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Rising 9 th Grade Orientation March 18, 2010 WELCOME PARENTS & STUDENTS!!! 1.

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1 Rising 9 th Grade Orientation March 18, 2010 WELCOME PARENTS & STUDENTS!!! 1

2 Introduction Principal  Lisa Arnold Assistant Principals  Danny Wilson  Jim Crowder, CTE Director Counselors  Denise Arnold  Scott Plyler Supervisor of Secondary Instruction  Mischelle Simcox 2 Please feel free to contact any of us at 727-2620

3 Topics of Discussion Six Year Plan TN Diploma Project Testing Block Schedule Registration 3

4 Six Year Plans Counselors will meet with parents & students to develop a six-year plan for each rising 9 th grader. This plan includes the following: Course sequence for all four years of high school Recommended electives PS - We promise to use a pencil!! 4

5 Tennessee Diploma Project TN is better aligning our academic standards with the National standards These changes will challenge our students & better prepare them for college & the workforce. 5

6 English – 4 Credits English I (Regular or Honors ) … 1 credit English II (Regular or Honors) … 1 credit English III (Regular or Honors) … 1 credit English IV (Regular or Dual) … 1 credit 6

7 Math – 4 credits Algebra I (Regular or Advanced ) …. 1 credit Algebra II (Regular or Honors) …. … 1 credit Geometry (Regular or Honors) …… 1 credit Upper Level Math ………………. 1 credit STEM Math (Adv. Algebra/Trig, Dual Probability & Statistics, Dual Pre-Calculus, Dual Calculus) Bridge Math (Students who have not earned a 19 on the ACT by the beginning of their senior year) Capstone Math (for students not planning to purse University/Tech path) 7 **Honors Algebra II & Honors Geometry will be taken the sophomore year**

8 Science – 4 credits Freshman Science ……………. 1 credit Physical World Concepts (Regular or Honors) Agriscience Biology I (Regular or Honors )… 1 credit Chemistry or Physics (Regular or Honors) ………… 1 credit Science Elective ………………. 1 credit 8

9 Social Studies – 3 credits World History or World Geography..1 credit U.S. History ( Regular or Dual) ……… 1 credit Economics/Government ………….. 1 credit 9

10 PE, Wellness & Personal Finance – 2 credits Wellness ……………….. 1 credit Physical Education………0.5 credit Personal Finance ……….0.5 credit 10 **Everyone will take Physical education & personal finance during their sophomore year

11 Fine Arts & Foreign Language – 2 credits Fine Art ………………... 1 credit Art Band Chorus Drama Foreign Language ……. 2 credits (same) French Spanish 11 **The Fine Arts & Foreign Language requirements MAY be waived for students who are sure they are not going to attend a University & replace it with courses from an elective focus**

12 Focus of Study – 3 credits Students completing a focus of study must complete 3 credits in one of the following areas: CTE focus Fine Art Elective Focus Math & Science elective focus Humanities elective focus 12

13 CTE Program of Study Students must complete 3 credits in the same “Program of Study” area Agriculture Science Automotive Technology Business/Computer Technology Culinary Arts Construction Technology Early Childhood Development & Services Health Science Marketing Networking Systems 13

14 Students with Disabilities Requires a math class each year achieving at least Algebra IA, Algebra IB & Geometry Requires 3 credits in science with Biology I and two additional lab sciences 14

15 JCHS Diploma The Johnson County Board of Education requires 28 credits to graduate with a JCHS Diploma This gives students approximately 6 extra elective credits to take 15

16 Testing The following courses will End of Course exams which will make-up 25% of the students final grade in that class: English I, English II Biology Algebra I, Algebra II U.S. History All Sophomores will take the PLAN in late Fall & the ASVAB in March All Juniors are required to take the state- mandated ACT, which occurs during the school day in March 16

17 Graduating with “Distinction” Must attain a “B” average & complete at least 1 of the following: Earn a naturally recognized industry certification Participate in at least one of the Governor’s Schools Participate in one of the state’s All State musical organizations Be selected as a National Merit Finalist of Semi- Finalists Attain a score of 31 or higher composite score on the ACT Earn 12 or more semester hours of dual-enrollment credit 17 **Proposal**

18 JCHS utilizes a Block Schedule Students take 4 classes each semester, for a total of 8 classes per year. Block classes are 90 minutes each. Students can take up to 32 classes during their high school career. 18

19 Sample Block Schedule for a 9 th Grader 19 Period1 st Semester2 nd Semester 1English IFreshman Science 2Algebra IAAlgebra IB 3ElectiveLifetime Wellness 4World HistoryElective

20 Presidential Academic Excellence Award Criteria for JCHS Seniors: Must score at the 85 th Percentile or higher in reading/language arts (28) OR math (26) on the ACT GPA of 3.5 or higher Complete a rigorous curriculum in high school Students must not have had any of the following disciplinary actions: ESC, Out- of-School Suspensions, and Court Appearances 20

21 Attendance at JCHS Students can miss 4 days in each class. Upon missing their 5 th day, they must make up their time in order to pass the class They can do this by staying after school, coming before school, attending Saturday school or by turning in community service hours to Principal Arnold. There are NO exceptions to this policy & students need to make up their time as soon as they miss the class 21

22 Grading Scale A ……….93-100 B ……….85-92 C ……….75-84 D ……….70-74 F ………..0-69 22

23 Grade Clarification Sophomore ……… 6 credits Junior …………… 12 credits Senior …………... 20 credits 23

24 Freshman Academy 24

25 Choose Your Destination Future goals should relate to your Program of Study Counselors will meet with each student individually to determine their course of study for the next 6 years 25

26 TN Educational Lottery Scholarships To qualify you must have: 3.0 GPA OR 21 ACT Composite 26

27 Registration Form Last page in the registration guide You fill out the bottom portion only (electives you are interested in) with your parent’s help Turn this form into Ms. Lonna Smith on Monday March 22, 2010 Ms. Smith will then confirm your appt. 27

28 Registration Meetings Report to the Middle School Media Center at your scheduled time High School Counselors will meet with your parents & you to complete six-year plans 28

29 College for Tennessee New college information and planning website for Tennessee High School students & parents 29

30 THANK YOU!!!!! 30

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