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 2004 Proutist Universal 1 Proutist Economic Development The World’s No. 1 Problem? Poverty Dr. Michael Towsey.

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1  2004 Proutist Universal 1 Proutist Economic Development The World’s No. 1 Problem? Poverty Dr. Michael Towsey

2 Proutist Universal2 Poverty CountryPoverty Level Kenya50% Venezuela47% India25% USA13% China10% New Zealand0% Source: CIA World Factbook

3 Dr. Michael TowseyProutist Universal3 Three promises for Venuzela – Chavez 1998 To break the puntofijismo system –oligarchic 2 party political system To end corruption –in all areas of the social body To alleviate poverty – which is a social disparity

4 Dr. Michael TowseyProutist Universal4 Disparity due to poverty There must be a ceaseless fight against poverty Poverty is: –a common enemy –the result of a defective social structure –the root cause of many crimes

5 Dr. Michael TowseyProutist Universal5 Causes of poverty 1.Low rate of savings and investment 2.Low education 3.High population - but China vs USA 4.Corruption -Marcos in Philippines -Suharto in Indonesia 5.Colonial heritage 6.Neo-colonialism – regulations imposed by WTO and IMF

6 Dr. Michael TowseyProutist Universal6 Prout perspective on poverty Layers of poverty Global level: –Third World vs USA, Europe National level: –rural poverty vs cities Local level: –slums, ghettos vs elite suburbs

7 Dr. Michael TowseyProutist Universal7 Global - Neo-colonialism Current system is an extension of colonialism - for the last several hundred years wealth has been sucked from the periphery to the centres of empires.

8 Dr. Michael TowseyProutist Universal8 National - Rural poverty & flight to the cities

9 Dr. Michael TowseyProutist Universal9 Local - Sydney suburban "poverty"

10 Dr. Michael TowseyProutist Universal10 Common factors in poverty The bleeding of wealth –wastage or removal of wealth from a locality so that it is impossible to maintain the capital base required for further development Three kinds of capital –Physical capital = natural, fixed, financial (requires rational distribution and maximum utilization) –Human capital = deficiency due to low spending on education –Social capital = lost due to community decay and corruption Poverty and wealth concentration for the few, go hand in hand

11 Dr. Michael TowseyProutist Universal11 Wealth Concentration in South America New Zealand 1986 – 4.7 New Zealand 2000 – 6.6 Norway 2002 – 5.3 Graph from New Internationalist, May 2003 Income ratios richest 10% housholds  poorest 10% households (disposable income)

12 Dr. Michael TowseyProutist Universal12 Wealth concentration – derives from imperialism Roman Empire Military plunder Tributes, taxes Slavery British Empire Military plunder – Lord Clive in India Forced trading - cotton & textiles No attention to needs of local people American (USA) Empire Capture democratic institutions Establish unelected institutions – WTO, IMF Voluntary trade – commodities & bonds (profit motive rather than consumer interests)

13 Dr. Michael TowseyProutist Universal13 Recent books on empires British Imperialism 1688-2000, Peter J. Cain & Tony Hopkins (2 nd ed) –decline is due to resource wars - similar to USA today Late Victorian Holocausts, Mike Davis (2001) –3rd world is creation of colonialism and climate When Corporations Rule the World, David Korten (2001) –the trend to corporate empires and their techniques

14 Dr. Michael TowseyProutist Universal14 To end poverty At local level: –halt the bleeding of wealth from local communities –attend to community solidarity and ethical leadership at all levels At national level: –attend to trade and capital flows at all levels –attend to education standards at all levels At global level: –move from economic disparity to economic parity –wealth of the world is the common patrimony of all –requires rational distribution and maximum utilization

15 Dr. Michael TowseyProutist Universal15 Campaign against poverty Three steps: 1. arouse an anti-exploitation sentiment - each and every person should be convinced that the entire wealth of the world is the common patrimony of all 2. each and every person should be guaranteed the minimum necessities of life by providing everyone with sufficient purchasing capacity 3. simultaneously, the wealth of the country / socio- economic zone should also be increased to meet the demands of the people

16 Dr. Michael TowseyProutist Universal16 Goal is economic parity With the eradication of socio- economic disparity: –the collective wealth of society will increase progressively; and –society will become bountiful. The goal is to achieve economic parity around the world.

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