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10/10/20141 Pursuit of Teaching Excellence: Ideas from England James Derounian BSc (Hons) MPhil MRTPI FHEA.

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1 10/10/20141 Pursuit of Teaching Excellence: Ideas from England James Derounian BSc (Hons) MPhil MRTPI FHEA

2 10/10/20142 Yours truly 30 years as practitioner & academic Community Development [CD] background Crossover between teaching and CD Empowerment, facilitation, capacity building… Practical academic: teaching-research/consultancy Principal Lecturer & National Teaching Fellow

3 10/10/20143 UK Growing status of teaching & learning Higher Education Academy HEA funded projects: Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund (TQEF) Fund for the Development of Teaching & Learning FDTL1995 – Teaching & Learning Technology Programme (TLTP): “make teaching & learning more productive & efficient by harnessing modern technology” National Teaching Fellowships 50/year$14,200

4 10/10/20144 Centre’s of Excellence in Teaching & Learning CETLs HEA 24 Subject Centres e.g. GEES Dearing report 1997: PG Cert Teaching & Learning (< 3 yrs experience) Growth in Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Continuing gap between T&L and research (RAE)

5 10/10/20145 Resurgence in role of employers & graduate attributes (Leitch & Egan reports) Growing diversity of universities Diversity in T&L – student-centred

6 10/10/20146 Active learning “learning by doing” “a student focused approach” Academic ‘assertiveness’ (Moon) Gibbs, 1988 & Prosser & Trigwell, 1999 cited in Healey & Roberts 2004 p.1

7 10/10/20147 Examples of active learning Graduate contributions to teaching Benefits for students, staff & graduates Use of ‘live’ tasks & assignments Student contributions to UK Government 2009 ‘Framework for Greater Citizen Engagement’

8 10/10/20148 Inspirational teaching in HE – What does it look, sound & feel like? Memorable Encouraging Exciting Passionate

9 10/10/20149 Inspirational teaching Inspiration Aspiration Transformation

10 10/10/201410 Inspirational teaching Get out of order Put on a good show Create shock value Tell a story Toy with success Cohen & Jurkovic, 1997

11 10/10/201411 Nothing new under the sun? “judge our value as teachers on the basis of our power to stimulate a willingness to work, and to train young minds to do hard things in such a way that they will gain pleasure from the effort”. Wilson ( 1918 )

12 10/10/201412 Rewarding teaching excellence University Teaching Fellowships National Teaching Fellowships NTFs NTF project fund - 350K ‘Professional’ route to Professorship

13 10/10/201413 Do as I do…. The sustainable university? Environmental Management System independently verified to international standard ISO 14001 No.1 in People and Planet Sustainability League of Universities, 2008 niversitycasestudies/gloucestershire Active learning for Faculty & students Citizen first, academic second JD Bernal

14 10/10/201414 References Cohen, S & Jurkovic, J (1997) Training and Development 51 (11): 66- November Dearing, R Higher education in the learning society / National Committee of Inquiry into Higher Education, Healey, M & Roberts, J (2004) ‘Engaging Students in Active Learning: Case Studies in Geography, Environment & Related Disciplines’, University of Gloucestershire Leitch, S (2006) Review of Skills – Prosperity for all in the global economy, TSO, London

15 10/10/201415 Ministry of Justice (2009) Summary of responses to A Framework for Greater Citizen Engagement People and Planet (2008) Sustainability League of Universities asestudies/gloucestershire Wilson, LM (1918) Factors in successful teaching that need to be stressed in both high school and college, The Classical Journal, 13 (7), 476-482

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