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BANNER HUMAN RESOURCES SYSTEM HR REPORTS. HR Manual  Located on the HR Connectech site   Choose.

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2 HR Manual  Located on the HR Connectech site   Choose ConnecTech HR link (on left)  End User Manual – first link from page

3 Not Available

4 Additional Reports not in HR Manual  HR005 – Departmental Payroll Register To replace the Payroll Certifications  HR023 – Fringe Benefit Report Lists fringe information for an employee  PAYDIST_003 Payroll Distribution by FOAP Payroll Distribution report by FOAP instead of individual employee

5 Additional Reports not in HR Manual  ORGN_001 – My HR Orgn Security This report will show you all orgn codes you have access to run HR Cognos reports for.  NBAJOBS_001 – JLBD Funded from Ending Grant Lists employees funding from a grant that is ending

6 Departmental Payroll Register  Replaces Payroll Certifications


8 Salary Roster by Orgn  Employee roster by FOAP Use if you would like to see all employees paid on a particular FOAP. Pulled by position organization code. Maybe you are researching who is currently paid on a particular fund to move everyone off – this would be a great report to use.

9 Salary Roster by Organization

10 Vacant Position Report  Shows vacant positions within an organization code Use if you are searching for a position number when opening a job for recruitment or preparing an epaf.


12 New Hire Report for Departmental users  You can view all new hires in your organization code for a user specified date range Use this report to see who has been hired during the month, or week


14 Termination Report  Lists terminations in your organization for a specified date range


16 Fringe Benefit Report  Fringe Information for an employee Select one employee Lists longevity, Shows insurance selection and amount Other fringes as a percentage  Useful in calculating fringes for grant proposals



19 Non-exempt Employees Paid by Earn Type  Provides a list of hours paid for each earn type for a selected date range. List is for each day in the date range. Useful in auditing hours worked and leave taken for an employee  This is on Paid leave so cannot be used when approving time.


21 Leave Taken  Lists leave taken for employees in your organization For Exempt employees it will list leave entered in the WLR system. For non-exempt employees it will list leave after it has been submitted and approved.


23 Employee Current Leave Balances  List of leave balances for one employee or all employees in an organization Accuracy of data depends on when accruals occur and when leave is submitted.


25 Employee Search Report  Will show general info on an employee. Great place to find an R# for an employee


27 Employee Listing by Home Orgn  A complete employee roster for your department  Active employees only


29 Current and Future Appointment Report  Lists all current and future appointments and funding for an employee Replaces the CAP screen in Techris


31 Appointment Report by Funding Orgn  Report is pulled based on orgn code used in the funding FOAP.  You can see all employees appointed on a particular funding orgn. Nice to use if you fund an employee who belongs to another department.

32 Appt Report by Funding Orgn

33 Payroll History Reports  2 versions One renders in Excel – great for sorting on your own The other is a PDF version Replaces the Payroll Ledgers


35 Payroll Distribution Report  2 reports PAYDIST 002 – choose one employee to view PAYDIST 003 – choose a FOAP  will  Used to complete the Labor Redistribution form (retro-change of funding)


37 My Orgn Security  Will list all organization codes that you have security for. These are the orgn codes you can run HR reports for.


39 JLBD Funded from Ending Grant  JLBD – means Job Labor Distribution This report will list employees whose funding is on a grant – past the end date of the grant


41 Thank You

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