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Brand System Celliant Brand Attributes Celliant innovation provenenhancement.

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3 Brand System

4 Celliant Brand Attributes Celliant innovation provenenhancement

5 What is Celliant? Celliant is a specially formulated compound that is incorporated directly into the polymer stream to create textile products that enhance oxygen levels in the body. ● Developed from technology first discovered in Asia ● Polyester based ● Patent protected ● The core formulation is a trade secret

6 The Effects of Celliant In clinical testing, Celliant has been proven to reduce pain, increase oxygen levels and help balance body temperature. ● Clinically proven to increase oxygen levels in the body, 2003 ● Clinically proven to help balance body temperature, 2007 ● Clinically proven to reduce pain (newest study), 2008 ● Pain study accepted for publication Spring 2009

7 The Effects of Celliant


9 Celliant Properties ● Specially formulated inorganic compound ● Micron-sized particles incorporated into fiber during extrusion ● A permanent part of the fiber lasting the life cycle of the material ● Clinically proven to increase oxygen levels, relieve pain and balance body temperature

10 Consumer Benefits Celliant speeds the natural healing process, reduces soreness and increases comfort during recovery. ● Reduces pain ● Increases comfort ● Improves overall wellness Benefits include: ● Better performance and less fatigue during activity ● Increased stamina and strength ● Faster healing and recovery ● More active lifestyle

11 Consumer Benefits Look for quality products with Celliant for… Improved Comfort ● Celliant provides the ideal combination of pain relief and temperature moderation. Increased Energy ● Celliant increases oxygen levels by up to 29%, helping you feel more energized. Enhanced Performance ● Celliant enhances performance during athletic activity and is ideal to increase your competitive advantage. Faster Healing and Recovery ● Celliant improves oxygen levels and helps balance body temperature, which soothes sore muscles and reduces aches and pains. Celliant is ideal if you are recovering from an injury or surgery.

12 What researchers are saying about Celliant. “It’s important to note that properly controlled clinical trials have shown a positive effect from wearing clothing enhanced with Celliant. Frankly, as a skeptic, I was surprised at the results and am excited to conduct additional trials.” ● Dr. Ian Gordon, MD, PhD Director of the University of California Wound Clinic, Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of California, Irvine and Chief of the Vascular Surgery Section at the VA Long Beach Healthcare System “There are a number of benefits that will come out of wearing this product. In the athlete, it will increase oxygen metabolism rates, therefore enhancing performance. It will also aid recovery of people that don’t exercise very often. Most often you exercise and become stiff. This will help to eliminate the stiffness. In the diabetic population, it will increase oxygen at the surface or oxygen to wounds and eventually the wounds will heel on a quicker basis.” ● Dr. Graham McClue, PhD Research Director, Hyperbaric Treatment & Training Center, Houston, Texas “This study shows a significant increase in blood flow in the skin. This improvement might be enough to take patients from being symptomatic to asymptomatic, which for patients that are taking 10 or 15 drugs, to be able to wear a garment with no negative side effects is a tremendous advantage.” ● Dr. Lawrence A. Lavery, DPM, MPH Associate Professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation, Loyola University Medical Center & Hines Veterans Administration Hospital, Chicago, Illinois

13 What consumers are saying about Celliant. “After my daughter returned from an intense hiking trip, she suffered from tendonitis in both her knees. However, she only had one week to rest her knees before starting 3 weeks of intense soccer training camps, as well as pre-season hockey skating. As soon as I received the knee wraps, I had her wear them any time she was at home and at night while sleeping. After wearing them for 3 or 4 days, her knees already felt better and even after the exertion of the first day of camp her knees felt fine. She continues to wear them and until today, after about 2 weeks of camp, the pain has not returned.” ● Bill Madaras, Wilton, Connecticut “I have been a type II diabetic for 15 years and recently neuropathy has been affecting my legs and feet. I tried a number of different support hose and have not been satisfied with their performance. In many cases they restricted the blood flow and ended up increasing the pain. Your socks have been fantastic. I seem to get the support that I need without the restrictions. They not only help with the numbness but provide the support that I need to assist me in walking." ● Frank S. Chase, Nashua, New Hampshire “ During the 2005 Toronto Marathon, I wore Celliant running socks and had zero problems with my feet. When I made it across the finish line I just kept right on trucking... While everyone else walked into a bunch of Kids’ Pools that had been filled with water and ice. As it happened, I ended up seeing my doctor a few days later for my annual physical. He was amazed that my feet didn't show any signs of blistering, swelling, bruising etc. I am as amazed with this stuff today as I was when I first tried it!!!” ● Andrew Wells, Real Estate Broker and Marathon Runner, Toronto, Canada

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