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Why Graduate Education is Good for YOU Reasons for Advancing beyond the BA/BS.

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1 Why Graduate Education is Good for YOU Reasons for Advancing beyond the BA/BS

2 CONTENT-ORIENTED REASONS Sharper/deeper knowledge base in selected field. Greater skill development in researching/solving problems. Increased sophistication in articulating ideas (oral and written formats)

3 PERSONAL REASONS Desire to conduct research to satisfy curiosity (a major criterion for engaging in research—answering “why?”). More mature on leaving graduate program. Greater self-knowledge: “who am I and what can I do?”

4 PROFESSIONAL REASONS Hiring Level Increases Pay level increases: on average, MA recipients earn 23% more than BA/BS; PhD’s earn 35% more than MA’s and 63% more than BA/BS. [source: Educational Attainment in the US, Census Bureau May 2004—from Dr. Carl F. Williams-Director of Admissions, Graduate School, Univ. Of Alabama enefits/benefits_files/v3_document.htm] enefits/benefits_files/v3_document.htm

5 Mean Annual Earnings by Level of Education [same source]

6 Where should I go to Grad School? Program – which is best for me? Geographic – where do I see myself living – comfort zone? Future – where do I want to be in 5 years – and what am I doing?

7 What about program “Level?” MA only institutions Focus is on YOU at graduate level MA/PhD institutions Attention is split between MA and PhD students PhD only institutions As with MA-only, focus is on YOU

8 Fitting in – Your goals Goal: What do you want to accomplish? FIT – how do you see yourself contributing to a program? Do your goals mesh well with program strengths? Are faculty doing what you are interested in?

9 Student Questions Are current students happy? Are students completing program in timely manner? Are students getting positions they want after finishing?

10 Who Pays? Professional Programs: there are fewer opportunities for funding support, but some do exist. Academic/Research Programs: Teaching Assistantships Research Assistantships Adminstrative Assistantships This one cuts across Prof./Academic areas

11 What are you willing/interested in doing re. funding? – Teaching: What experiences have you had re. teaching? What do most entering students teach? Research: What topics/areas are you most interested in working with/in? Admin – what special skills do you have that may help in an administrative role? Who Pays?

12 Resources General: Funding: list.htmFunding: list.htm /Financial_Aid.htm /Financial_Aid.htm Raymie McKerrow – Ohio Univ –

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