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Did You Submit? “The Interlopers Comprehension Questions”

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1 Did You Submit? “The Interlopers Comprehension Questions”
Remember, you have until SEPTEMBER 12TH to submit your revisions of the paper.

2 A Film Adaptation of The Interlopers On the front of the notecard, list everything that is the same in the film version of the story. On the back of the notecard, list everything that is different.

3 Review the Story Main Characters? Setting? Exposition? Rising Action?
Climax? Falling Action? Resolution? Theme?

4 Conflict in The Interlopers
Man versus Man Man versus Nature Man versus Himself

5 Irony Open the “Irony” document on iTeach. Define Irony:
a figure of speech in which words are used so their intended meaning is different from the actual meaning. It may also be a situation that may end up in quite a different way than what is generally anticipated. Everyday examples: I posted a video on YouTube about how boring and useless YouTube is. The name of Britain’s biggest dog was “Tiny”. You laugh at a person who slipped stepping on a banana peel and the next thing you know, you slipped too. “Oh great! Now you have broken my new camera.”

6 Types of Irony Verbal Irony - when people say the opposite of what they mean. Example: “Oh yes, please give me more homework!” Dramatic Irony – when the audience knows something the character does not know. Example: In horror films, the audience usually knows there is a crazy killer in the room, but the dumb blonde doesn’t have a clue. Situational Irony – when the opposite of what you expect is what happens. Example: The Titanic was called “unsinkable” and on its first journey, what does it do???? Yep, it sinks.

7 Irony in The Interlopers
How do we see irony working in the Interlopers? Is there any verbal irony? Is there dramatic irony? Is there situational irony?

8 The Gift of the Magi – Pg. 204 You must read in SILENCE.
You may have headphones if you choose to listen to the story being read to you. Remember that listening to the story from the textbook audio does not allow you to turn pages as you listen. You may type “The Gift of the Magi audiobook” into Youtube, if you want to listen to the story and be able to read along in your book. I will conduct mini-conferences as you work. After you finish reading the story, complete the last question on the “Irony” document. Submit this as a pdf after completion.

9 Irony in The Gift of the Magi
Verbal Irony Dramatic Irony Situational Irony

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