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Reflection and Discussion : Do We Have Our Own Popular Culture? Group 7 林健豪、郭致佑、蕭仁豪、黃皓、邱暐麟.

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1 Reflection and Discussion : Do We Have Our Own Popular Culture? Group 7 林健豪、郭致佑、蕭仁豪、黃皓、邱暐麟

2 In the following presentation… Introduction to popular culture The popular culture in Taiwan (present and past) Comparison about attitudes toward culture Reflection

3 Introduction To Popular Culture

4 Popular Culture What is the popular culture? What creates popular culture?

5 Definition Different definition in different period What do you think? What does expert think?

6 The popular culture in the society The products of the capitalism An important element of the consumption market

7 The popular culture in the society With the media, the popular cultures invade our daily lives very widely People just sometimes blindly pursue the foreign cultures because of the great information from the media.

8 The Popular Culture in Taiwan -the past

9 * Hand puppet show * Comic dialogue

10 * Traditional drama types

11 * Swordsmen film * Folk songs

12 * L D

13 * Beeps ( * Novels


15 The Popular Culture in Taiwan -the present

16 What we wear

17 The movies we watch

18 What sports we do

19 What wee see for fun



22 What we eat

23 Comparison

24 Why people cannot help pursuing popular culture Human nature about vanity and desire The environment and society background The policy of government The celebrities at that time Fashion combines with our living too tight.

25 The difference of people's attitude toward their culture. Taiwan1.People seem to accept all the popular culture from foreign countries. 2.People usually take their own culture for granted and seldom cherish what they have. 3.Chinese culture still influence our society a lot. Middle East 1.Islamic culture in their mind can't be taken place of. 2.Some of them are even hostile to foreign culture. USA1.People enjoy pursuing the fashion as same as Taiwan. 2.They still try their best to protect their racial culture and feel proud of what they have.

26 The analyze In TaiwanMiddle East (Islamic culture) In USA History and location 1.An island country. 2.Many races had governed Taiwan. 1.Muslim country 2.Chaos caused by war for a long time. 1.Continental country 2.Many emigrants society background 1.Democracy 2.liberal 1.Conservative 2.Exclusive 1.Democracy 2.liberal 3.Racial discrimination nationalityamiableIntrepidDiversiform

27 To sum up 1.Different space-time, background, history and condition will lead to varied culture styles. 2. we have to cherish the special part in our culture.

28 Reflection 1. After the our introduction to the culture in Taiwan, do you have any ideas which is truly our own popular culture? If we don’t have any, how can we improve the condition? 2. With the strong influence of the mass media, how can we protect our own culture?

29 Reflection 3. Have you ever been abroad? What does foreigner do toward their culture in their daily lives? What can we learn from them?

30 Thank you for your listening!

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