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The largest country in the world Occupies1/9 of land Area: 17 075 400 кm² Population: 141,9 Mio people.

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1 The largest country in the world Occupies1/9 of land Area: 17 075 400 кm² Population: 141,9 Mio people

2 Marketing Legal support HR support Financial services Market entry Logistic service IT-service

3 Branding Re-Branding Public Relations Advertisement campaigns Internet-Marketing Development of Business- Plan Strategical marketing Product policy Price policy Distribution planning Marketing actions Market analysis Analysis of target groups, customers‘ portfolio Competitive analysis Determination of distribution channels Estimation of effectiveness of an advertisment campaign MARKETING Market researchMarketing consultationCommunication policy

4 Development of company‘s documentation Representation and protection of client‘s interests in court Work permits Representation of client‘s interests during negotiations and support of business on the territory of Russia Juridical support Registration of a trade mark Voluntary certification Obligatory certification Field certification (offical ) Determination of legal forms of company‘s organisation Registration of legal bodies Accreditation of representation offices and branch offices of international companies on the territory of Russia Registration of alterations into articles of association of the company Liquidation Legal Support Registration, accreditation and liquidation of companies Certification Legal support of client’s business

5 Adaptation programmes Employees support during adaptation period Training organisation Personnel accounting Contracts preparation Development of local standard acts Work with medical funds (sickness insurance, every month) Audit of HR documentation Personnel recruitment Mass projects Express-personnel search Executive Search HR support Recruitment Maintenance of HR documentation Adaptation and training

6 General audit Tax audit Audit consultation Audit due diligence Budget planning Cash flow management Debt management Development of investment strategy Accounting and reporting Accounting tax amount Financial statement delivery to taxation authorities Income tax assessment Preparation of quarterly and yearly report Financial services Services for accounting purposes Financial planningAudit

7 Carrying out of technical audit with giving of recommendations Preparation of outline scetch Preparation of equipment design Personal support in carrying out of project Preparation of feasibility study on the basis of similar projects Preparation of feasibility study on the basis of data collection (economical and technical) Searching of potential customers Organisation of meetings with potential customers Arrangement of workshops - presentations Arrangement of participation in exhibitions Market entry Contacts meeting Assistance in preparation of feasibility study Assistance in preparation of projects

8 Warehousing in Russia Warehousing in Germany Custom clearance in Russia Custom clearance in Germany Documentation package preparation Consolidation of freight Logistic services Assembling and transportation of goods Custom clearance of goods Warehousing

9 Antivirus protection Access control Technical maintenance Integration of software to existing infrastructure It-support Installation of OS and software Installation of local networks and communication Selection of hardware according to client’s needs IT-SERVICE IT-infrastructureIT-outsourcingInformation security

10 Success of your business in Russia ММК Gazprom Lukoil Tatneft Wankorneft Severstal Nuclear power station Kalinin Volzhsky Orgsintez Norilsk Nickel Nuclear power station Rostov International Airport Kazan Viksunsky Iron and Steel Works International Airport Domodedovo International Airport Sheremetyevo Iron and Steel Works Nowolipetsk West Siberian Iron and Steel Works Oskol Iron and Steel Works INDUSTRONIC MEDC FUNKWERK TESLA Telecom BEHNKE HOERMANN INFRATEC

11 Thank you for your attention Nonnendammallee 42, D-13599 Berlin Tel. : 030/7552-1390, Fax: 030/7552-1391

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