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Grassroots Government Activities Committee Region [Number] CRC [RVC name] [RVC email] [RVC phone] [Date]

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1 Grassroots Government Activities Committee Region [Number] CRC [RVC name] [RVC email] [RVC phone] [Date]

2 Why?  Member involvement and engagement  Guidance and education  Broad scope  Not U.S.-centric  Official structure for these activities  Discrete emphasis on interactions with local governments  Reports to Members Council

3 GGAC Responsibilities GGAC shall be responsible for grassroots activities and issues that relate to local, state and provincial government bodies in areas of interest to ASHRAE members, in order to better coordinate efforts and understanding between ASHRAE grassroots members and local government.

4 Society GGAC Structure  Chair  First Vice Chair  Second Vice Chair  Communications Coordinator  Fourteen Regional Vice-Chairs  BOD ex-officio and Coordinating Officer  Advocacy Consultant  Staff Liaison

5 Where Does GGAC Fit In?  Many ASHRAE-relevant policy issues are decided at the at the provincial, state and local level  Chapter members are most knowledgeable about their community  Establish your chapter as a resource for local decision makers

6 How Do You Do It?

7 Communication Between chapters/sections/members and with ASHRAE staff liaison

8 Coalition Building “Force multiplier”

9 Grassroots Relationships  Chapters and sections should develop relationships with local chapters of other organizations  Institutes of Architects  Building Owners and Managers Association  International Code Council  International Facilities Managers Assn.  National Society of Professional Engineers  Green Building Councils

10 Grassroots Relationships  Many Society-level Memoranda of Understanding  Formalize scope of relationships between ASHRAE and other organizations List of MOUs – updated regularly – available on ASHRAE’s website ashrae/policies-and-procedures

11 Grassroots Relationships  Joint meetings and networking events  Regular discussions about possible opportunities for collaboration  Technical programming  Working with policymakers to speak to ASHRAE core policy concerns that may impact their organizations as well

12 Connections Inventory relationships with policymakers Include them in events, communications

13 What Chapters and Members Can Say

14 Engagement with Policymakers Serve as clearinghouse of grassroots government adoptions of ASHRAE- endorsed standards, guidelines, and positions

15 Engagement with Policymakers Encourage active, informed membership by keeping local, provincial and state governments updated on technical issues

16 Engagement with Policymakers Promote appointment of local members to local, provincial, state, and, beyond North America, national governmental bodies

17 Limitations If requested by grassroots governmental body to assist in writing or development of regulations, codes, ordinances, or laws, or law, or to participate in advisory group to grassroots government agency, upon BOG approval, go ahead, BUT

18 Limitations  Chapters, sections, and members must not take any action that conflicts with:  Society or chapter bylaws  Society‐approved documents or publications  Any existing Memorandum of Understanding or contractual obligation between ASHRAE and another code or standards writing organization

19 Limitations  Chapters, sections, and members may speak to technical or method‐of‐enforcement aspects of public policy only and must not support of political party or candidate

20 Limitations  Chapters, sections, and members must not jeopardize chapter’s tax status, or cause chapter, section, or member to exceed local, provincial or state limits regarding registration as “lobbyist” or “lobbying organization”

21 Limitations  Chapters, sections, and members must not request or receive any travel or transportation reimbursement (as defined by ASHRAE Travel Policy), nor any reimbursement for time away from regular employment, for activity

22 NO LOBBYING! ASHRAE has comprehensive matrix of what constitutes “lobbying” in all U.S. states – and is working to get similar materials for non-U.S. jurisdictions

23 “Lobbying” vs. “Advocacy” In the simplest terms…

24 “Lobbying” v. “Advocacy” Lobbying

25 “Lobbying” v. “Advocacy” Advocacy

26 “Lobbying” v. “Advocacy” Laws and regulations vary state to state, jurisdiction to jurisdiction, country to country, so consult the law no matter what

27 Staying Out of Trouble It is your responsibility to know what can and can’t be done – and to convey the same to your chapter chairs

28 Limitations Outlined ROB Section 2.433 MCO Section 2.6 GGAC MOP GGAC Resource Manual GGAC Public Policy Priorities

29 ASHRAE-Approved Documents  Published Standards and Guidelines  Public Policy Issue Briefs  Position Documents All are available on ASHRAE website

30 Management by Objectives (MBOs) RVC to fill in as each RVC will assign these to the chapters

31 Chapter Chair Responsibilities  Review Section 2.6 of the MCO  Work with the chapter to keep local, provincial and state governments updated on technical issues  Inform the chapter members of local, provincial and state government issues  Seek the appointment of chapter members to local, provincial and state governmental bodies  Maintaining a list of all elected officials in the jurisdictions within the chapter’s geographical boundaries  Maintaining a list of appointed or hired government employees who have a role in the enforcement or adoption of local codes or standards relevant to the building sciences

32 Chapter Chair Responsibilities  Provide tools to train and enable chapter members to effect positive interactions with government entities in their communities  Serve as a conduit to keep their chapter leaders, RVC, and the Government Affairs Office staff informed on local governmental activities of interest to ASHRAE  Liaising chapter members with educational, advocacy and programs-related groups within ASHRAE  Serving as a clearinghouse of grassroots government adoptions of ASHRAE-endorsed standards, guidelines, and positions

33 Public Policy Priorities ASHRAE standards “Doing business” Energy efficiency in the built environment Future of the profession

34 Presidential Award of Excellence Categories outline Society GGAC priority activities Should serve as guidance for chapters and sections on how to organize GGAC programming – especially in initial phases

35 Presidential Award of Excellence ASHRAE’s President- Elect decides the specific point allocations

36 Presidential Award of Excellence PAOE recognizes and rewards members who perform activities to support ASHRAE initiatives PAOE Newsletter, Instructions, and Award Descriptions are available at

37 Government Activities Award Recognizes a chapter or individual demonstrating outstanding efforts, in state, provincial, and/or local government on technical or policy issues important to ASHRAE Chapter Chairs submit nominations to the RVC for regional award Additional information regarding the Award can be found in Section 1 of the GGAC Resource Manual Section I

38 Resources  RVC  Other Chapter Chairs  Society Staff Liaison (Jim Scarborough [DC Office],  ASHRAE Government Affairs website ( government-affairs) government-affairs  ASHRAE’s bi-weekly Government Affairs Update ( /government- affairs/government- affairs-updates) /government- affairs/government- affairs-updates

39 Society GGAC Leadership Chair – Bert Phillips ( First Vice Chair – Keith Reihl ( Second Vice Chair – Rob Craddock ( Communications Coordinator – Ashish Rakheja (


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