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1 Project supported by the European Commission Eco - innovation in Regione Lombardia: the state of things Giuseppe Rotondaro Regione Lombardia Environmental.

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1 1 Project supported by the European Commission Eco - innovation in Regione Lombardia: the state of things Giuseppe Rotondaro Regione Lombardia Environmental Protection Department Deputy General Manager

2 2 24.000 sq. Km and 9.500.000 inhabitants, 10 times the residential density average for Italy, 7.000.000 vehicles over a 30.000 km road network, Highest Italian concentration of industries and commercial activities, Important agricolture system – Developed tourist areas. Lombardy: territory

3 3 Pro capita GDP 35% > European average Some numbers (percentage of Italian total): –Regional GDP= 21% –800,000 Enterprises= 15% –Financial deposits= 26% –International trade= 40% Unemployment ratio < 3.5% The highest number of Universities The highest expenditure in scientific research One of the “4 Engines” of Europe RL’s RATINGS ! Lombardy: territory

4 4 21% of the Italian primary energy consumption 3.7 oet per inhabitant = 24% > Italian average Electric demand growth= 25% in 10 years 150 thermoelectric plants (8,500 MWe = 67.3% prod.) 300 hydroelectric plants (4,000 MWe = 31.2% prod.) Biomass + Waste combustion= 1.5% prod. Electric import = 40% (!) BLUE PAPER on Mobility & Environment Lombardy: energy & environment

5 5 COMPONENTI Rotondaro GiuseppeRegione Lombardia Vice Direttore D.G. Qualità dell’Ambiente Dirigente Unità Organizzativa “Programmazione e progetti speciali di protezione ambientale” Ricci AnelisaRegione Lombardia Dirigente Unità Organizzativa “Riduzione Emissioni in atmosfera e sostenibilità ambientale” Boesi CleliaRegione Lombardia Dirigente Struttura “Informazione ambientale” Chiapponi MedardoUniversità Venezia Borsani GuidoDirigente Lampugnani GiorgioDirettore Pipere PaoloCAMERA DI COMMERCIO DI MILANO Responsabile Area Ambiente Bertolini FrancescoUniversità Beghi ClaudiaARPA LOMBARDIA Responsabile Settore Promozione e Sviluppo c.beghi@arpalombardia Pitea DemetrioUniversità Bicocca Dipartimento di scienze dell'ambiente e del territorio Sassoon CristinaDirettrice CONSORZI COREPLA Consorzio Nazionale per la raccolta il riciclaggio e il recupero dei rifiuti di imballaggi in plastica COMIECO Consorzio Nazionale recupero e riciclo degli imballaggi a base cellulosica Regional Platform Composition

6 6 Region of Lombardy: Action For Environmental Sustainability The Environment Quality Department of the Lombardy Region - Unit for reduction of emissions and environmental sustainability - has been working for many years on different initiatives concerning:  Awareness raising of toots for the implementation of environmental sustainability within the framework of according to Governance policies: Local A21 processes, Green Public Procurement, Environmental Accountability, Energy efficiency, Sustainable Tourism.  LA21 projects financing and monitoring.  Orientation and technical support for local authorities (towns, cities, provinces, parks) in the definition and management of pilot projects in the field of environmental sustainability (e.g. Action Plans for Kyoto).  Definition of cooperation agreements with institutions (Research Centres, Universities, Chamber of Commerce) for specific Action Plans.  Strategic environmental assessment and environmental mainstreaming in EU Structural Funds Programs.  Measures to improve the air quality and reduce greenhouse gases emissions.

7 7 INCENTIVES TO CLEAN TECH SUPPLY Energy saving and efficiency KTep: 20; CO2 43 Kt 81.9 M€ Public lighting KTep 22; CO2 96 Kt 78 M€ Tele-heating KTep: 860; CO2 618 Kt 1072 M€ Solar photovoltaic generating system KTep: 0,41; CO2 2 Kt 27.9 M€ High efficiency appliances KTep: 48; CO2 207 Kt N.d. High efficiency heating systems KTep: 25; CO2 167 Kt 7 M€ Restructuration and rebuilding KTep: 446; CO2 963 Kt 4 M€ Heat pumps KTep: 41; CO2 89 Kt 3 M€ Solar thermal power KTep: 67; CO2 146 Kt 3.2 M€ Solar photovoltaic generating system N.d. Small hidroelectric (P.A.) KTep: 59; CO2 257 Kt 62 M€ On/off grids (Systems) KTep: 124; CO2 480 Kt 655 M€ Pilot projects (biogas, biofuel, biomassa) N.d. High efficiency heating plants (enterprises) KTep: 63.2; CO2 136 Kt N.d. € Energy saving – Thermal isolation of Building N.d. High efficiency engines KTep: 255; CO2 835 Kt 41.5 M€ Production processes N.d. Energy saving in the civil area Dev. Renewable energ. sources Energy saving in ind. area P.A. Enterprises Enterprise s Private P.A. (Public Administration) Benefit to the Energy and Environment Plan Investment in the PAE National incentives availability

8 8  Project Life SENOMI (Region of Lombardy and European Commission) Spread the application of EMAS regulation in Northern Milan area Carry out an operative environmental program of the industrial area  Management Committee SENOMI Created in November 2005 Took part it: Sesto San Giovanni Municipality, the Province of Milan, Milano Metropoli Development Agency, North Milan Businessman’s Association and the companies LEVA Arti Grafiche, Autotrasposti Fraconti, SAI Automazioni, supported by Chamber of Commerce of Milan The Committee actions have focused on an area, chosen as object of experimentation and called Concordia Sud Falck District (Sesto San Giovanni) EMAS registration in December 2006 Best practices - example 1:

9 9 The SENOMI Management Committee is in charge of implementing the Environmental Program and therefore has the job of coordinating the EMAS eco-management and auditing system for the districts’ common areas and services (waste, parks and gardens, water, energy) and collaborating with local and private bodies to improve the environmental performances of the services themselves In the SENOMI project, the Environmental Program takes the form of an agreement between the players of the Falck Concordia Sud industrial district and those of the area – private and public entities – that have to ensure that it is implemented The implementation stage is coordinated and monitored by an Eco- Management System that provides instruments for checking the indicators identified by the Program, the procedures put in place and state of progress of the Environmental Program itself. This System has been validated by an independent and accredited third party Best practices - example 1:

10 10  First EMAS registration in the field of homogeneous productive spheres projects  Private-public partnership  Many companies have joined EMAS individually  The experience can become a referring point at local and national level  Integration with other environmental local projects Best practices - example 1:

11 11 Implementation of GPP (Green Public Procurement) in Regione Lombardia New regional regulation imposing GPP (l.r. 24/2006) Rationalization of procurements according to the new law Achievement of national targets (save of energy and reduction of CO2 emission) Call for tenders concerning communication, low impact vehicles purchase, high efficiency domestic appliances (more than 2 M€) Best practices - example 2:

12 12 Thanks for Your Attention

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