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By Alex Nekritin CEO, Traders Choice FX.  The Forex Market allows the end user to speculate on the movements of various currency pairs.  The Forex market.

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1 By Alex Nekritin CEO, Traders Choice FX

2  The Forex Market allows the end user to speculate on the movements of various currency pairs.  The Forex market is the largest market in the world.  The average daily trading volume is over $2 trillion USD.  Participants include: banks, commercial companies, central banks, investment management firms, hedge funds, retail Forex brokers.  Until the late 90’s only big players could trade Forex; with a minimum investment of $10 million. Now, Forex is available to retail traders with as little as a $500 investment.  Through the development of retail Forex brokers, retail spot FX now makes up over 10% of the FX market.  OTC -- No Centralized exchange.

3  Low barriers to entry  Start trading with as little as $500 USD  Commonly used instrument  Currencies of different nations (i.e. EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, etc.)  High leverage in FX allows control over large sums of money with just a small investment.  Easy to learn and become educated.  User friendly trading platforms.  24 hour market, 6 days per week.  Demo trading accounts available to better understand how to trade.  Many ways to take advantage of market. ▪News Trading ▪Carry Trading ▪Scalping ▪Auto-trading  “Commission Free Trading”  All you need is a fast internet connection and $500 to trade.  Ability to trade in rising and falling markets. No bull & No bear.

4  Currencies are traded in pairs. Technically, you are borrowing money with the bottom currency to buy the top currency.  For example EUR/USD. You are borrowing USD to buy EUR.  SWAP Rates allow you to collect/pay interest based on your position.  A retail trader is typically leveraged 100:1  Prices are quoted to the fourth decimal point in the Forex market; called a “PIP” -- Percentage in Point.  Trades occur in lots – One standard lot equals $100,000; making one PIP on $100K the equivalent of $10.  $1000 to trade 1 standard lot equivalent to $100k.


6  All factors work with each other; not one is a stand alone factor.  Interest Rates ▪Interest rates have an impact on the value of a country’s currency.  Economic Growth ▪A country’s economic state plays a role in currency value.  Geo-Politics ▪People want to keep money in safer/stable countries.  Trade and Capital Flows ▪Import/export. Trade balance effects currency price.  Merger and Acquisition Activity



9  Fundamental Analysis: Analyzing the market based on economical fundamentals (those that affect economies of countries)  Technical Analysis: Analyzing the market based on past price movements and chart patterns.  Quantitative Analysis: Analyzing the market based on statistical techniques

10  News trading  Taking advantage of currency movements during economic news releases.  Discretionary trading  Technical  Fundamental  Automated systems  Trading robots that execute trades on behalf of the client without client intervention.  These robots can be built, purchased or acquired by the trader.


12  Charting and Daily Webinars.  Allow groups to trade together.  Software allows traders to spot potentially successful patterns on the trading platform and charts.  Automated Trading  Trade without sitting in front of your computer.  Remove all emotions.  Trade transparency advantage.  Robots always executing trades on client’s behalf  Programming Automated Systems  Automated Packages  Opportunity to select fully integrated automated systems from best developers in the world.


14  Trading volume revenue  Referring Party  What to expect  Regulations and location  Product affiliate marketing  Quality of products (what to market?)  Duration of clients  Client ownership  Informational source  Advertising revenue  Building your list  The idea is to develop multiple revenue streams; both volume and product based.

15  Consolidation  Need proper positioning  Centralization  Retail FX Growth  Youth of the industry  Regulation  Your location  SEC/NFA  Automation  More and more automated systems available.  Superior charting packages  Trading platforms have easy automation capabilities.

16  Difference between Forex affiliate marketing and casino affiliate marketing:  Regulation.  Hands on support for traders.  Introducing Broker Advantage  Simple rebate program.  Forex related online and offline marketing knowledge.  Over $2 billion in monthly volume traded through our firm allows you to piggyback on our aggregate volume.  Superior customer support staff.  Solid relationships with top level dealing and educational firms.  Superior sales staff.  Over 30 years of market experience can point you to the right products.

17  With the IB in a Box program you will be able to follow our proven method of generating revenues of over $100,000 per month from the Forex industry.  This program is in the initial stages so we can be very flexible about our level of involvement.  Program includes but not limited to:  Customized Forex related marketing campaign and lead generation engine.  Sales staff/tactics/training  Access to top level IB relationships ▪Our payout rate will be higher due our deep rooted relationships and aggregate volume.  Access to top level charting, educational and trading products  Learn proper sales cycle  Proper incentives to provide traders.  Very flexible program

18 Alexander Nekritin +1 781-444-6969

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