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Roosevelt and Latin America

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1 Roosevelt and Latin America
Chapter 7 Sec. 3 DQ’s Roosevelt and Latin America

2 How did the U.S. govern Cuba and Puerto Rico?
Cuba – Platt Amendment made it a U.S. protectorate – U.S. had the right to intervene in Cuban affairs Puerto Rico – governed as a territory; Foraker Act allowed U.S. to appoint governor and upper house of legislature; gave U.S. citizenship to Puerto Ricans

3 What benefits did the U.S. receive as a result of the Platt Amendment?
The right to intervene in Cuban affairs Rights to buy or lease land for naval bases and coaling stations (Guantanomo Bay)

4 How did Puerto Rico become a U. S
How did Puerto Rico become a U.S. territory, while Cuba became a protectorate? U.S. had promised in Teller Amendment in 1898 that Cuba would not be annexed; no such promise was made to Puerto Rico, so it became a U.S. territory

5 Why and how and when was the Panama Canal built?
To create a shorter route between the Atlantic and Pacific It was started by a French company; it was finished by U.S. with 44,000 workers, 60 giant steam shovels American work began in 1904; first ship passed in August 1914

6 How did the U.S. secure rights to build the Panama Canal?
U.S. supported Panamanian rebellion against Columbia Actually sent troops in to support rebellion New independent Republic of Panama signs treaty with U.S. giving Americans control of canal zone

7 What obstacles did the U. S
What obstacles did the U.S. face in building the Panama Canal, and how were they handled? Very harsh working conditions, disease John Stevens handled engineering and logistical problems Dr. William Gorgas worked to eradicate yellow fever and malaria Drained swamps, cleared vegetation, spread oil on pools of standing water Bred ants, spiders, lizards to feed on mosquitoes

8 What was the Roosevelt Corollary?
Doctrine that threatened the use of U.S. military force to prohibit further European involvement in Latin America

9 Which proverb inspired President Roosevelt’s corollary to the Monroe Doctrine?
“Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far” U.S. promised to use military intervention to keep any European country from seizing Dominican territory

10 How did Presidents Taft and Wilson reshape U.S. diplomacy?
Taft – economic power – Dollar Diplomacy Wilson – moral diplomacy – tried to nurture constitutional governments; used military force when needed (Haiti and Dominican Republic)

11 How did President Taft use dollar diplomacy?
By encouraging Americans to buy out European loans in Latin American countries By 1914 Americans had invested more than $1.6 billion in Latin America Mines, railroads, sugar and banana plantations

12 Wilson and the Mexican Revolution
Chapter 7 Sec. 4 DQ’s Wilson and the Mexican Revolution

13 How did the Diaz dictatorship spark a revolution in Mexico?
Civil rights of Mexicans were limited Opponents of Diaz were jailed Army was used to maintain peace Widespread poverty – most wealth went to Mexican elite and foreign investors

14 How did Francisco Madero become Mexico’s president?
Ran against Diaz in 1910; jailed right before election Fled to U.S.; declared himself president of Mexico Returned to Mexico, rebels forced out Diaz Madero then elected president

15 How and why did the U.S. intervene in the Mexican Revolution?
Sent troops in and occupied port city of Veracruz Didn’t recognize Huerta’s claim as president – Wilson viewed him as an assassin Tampico incident Germans were sending aid to Huerta

16 What started the Tampico incident. How did it change things between U
What started the Tampico incident? How did it change things between U.S. and Mexico? U.S. sailors ashore for supplies were arrested by soldiers loyal to Huerta in Tampico, Mexico Americans demanded more than a formal apology (21-gun salute); Huerta refused Gave president an excuse to ask Congress to authorize use of armed forces against Mexico

17 Why did the U.S. believe that it was justified in seizing Veracruz?
A German ship loaded with arms for Huerta was en route to Veracruz

18 How did the Mexican Revolution conclude?
U.S. withdrew troops Mexican constitution was put into effect Wilson supported Carranza as new Mexican leader

19 Why was the U.S. determined to find Pancho Villa?
He attacked a U.S. town and killed 17 Americans He was a threat to Carranza’s government

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