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Living Blessed Rejuvenation Amor Naturae No More Bugs Spread The Love

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1 Living Blessed Rejuvenation Amor Naturae No More Bugs Spread The Love
Osculatus Natura Packaged By Adults With Cognitive Disabilities GMO free, Vegan, Certified Organic & Cruelty Free.

Amino acids proteins tissues organs systems organism +Skin, hair and nails comprise the integumentary system and have the same nutrient needs. +Skin is a topical organ made of layers with exact functions that serve and protect our total organism. +Skin functions differently than internal organs and needs nutrients applied topically. Skin pulls things in & excretes things out. +Skin needs Vit. A, C, E & essential fatty acids applied topically. +Moisturizing with nutrients chosen for the integumentary system creates healthy skin, hair & nails. Rejuvenation and Amor Naturae are unprocessed vegan, GMO-free, cruelty-free moisturizers that replenish the VIT. A, C, E and EFAs!

3 SKIN DIAGRAM Hair benefits when follicles are fed nutrients topically. Before showering, or night before, apply Rejuvenation or Amor Naturae to the scalp. Rub it in & let it sink in for at least 10 minutes before showering. Rejuvenation’s tissue regenerative properties help with thinning hair, itchy scalp and dandruff. Connective tissues are fibrous, hold organs in place and are over our entire bodies. When applied topically, Vitamins A, C, E & EFAs feed connective tissues in the layers of our skin. Chamomile oil promotes healthy cell growth. Feed skin topically.

Vitamin A- Powerful antioxidant. Deficiency can result in dry, flaky skin. + Vit. A promotes proper repair and maintenance of skin cells. + Stop UV damage & premature aging. Binds with free radicals. + Alkalize daily, create healthy pH on skin’s surface layer. Fade age spots. + An overly acidic pH creates thriving cancer cells. Healthy skin has a pH of about 5. Vitamin C -3 jobs for our skin. Deficiency results in lack of collagen. + Powerful antioxidant that minimizes free radical damage. + UVA and UVB protection to the supportive fibers of skin. +Necessary in stimulating collagen production in the dermis layer. Vitamin E- Soothes dry and flaky skin. + Reduces the appearance of wrinkles. + Powerful antioxidant that binds with free radicals. + Relieve UV burn and regulate the pH to avoid sun damage . FEED SKIN TOPICAL WHOLE FOOD NUTRIENTS & EFAs!

+ Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) keep our cells healthy and the membranes functioning. Depletion of EFAs and amino acids in cells results in saggy, aged-looking skin and dermatitis. Our bodies do not manufacture EFAs. + EFAs are good fats our bodies and skin need in order to maintain cell membrane integrity. + Omega 3 (ALA) supports skin repair, overall tissue flexibility and ability to retain moisture content. Deficiency can create white and black heads or dry inflamed skin. + Omega 6 Fatty Acids (GLA & LA) assist our cell membranes in keeping water and nutrients in (so skin looks younger) while allowing waste to leave. Over time this ability decreases. Skin Benefits From Plant-Sourced Unprocessed Topically Applied EFAs & Nutrients! Maintain Skin Health!

+Molecular density of the oils must be chosen to match skin pore diameter so the nutrients sink right in, rather than sit on top of the skin. +Low molecular density oils feel thinner, sink in &provide nutrients that are shaped properly on a molecular level and therefore are more easily absorbed and efficiently used to benefit the skin in its daily needs. + Unprocessed oils from plants are in the same molecular structure as when in the plant (this is how our skin needs them) and offer the highest nutrient values when used for moisturizing . + Crushed and steam distilled with no heating (or chemical changes) offers the highest nutrient values in unprocessed oils for your skin. +Not all strains and plants are equal!! Where the plant is grown, how the cultural attitude affects the vibration and the chosen strains are as uniquely important as ratios and how a blend is created or made. LB Uses Plants With Low Molecular Density/High Nutrient Values &Culturally Respectful Practices!!

7 HERBS HAVE ACTIONS! +Herbs are classified by the type of action they have on the human body & the system that they serve. There are over 50 classifications. +Some classifications include: Astringents, Anesthetics, Analgesics, Tonics, Bitters, Diuretics, Vermicides, Tissue Regeneratives. +Tissue regeneratives encourage the skin to create healthy cells. + Tissue regeneratives accelerate tissue repair & improve skin tone. +Examples of Herbs classified as tissue regeneratives include: comfrey, calendula, chamomile. Rejuvenation uses the most potent strain of chamomile rich in azulenes for its superior tissue regenerative properties. It is potent yet gentle and a specific for sensitive skin. +Rosehip seed oil is the richest source of properly shaped Vitamin C for your skin. Crushed from the seeds, the Vitamin C aids amino acids to become proteins, which our skin then uses to create the collagen. Rejuvenation & Amor Naturae use Certified Organic oils.

Coconut oil is naturally rich in Vitamins E(antioxidant) & K(heal skin), antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial & rich in lauric acid (antifungal &antibacterial) which allows our skin to keep a layer of the healthy bacteria we need to fight off certain infections. Useful for acne relief. Sebum contains medium chain fatty acids (triglycerides that hold moisture in) that fight harmful germs & softens and lubricates skin and hair. A variety of bacterium that lives on our skin breaks down the triglycerides (while feeding on the glycerol) in the sebum into freed fatty acids which become powerful antimicrobials. Coconut is richest source of med. chain fatty acids. The ratio of coconut oil in Rejuvenation and Amor Naturae allow this process to protect us by creating the healthy layer of bacterium on our skin’s surface which can kill disease causing viruses, fungi and harmful bacteria. Uses: Skin infections, dry flaking skin, acne, eczema, psoriasis, anti-aging. History documents close to 4,000 years use!

Molecular density matters!! Small size of molecule allows nutrients to sink in easily through our skin pores. Rich in Vitamins E, A, K, Alpha Linolenic (Omega 3), Linoleic (Omega 6) EFAs, just enough selenium & zinc (these are what skin cells are made of). Antioxidant Rich, alkalize & reverse overly acidic pH from sun exposure. Free Radicals bind with Antioxidants to reduce/reverse oxidative stress in skin. Strengthen and maintain skin cell membrane integrity (Vitamin E in low-molecular density). Rich in Oleanolic Acid which is useful for interrupting life cycle of breast cancer cells. REJUVENATION & AMOR NATURAE use exact ratios of EVO olive and coconut oils in order to get the right nutrients (no waste) when applied topically. Skin functions differently than internal organs and needs its nutrients applied topically so it can pull them in for optimal use daily! Rejuvenation and Amor Naturae use a ratio of Extra Virgin Organic Coconut oil to feed skin & create a healthy surface without drying out !

REJUVENATION AND AZULENES! Steam distilled, Certified Organic and rich in healing azulenes, chamomile oil has a long history (over 3,000 years) of use for treating dermatitis, acne, boils, eczema, psoriasis and rashes. It is also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant & aids in halting deterioration of skin cells. This means that it is highly effective for a diversity of other situations (besides as a daily part of your moisturizing) including mending splits & cracks on feet, hands & cuticles, diaper rash, surgery scars, burns, sunburns, aftershave, makeup removal, eczema & psoriasis. Not all strains are equal!! SPREAD THE LOVE! Spread The Love has the same 3 effective, simple & healing ingredients as Rejuvenation with 1 important difference: A higher ratio of the healing chamomile oil for those who experience painful splits, cracks or even cold sores on their lips. No Beeswax or parabens….strictly the healing oils skin needs! Avoid splitting and cracking lips that hurt! Used daily Rejuvenation replenishes Vitamins A & E, the EFAs needed for healthy membranes and tissues. Antioxidant rich Rejuvenation feeds skin, creates a healthy pH, promotes healthy skin cells, strengthens tissues & improves skin tone over time!

The richest source of Vitamin C, in the most beneficial molecular structure for skin, comes from crushing rosehip seeds to obtain the oil. This form of Vitamin C applied topically (the way skin understands and needs) changes 2 amino acids (hydroxylysine & hydroxyproline) into proteins (lysine & proline) which are then used by our skin to create the collagen. This conversion has to happen using the Vitamin C. Taking a supplement is the wrong form for our external tissues…which function differently than our internal connective tissues. Phytonutrients help prevent breakdown of collagen! AMOR NATURAE feeds skin Vitamins A, C& E, all the EFAs, is antioxidant rich and preferred by many when healing scars. Used as a nighttime moisturizer (to allow collagen conversion while sleeping) is a perfect compliment to REJUVENATION! OSCULATUS NATURA has a richer ratio of the Vitamin C without the drying effects of parabens &/or beeswax! Simply healing oils to moisturize and protect your lips daily!


(coconut oil) All Books by Bruce Fife & his Coconut Research Center. All research by Masamitsu at Kobe University School of Medicine, and Chiba University in Japan. STAY CLOS E TO THE EARTH CREATE YOUR HEALTH PAY IT FORWARD!

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