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Waco Police Department Presented by Inv. Anita Johnson

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1 Waco Police Department Presented by Inv. Anita Johnson
John School Waco Police Department Waco, Texas Presented by Inv. Anita Johnson 721 N. 4th Waco, Texas 76702

2 San Francisco Model

3 Getting Started Written proposal Presented up the Chain of Command
Approved in August 2000 First John School was in June 2002

4 John School Goals The goal of the Waco Police Department John School is to educate individuals of the dangers that are present while soliciting and engaging in sexual conduct with prostitutes. Not only is there the danger of contracting STD/HIV, but prostitution also stems to other crimes such as theft, robbery, and forgery. In addition, the prostitutes also become the victims of crimes such as assault, robbery, sexual assault, and even murder. With the attendance of the John School, the ultimate goal is to educate the John of the hazards of prostitution and refrain from frequenting the locations where prostitutes conjure, thus diminishing the demand and reducing the supply.

5 Who gets to attend? John arrested for prostitution during a WPD sting
CCH with no arrest for sex offenses, guns, drugs, or violent offenses Must be able to give us current home or work address

6 Breakdown Those that qualify are issued a Summons to appear at the scene of the arrest Cost is $350 Class is 8 hours with 1 hour lunch There is no make up class

7 Summons to Appear Issued at the scene of arrest
Includes case number, date, time and location of the school. Fee is written on the summons Phone number to call if there are questions


9 Waco Police Department John School Program
Curriculum Waco Police Department John School Program 8:00-9a Registration 9:00-10a Freeman Center Drug and alcohol Abuse: symptoms and Treatment Options Buddy Bowman and Paul Seniceros 10:00-11a Family Violence Definitions and Penalties Detective Byron Combs Waco Police Department 11:00- 12p Sex Addiction Why men pick up Prostitutes/Cause and Effect Dr. Randy Kahn, Forensic Mental Health Specialist Facility Director, VOA-Hutchins Comprehensive Sanction Center for Federal Bureau of Prisons

10 12p-1:30p Lunch 1:30- 2: McLennan County Health Department The dangers of contracting STD/HIV from Prostitutes Brian Martin, Disease Intervention Specialist 2:30-3: Health Department Free HIV/STD test Brian Martin 3:00- 4p A Survivors Story Two former prostitutes speak of the effects of prostitution on their lives and the dangers that are present for Johns Delores and Sheronda 4:00-4: A Spouse’s Story The former spouse of a John speaks of her husband’s arrest for Prostitution and how it affected her marriage and herself. 4:30-5p Neighborhood Association The affects of Prostitution on a neighborhood Sammy Smith, Brook Oaks Neighborhood Assoc.

11 Participating Agencies
The Freeman Center Waco P.D. Family Violence Unit McLennan County Health Department Neighborhood Associations Municipal Court

12 The Freeman Center Drug and Alcohol addiction Treatment options
1 Hour Instruction

13 Family Violence Unit What constitutes Family Violence Penalties
1 hour Instruction

14 Health Department Slide Show of STD’s 1 Hour of Instruction
Free HIV and STD test

15 Neighborhood Associations
Representative gives 30 minute presentation

16 Municipal Court Use of facility at no cost
Court process paperwork i.e. summons, payments

17 Special Guest Speakers

18 Psychologist Discusses symptoms of sex addiction Addiction to porn
Analysis why Johns go to a prostitute 1 Hour of Instruction

19 John’s Wife Disbelief Fear of STD Embarrassment Worthlessness
Sever ties 30 minute Instruction

20 Former Working Girl $800 a day Crack Habit Living on the street
Robberies/Thefts Discusses how she felt about Johns What her intentions were with Johns Shares her experiences on the street with Johns 1 Hour of Instruction

21 Guest Attendees Superintendent of WISD
Nursing students from McLennan Community College Federal Probation Officers and Client from Killeen Neighborhood Association Members Human Trafficking Coalition Members

22 Cost Analysis Paid Instructors… 4 3…$100 each, 1…$50 Total…$350

23 Response/Evaluation Positive Response from the Community
Positive Response from Johns

24 Stats 3 repeat offenders for prostitution, out of 115 total john school participants over 8 years. 2.6 % recidivism rate.

25 Waco Police Department
Contact Information Inv. Anita Johnson Waco Police Department 721 N. 4th Waco, Texas 76702 (Office) (cell)

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