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COEP `80 `84 We Re Co. COEP Our Alma Mater since 1865.

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1 COEP `80 `84 We Re Co

2 COEP Our Alma Mater since 1865

3 We Re Co COEP `80 `84 We includes All Branches COEP batch `80 to `84 We includes those who were away for most time because of Sandwich Course. We includes those who joined us anytime during the course `80-`84, maybe post diploma, post AMIE. We includes those who would have passed out earlier but joined us and those who would have passed out with us but did so later. We thus includes all who connected with the journey of the batch COEP `80 `84 And Most Important, We are Alumni of our grand and glorious Alma Mater COEP

4 We Re Co COEP `80 `84 Remember the submissions Remember those ATKT and the life saving Jaykar rule Recall those regattas Recall the elections and the scribbled hand bills and giant posters Re … Re … … Re … … … Perhaps Re-connect …

5 We Re Co COEP `80 `84 During the passage `80 to `84 we connected Some connections translated into husband wife relations Some connections became business relations Some connections thrive today as friends Post `84, the following 25 years saw tremendous techno- economic-social changes and advancements and each one drifted along one’s path and a lot of connections have been lost and forgotten in the gap of 25 years Now it is high time WE RE CO-NNECT as COEP `80 `84 to remember and rejoice our 25 years since passing out from COEP

6 COEP `80 `84 We Re Co We-Re-Co `80 `84 is scheduled on the 19 th December `09 coinciding with Alma Mater, invite details on next slide, COEP “ENGG-age” 2 nd GLOBAL REUNION OF ALUMNI. As you will see this program is scheduled start from 8.30 AM onwards, those who wish may register to participate and engage at “ENGG-age” Those who have not registered may take the opportunity to visit the college and various departments, labs, workshops with family during the day.



9 COEP `80 `84 We Re Co WE-RE-CO COEP `80 `84 start reconnecting at Boat Club Madhu’s registration counter from 4.00 pm onwards on 19 th December 2009 and spend some time in the college over chai and samosas. We could also engage with the ENGG-age Exhibition of boats and Mini Regatta.

10 COEP `80 `84 We Re Co Thereafter from 6.00 PM onwards 19 th December 2009 WE-RE-CO COEP `80 `84 will migrate to, or meet directly at a simple but nearby venue close to our college and hearts, “Hotel Krishna Terrace, Bamboo House Annex, Modern Café” having capacity for 120 persons, for an informal buffet dinner and drinks, till … Venue subject to change in case confirmed pre-registrations / confirmations exceed 100 persons

11 COEP `80 `84 We Re Co till … … we re-connect to our hearts content rejoicing the passing out 25 years earlier, or some may decide private meetings the next day being a Sunday to enhance re-connection. Spouses n Kids are welcome and the cover for this event is Rs. 1,000/- for WE and Rs. 500/- for spouse, the funds remaining balance after covering expenses will be donated to COEP. You are welcome to bring your special brand of drink or champagne to celebrate and rejoice. In case you have any nostalgic pictures etc. please bring them on CD or pen drive to share and download to the WE-RE-CO COEP `80 `84 database. Those with high bandwidth internet connectivity may bring their techno-gadgets to enable live connection with those abroad via skype etc., needless to say that we need to inform them to stay online on the 19 th December 2009 from IST 6.00 PM onwards.

12 COEP `80 `84 We Re Co Let’s forward this email with attachments to all WE-RE-CO COEP `80 `84 to participate and make the event to rejoice and remember Please send confirmation feed-back to or and begin We-Re-Connecting on

13 COEP `80 `84 We Re Co 19 th December 2009 6.00 PM onwards 4.00 PM onwards

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