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Movies & Entertainment

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1 Movies & Entertainment

2 MOVIE GENRES An action film A horror film
A science-fiction (sci-fi) film An animated film A comedy A documentary A drama A musical

3 An Action Film These kind of movies usually have a lot of fighting, killing, bombs and guns.

4 A Horror Film These movies are made to scare or frighten you with monsters, ghosts or evil people.

5 A Science-Fiction Film
A science-fiction movie is often set in the future and tells stories about science, space or aliens.

6 An Animated Film These fun, fast, colorful films are usually made for young children but often have adult themes or jokes.

7 A Comedy A comedy is a film that is meant to make you feel happy or make you laugh.

8 A Documentary A film made about real people, places or important issues.

9 A Drama A drama is meant to make you feel very strongly about a person, an issue or an event.

10 A Musical A musical tells a story using songs and dances. They are usually fun, happy and exciting films.

11 Which do you prefer? A horror film or a comedy?
An action film or a musical? A documentary or an animated film? A drama or a science-fiction film?

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