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Cloud Resource Broker for Scientific Community By: Shahzad Nizamani Supervisor: Peter Dew Co Supervisor: Karim Djemame Mo Haji.

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1 Cloud Resource Broker for Scientific Community By: Shahzad Nizamani Supervisor: Peter Dew Co Supervisor: Karim Djemame Mo Haji

2 2 Contents Defining Cloud Computing My research aims and objectives Progress to date Future work

3 3 Defining Cloud Computing Scientific Definition A large-scale distributed computing paradigm that is driven by economies of scale, in which a pool of abstracted, virtualized, dynamically-scalable, managed computing power, storage, platforms, and services are delivered on demand (Foster) Computing Clouds are vast resource pools with on-demand resource allocation and they tend to be priced like utilities [2] Market Definition Cloud computing is about Elasticity (Elasticity is the quality of increasing or decreasing the available resources instantly) [3] Cloud Computing is a way of using Internet to allow people to access technology enabled services [3]

4 4 Services offered by Cloud Computing Cloud computing offers three kinds of services Software as a Service (SaaS) SaaS is a way of using software as the software is installed on a server and a user can use it without installing. (Gmail, YouTube) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) IaaS is a way of using hardware resources like computer and storage as a service (AmazonEC2, Amazon S3, ElasticHosts) Platform as a Service (PaaS) A combination of SaaS and IaaS as a user can develop applications online and deploy them (Microsoft Azure, Google Apps)

5 5

6 6 Scientific Community Need for large computational resources Workflows are often used to describe scientific process they consist of entities Entities can be compute intensive with a need of large amount of computational resources Need for compute resource has accumulated over the years AnalyzeDesignTestDeploy Workflow for software development CodeDebug

7 7 My Research Aim Create a Semantically enhanced Cloud based resource broker which can allocate cloud resources to entities Objectives Analyze use of Semantics for resource matching Defining terms Measuring QoS provided by vendors User oriented brokering

8 8 Cloud Resource Workflow Entity Resource Broker QoS Recommended Vendor

9 9 Progress to date Classification of Cloud vendors GridGain vendors claim that they are Cloud Solution providers while the results of the experiment show that their product can funtion without a network connection which is unlikely for a Cloud solution A software prototype of a resource broker was created

10 10 Vendor Classification Over a 100 companies a involved in Cloud Computing Companies are generally categorised as SaaS, PaaS or IaaS providers Many factors were analyzed including the Developer Platform, API support, Protocol, Pricing, Services User Accounts, Ease of Deployment, Ease of Use, Instant Server Deployment, Operating mechanism, Virtualization Format, Private Cloud, Subscription

11 11 Defining Quality of Service (QoS) Factors which affect the QoS for Cloud are given below Uptime/Downtime Privacy Loss of data Vendor experience Size of vendor organization Number of customers Security (specially data security) Trust There is no agreed definition of these term so defining these terms therefore defining terms related to QoS is also part of research

12 12 Software Experiment An experiment was performed to create a software prototype of the resource broker Used three vendors (AmazonEC2, Flexiscale, ElasticHosts)

13 13 FeaturesAmazonFlexiscaleElastic Hosts Computing(1.75GB RAM) $0.11 per hour (Linux) $0.135 per hour (Windows) (2 GB RAM) £0.20 per hour (Linux) £0.23 per hour (Windows) (2 GB RAM) £0.065/hour (Linux) Storage$0.18 per GB-month£0.30/GB-month£0.06/GB-month Uploads$0.10/GB Free bandwidth between EC2 and S3 £0.07/GB£0.10/GB committed £0.20/GB burst above committed Downloads$0.17/GB Free bandwidth between EC2 and S3 £0.10 < 1TB/month£0.10/GB committed £0.20/GB burst above committed Firewalling------------------------£0.01 / hour per IP-------------------- Load Balancing------------------------£0.02 / hour per IP----------------------- Extra FeaturesSOAP and ReST and other API support, SQS service Control Panel, Monitoring & Recovery, API support ----------------------- Vendor classification

14 14 Vendor Focus Every vendors focuses a group of users with a specific level of expertise Same services provided by different vendors at different prices Level of support makes the difference Amazon focuses users with good knowledge of SSH clients Flexisclae focuses users with basic knowledge of using computers ElasticHosts focuses users with extensive knowledge in Linux

15 15 Prototype of Software

16 16 Scenarios A list of scenarios have been created and tested with the software Scenarios help in testing the experiment A chemical engineer wishes to solve a set of chemical reactions for doing so he will need to install a software on the machines and than execute the equations. He does not have much background of working with SSH clients and is happy to pay more for the ease of use

17 17 Future Work User Identify user needs Identify users ability QoS Creating way to measure QoS Applying QoS on entity level Use of Semantics Developing Scenarios to analyze the use

18 18 Conclusion Cloud vendors provide different level of QoS Cloud vendor state a user is responsible for what he does on the Cloud Ways to measure QoS provided by a Cloud vendor have not been created QoS statement provided by a vendor can be misleading (Flexiscale claim 99.9% uptime even after 2 days of downtime) Services provided by vendors are focused at user with a specific set of skills

19 19

20 20 References [1] Foster I, Cloud Computing and Grid Computing 360-Degree Compared November 2008 [2] Expo, C.C. Twenty-One Experts Define Cloud Computing. 2008 [cited; Available from: [3] 21 Experts on Cloud Computing http://virtualization.sys-

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