, thirdly…)

25 Advantages We can communicate with friends Listen to the music
See films & watch news Play games Do shopping Save a lot of time Do a lot of useful things

26 Disadvantages Some people especially the teenagers abandon
(沉迷于) themselves to the computer games and chatting on the Internet. As a result, they have little time to study . Some people use the computer wrongly. If you spend too much time on it, it will do harm to our health.

27 There is no doubt that computer has
Conclusion There is no doubt that computer has two sides, too. If we make good use of it, it will make our lives more colorful and convenient. But don’t lose yourself in playing computers. Just remember: Keep fit, study well and work hard.

28 考 考 你 1. What is IT? Information Technology. 2. What is W.W.W?
考 考 你 2. What is W.W.W? World wide web. 3. 科学技术 Science and technology. 4. 人工智能 Artificial intelligence. 5.笔记本电脑 Notebook computer.

29 What are today's smaller computers like?
convenient laptop smaller desktop What are today's smaller computers like? palmtop

30 Role-play Suppose you are a reporter. Now you are interviewing Mr. / Miss Computer. Sample questions: … … What do you like to eat? What are your hobbies? What is your newest function(功能)? Can you say something about your future plan? etc.

31 New words and expressions
card with holes universal machine memory network World Wide Web 穿孔卡 通用机器 内存 网络 万维网

32 Calculating machine 计算机器
Analytical Machine 分析机 Artificial intelligence 人工智能 Technological revolution 技术革命 Mathematical problem 数学问题 Transistor 晶体管

33 Match the words with their meanings.
1 A monitor is 2 The screen is 3 A keyboard is 4 A mouse is 5 A CD-ROM is 6 A hard disk is the part of a computer that stores information. (b)the part of the computer that you type on. (c)the part of the computer that looks like a television (d)something you use to click on things (files, etc.). (e)the part of the monitor that you look at. (f)a separate disk that contains lots of information.

34 1. Over time I have been changed quite a lot.
Language Points 1. Over time I have been changed quite a lot. 1) over time 随着时间的推移 eg. Can we talk about this over dinner ? She gradually got better over the summer. ____ the next few days, they got to know the town well. A. With B. Over C. For D. At 2) have been changed 现在完成时的被动语态 B

35 2. calculate v. 1) 计算; 核算 We haven’t really calculated the cost of the vacation yet. 我们还没有确切地计算出度假要花多少钱。 2) 推测; 估计 It is important to calculate what influence he had on her life. 现在无法估计他对她的生活产生多大影响。

36 calculating adj. 斤斤计较个人得失的; 自私的 calculation n. 计算 calculator n. 计算器 calculate on: depend on 指望 We are calculating on having fine weather for the sports meeting. 我们指望着运动会有好天气。 be calculated to 被计划成, 打算 eg.The ad. is calculated to attract children.

37 2. analytical adj. 分析的, 解析的 analyse vt. 分析; 研究 analogy n. 相似; 类似 analysis n. 分析; 研究 analyst n. 分析家 analytic adj. 分析的; 分解的

38 3. universal adj. 通用的, 普遍的, 世界性的
English serves as the universal language in the world . It’s the universal usage of this kind of machine.

39 5. Although I was young, I can
_________ difficult sums. simplify vt. 简化 adj. simple 简单的, 朴素的 头脑简单的 simple-minded sum n. 总数, 算术题, 金额 in sum 总之 大量, 许多(不可数名词) a large sum of 总之, 这个计划失败了 他给了我很多食物。 In sum, the plan failed. He gave me a large sum of food.

40 6. before conj. 在不同的语境中有不同的含义:
(1)多久之后才 (2)在...以前 (3)以免, 不然 (4)还没...就...(常和can 和could连用) eg.(1)It was a long time before I went to sleep last night. (2)I would like to talk to you before you go. (3)Do it before you forget. (4)She hung up the phone before I could answer it. 比较: not….until 直到……才…… I didn’t complete the work until one year later.

41 7. artificial adj. 人工的, 人造的 artificial flowers/limbs/pearls 假花/假肢/假珍珠 artificial intelligence 人工智能 8. intelligence n.智力; 聪明 intelligent adj. 有智力的; 聪明的;理解力强的 ①He is a person of great intelligence. 他是个极聪明的人。 ②A dolphin is an intelligent animal. 海豚是有智力的动物。

42 9. As time went by…=With time going by
1) as conj. 随着……, 引导时间状语从句。 As time went on, Einstein's theory proved to be correct. 随着时间的推移,爱因斯坦的 理论证明是正确的。 表示“随着……”时, 也可以用with, 但with是介词, 后面一般不接句子。 With the passing of the years, they have become close friends. 几年过去了, 他们已成了亲密朋友。

43 2) go by (时间)过去, 逝去; 从…经过; 遵循, 以…来判断 ①一辆汽车全速驶过。 A car went by at full speed. ②一星期一星期慢慢地过去了。 The weeks went slowly by. ③不要错失这次机会。 Don't let this chance go by. ④那是需要遵守的好规章。 That is a good rule to go by.

44 (1)As time________, she became more and
more anxious about her son's safety. A. passing B. going by C. passed D. goes by (2)Three months ________ before we knew it. A. passed by B. went C. went by D. past (3)As the wealth of the country increases, more and more waste will be produced. =________ the wealth of the country’s ____________, more and more waste will be produced. D C With development

45 (4)With the time________, our anxiety grew.
goes by B. going by C. has gone by D. had gone by (5) A taxi_______________ (刚刚过去). You’ll have to wait a few more minutes. (6)Things will get easier as time goes by. (7)The weeks went by slowly. (8)He was in when I went by yesterday. B has just gone by

46 10. As a result 结果; 终于; 因此 My friend Martin was very sick with a strange fever; ___, he could neither eat nor sleep. (江西2005) A. as a result B. after all C. any way D. otherwise [点拨] 考查短语辨析。as a result结果; after all 毕竟; any way 不管怎样; otherwise 否则。由句意可知要选as a result。 A

47 as a result(=therefore )
As a result of(=because of) 结果, 因此 因为… 思维拓展 without result 毫无结果, 徒劳的 result in 导致, 结果为 result from 因为, 源自 The fight resulted _____ a bitter(激烈的) argument. A bitter argument resulted ______ the fight. from in

48 11. totally adv. 整个地;完全地 totally blind 全盲 total adj. 完全的; 整个的 total silence 寂静无声 in total 总共

49 12. And my memory became so large that even I couldn’t believe it!
so + adj / adv + N + that 如此…. 以致于 such + n. (名词)+ that so that + 句子 为了….

50 (1) He is _____ good a student _______we all
like him. A. such; that B. so; who C. such; as D. so; that (2) He is _____ a good student ______we all A. such; that B. so; who C. such; as D. so; that (3) He got up early this morning ______ he could catch the first bus. A. so as to B. so hat C. in order to D. so as D A B

51 (4) There is ______ much work to do and he
was______ worried about finishing it in time that he was quite nervous all day long. A. so; so B. such; such C. so; such D. such; so (5) It was ______ that we went camping in the mountains. A. such nice weather B. such a nice weather C. so nice a weather D. too nice weather A A

52 little表示数量少惯用so; 表示“小”时, 则前面用such;
Summary(小结) so+adj./adv. such+n. many, much, few 前惯用so; little表示数量少惯用so; 表示“小”时, 则前面用such; I have so little money that I can‘t lend you any I have never seen such little sheep before

53 so + 形容词(副词)+ that….结构中 so + 形容词(副词)在句首时,句子用倒装结构。 He works so hard that he seldom goes home. So hard does he work that he seldom goes home. So much of interest ____ that most visitors simply run out of time before seeing it all. A offers Beijing B Beijing offers C does Beijing offer D Beijing does offer C

54 13. alone adj./adv. 独自的(地), 单独的(地),
可以作表、状语 lonely 孤独的, 偏僻的, 荒凉的 可以作定、表语 The old man lived ______ in a ______ house, but he didn’t feel ______. That is to say, he was ______ in the house. alone lonely lonely alone

55 14. I have also been put into robots and used to make mobile phones as well as help with medical operations. 1) help (sb) with sth 协助(某人)做某事 e.g. A man is helping the police with their enquiries. 有一男子在协助警方进行调查。 2) as well as 也, 还, 而且 他不但能讲英语而且还能讲日语。 He can speak English as well as Japanese.

56 连接单词或者短语 eg. 这个孩子健康又活泼。 This child is lively as well as healthy. 连接两个谓语时, 时态应保持一致 eg. 他亲手建造并装修了这间房屋。 He makes as well as decorates the room. 连接两个名词作主语, 谓语取决于前面 的名词 eg. 我还有他们都愿意帮助你。 I as well as they am willing to help you.

57 他以及他的父母都喜欢看电影。 He as well as his parents _____ watching movie. likes He grows flowers as well as vegetables. She is a talented musician as well as a photographer.

58 15. Anyhow, my goal is to provide humans
with a life of high quality. 1) anyhow 无论如何, 总之, 反正 不管怎样, 这事值得一试。(句首) Anyhow it’s worth trying. 也许会下雨, 但我们无论如何都要去。(句末) It may rain, but we’ll go anyhow. I don’t care what you say; I’m going to do it anyhow.

59 比较: somehow 意为“以某种方式;不知 怎么地”
eg. I’ve tried, but I can open the door anyhow. Perhaps I’m not quite fit for the job, but ______, please let me try. A. in fact B. anyhow C. so D. otherwise 比较: somehow 意为“以某种方式;不知 怎么地” B

60 3) provide vt. 向...提供..., 供应... provide sb with sth.=provide sth for sb eg. We provided the sufferers with food and clother. =We provided food and clothes for the sufferers. supply sb with sth=supply sth to sb offer sb sth =offer sth to sb

61 Homework Review the passage 2. Do Ex. 1-3 on P20.
3. Read the story about Bill Gates.


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