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Ed Duguid with subject: MACE Cloud

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2 Ed Duguid Email with subject: MACE Cloud


4 What is the cloud?

5 Cost – Equipment cost, setup install, Scalability –quickly scale up or down Pay for what you need Allocate IT resources by department Shift responsibility

6 Transfer Responsibility Limit downtime – upgrades Free up IT resources – reduce costs, labor Budget monthly – reduce capital budget for IT hardware, Disaster Recovery/Backups

7 Personal iCloud DropBox Business Rackspace Amazon Google

8 IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service SaaS – Software as a Service PAAS - Platform-as-a-Service StaaS - Storage as a Service DaaS - Desktop-as-a-service Anything-as-a-Service

9  Rackspace  Amazon EC2 - Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud  Microsoft Azure – Microsoft’s services  Oracle  SAP

10 Amazon EC2 - scalability HP/Microsoft: Enterprise Public Cloud Private Cloud with Public Cloud failover Integrated Cloud and research issues

11 Review your company needs Email hosting Application services – Sharepoint, Financial Apps, CRM, H/R Storage capacity Security – Personal Identifiable Information (PII), HIPPA Current IT demand/ Future demand


13 Company wants to maintain environment within the company network and maintains responsibility Cost to move to the public cloud Current infrastructure already in place

14 SaaS: Software as a Service. eg. google doc/group, Microsoft cloud services, iCloud? PaaS: Platform as a Service. Amazon EC2 – Windows 2008 $0.12/hr (server license included) IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service, CU UIS hosted by Vmware supports IaaS StaaS: Storage as a Service. Carbonite ($59/yr), Amazon S3 (0.14/GB, month; 0.01/1000reqs)

15 VM – virtual machine Three 9’s or four 9’s – high availability Clustering –shared resources Fault Tolerant-redundancy fail-over MTTR – Mean Time to Recover MTBF – Mean Time between failures SLA – Service Level Agreements

16 16 Traditional Architecture Virtual Architecture



19 Hardware cannot support, legacy. Security concerns Management approval Responsibility 19

20 Elastic – Amazon EC2 enables you to increase or decrease capacity within minutes, not hours or days. – You can commission one, hundreds or even thousands of server instances simultaneously. – controlled with web service APIs, application can automatically scale itself up and down depending on its needs.

21 Security in depth - Firewalls –active checking packets, - Network security – isolation, intrusion detection, - virtual private network – VLAN - Application security - Security review – annual

22 Company COOP or backup New and Critical applications Consolidation of hardware or remote sites Hardware/software replacement

23 Amazon Free Virtual Machine – limited to MB iCloud/Google Drive/Microsoft Skydrive – Google Docs – online graphics editing EverNote – online notebook, Sign Up Genius / Planning)

24 Are you in the cloud yet? Questions? Ed Duguid Email with subject: MACE Cloud

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