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Company LOGO Unit 8 Entertainment Lets Talk 1 (Second Edition)

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1 Company LOGO Unit 8 Entertainment Lets Talk 1 (Second Edition)

2 Company LOGO A bag. In the back of bag. Standing in the back of bag. A cat standing in the back of bag. Adam saw a cat standing in the back of bag. Practice before class

3 Do you know this famous place? Where is it? It locates in the northwest of Los Angeles of California in America. When you see Hollywood, what do you mostly think of? 8 A Lead- in Lets see a Movie

4 8 A Lead- in Do you like movies? Why or why not? How often do you go to movies? When? What kinds of movies do you like best? Romantic/comedy/action… What actors or actresses do you like best? Can you name some movies you have seen? Titanic/Avatar/shawshank/Fast five/Kungfu Panda… Company Logo

5 Movies kinds of movie

6 6 Horror Horror movies are movies make your feel fear, disgust and horror.

7 7 Comedy

8 8 Drama A drama movie is a film about realistic characters dealing with emotions and feelings.

9 9 Romance

10 10 Action Action film is a film where one or more heroes have a series of challenges that need physical action, fighting and exciting chases

11 11 Animation Animation uses artwork or computer models in order to create a moving picture.

12 12 Science Fiction Science fiction is a movie of fiction dealing with the new science, ideas or technology, often in a future.

13 Fantasy Fantasy movies are movies usually involving magic, supernatural events, make-believe creatures, or exotic [ ɪɡ 'z ɑ t ɪ k] fantasy worlds.

14 Documentary Documentary films constitute a broad category of nonfictional motion pictures intended to tell us about reality, to give us instruction or to keep a historical record.

15 War War films are a film about warfare, usually about naval, air or land battles. Sometimes they are about on prisoners of war or military training. back

16 16 Types of movies Comedy Drama Horror Action Romance Science Fiction Animation/Cartoon fantasy War Documentary click

17 Activity 1A Pair Work Write the types of TV shows under the correct pictures. (There are two extra types) Sports program Documentary Soap opera Game show The news Talk show

18 Game show Activity 1 B Listen Sports program Documentary Soap opera The news Talk show 1 2 3 4 5 6 You will hear parts of each TV show. Number the pictures from 1 to 6.

19 Actors, Actresses & Directors Andy LauBruce LeeMichelle Yeoh Leonardo DiCaprio Chow Yun-Fat Tom Cruise Arnold Schwarzenegger Jackie ChanJet Li

20 [u:] [ ʊ ] food foot fool full pool pull Im full, not fool!

21 His English is very good. You can either push it or pull it. You are pulling my leg. She is looking at a good cookbook. Please practice

22 Company LOGO Lets Talk 1 (Second Edition)

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