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CVRD ECT Level 3 Workshop RMS Express (Advanced Operations) Module 7 of 9 September 09, 2013.

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1 CVRD ECT Level 3 Workshop RMS Express (Advanced Operations) Module 7 of 9 September 09, 2013

2 2013 CVRD - ECT Training ModuleTraining Date, Time and Location M1ECT StandardsMarch 04 M2RMS Express – Intro & BasicsMarch 18 M3Connectors #1April 08 M4Connectors #2May 06 M5SuperComBox and Pelican Case Radio KitsJune 03 M6Field Visit to all EOC’sTBA M7RMS Express – Advanced OperationSeptember 09 M8EOC Radio SetupOctober 07 M9ECT ‘Grab-n-Go-Kits’November 04 Training will take place in either CVRD Board Room or PSD #213

3 2013 CVRD - ECT Training Program M1: ECT Standards M2 : RMS Express – Introduction & Basics M3: Connectors #1 (APP, Mode and Motorola) M4 : Connectors #2 (RG-213, RG-8X, LMR-400) M5: SuperComBox and Pelican Case Kits M6: Field Visit to EOC’s M7: RMS Express – Advanced Operation M8: EOC Radio Setup M9 : ECT ‘ Grab-n-Go-Kits’

4 ECT Training – September 09, 2013

5 Agenda Opening remarks Round table introductions with comments RMS Station Setup Basic Packet Architecture RMS Express Program Operation

6 Opening Remarks CVRD ECT operational standards Objectives of this session Deployment Expectations

7 Introductions Name and Call Sign Do you have a dedicated packet station? Do you have a Kantronics TNC? Model? Do you use a sound card modem for packet? Is your packet station operational 24x7? Do you update the RMS program regularly? Rate your packet knowledge level (B, I, A)

8 RMS Station Setup discussion 1.Quick review of our earlier (basic) session as a refresher 2.Review of install and update procedure 3.Review of the P2P screen and the disable function 4.Setting transmit deviation with examples of why this is critical 5.Recording the XMITLVL and labelling your radio / TNC package 6.Actual testing of attendee radio / TNC packages for TX deviation 7.Kantronics TNC setting command 8.Simple Terminal 9.Navigating the command list in your TNC 10.Format to set command 11.Changes within your TNC when you experiment (with another program) and importance of having a base-line listing for your TNC 12.RMS Express on a memory stick 13.Whitelist maintenance schedule for each station

9 Basic Packet Architecture 1.Packet radio network in CRD, CVRD and WA-state 2.Frequency plans 3.Nodes 4.Digipeating 5.RMS Packet gateways 6.Node stacks 7.AX25 packet traffic protocol 8.Peer-to-Peer connectivity

10 RMS Express Program Operation 1.Formatting a new message (WL2K versus P2P) 2.Templates and Node scripting 3.Importance of turning off certain features Auto add to contacts list Read receipts Auto connect No CC or Bcc 4.Sending message to the intended station 5.Replying to messages – no read receipts or CC 6.Maintenance of 7.Importance of leaving station in P2P mode 8.VE7SAG message mystery

11 VE7SAG message 1.VE7SAG sent VE7AVV a P2P message. 2.VE7AVV replied to VE7SAG


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