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Bienvenue à la classe 225! French Extended Grade 7 Mlle Ponton.

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1 Bienvenue à la classe 225! French Extended Grade 7 Mlle Ponton

2 Welcome!  This little slideshow is just to introduce my approach, my teaching philosophy, some aspects of the programme as well as my expectations.  You also received a little package that went home on September 18 th. Please review it and do not hesitate to contact me!

3 Pourquoi apprendre le français?  Because learning a new language is fun!  Because it’s an asset for the future.  Because it helps developing linguistic abilities that are transferrable to other languages.  Because it’s a way to learn about a new culture.  Because French is the language of love…

4 The Extended French Program  Half of the day happens in English and the other half is in French.  Students know which subjects are taught in French (blue) and in English (red).  By the end of Grade 8 students will have had over 1500 hours of French.

5 SUBJECTS TAUGHT IN FRENCH  French  Art, drama and dance  Health  History  Geography

6 SUBJECTS TAUGHT IN ENGLISH  English  Media studies  Science and technology (Mr. Malisani and Mrs. Ponton)  Mathematics  Music (Mrs. Darrigo)  Physical education (Mr. Wolch)

7 The Expectations  Students are respectful of others and promote mutual respect.  Students are responsible for their behaviour and actions.  Students should always put their best effort forward and ask for help when required.  Students must have all materials and be ready for learning daily.

8 The Expectations  Students are expected to actively participate in class activities and discussions.  Students should complete daily homework and submit assignments on time.  Students must interact in French.  Students should have a little fun while learning!

9 My Teaching Philosophy  To promote mutual respect.  To provide a safe and comfortable environment that endorses cooperative learning as well as independence and responsibility.  To convince students that learning is fun.  To integrate subjects and encourage students to make connections to themselves and the world.  To integrate Multiple Intelligence theories and learning styles and give students the tools to succeed.  To develop interpersonal and social skills of students and to invite them to find their talents and passions.  I value a good work ethic and constant efforts.

10  To talk with your child about school in an encouraging and positive manner and to support them in their studies.  To communicate with the school and to get in touch with me whenever you have concerns or questions.  To review your child’s agenda and the class website on a daily basis.  To sign all quizzes, tests and other returned assignments to monitor your child’s progress.  To ensure that your child comes to school on time, well rested and ready to learn daily. Your role is…

11 Thank you Let’s have a great year!

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